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The darkest stretch of these woods hides shadows aplenty...
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I do not accept random friend requests, but please contact and resend an invite if we have talked before; I may have forgotten

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The Darkwood Denizens clan

A collective of warriors, ambassadors, hunters and crafters from many corners of Sornieth, the Darkwood Denizens have built a considerable clan upon their home soil's ancient roots. Although the gate leading into the home is built at the base of the great Behemoth, the clan's total territorial borders are much more spawling, reaching all the way down through stretches of the Shrieking Wilds into the Gladeveins.

Thanks to its' unique infrastructure, the clan can accommodate a wide variety of functions. The majority of organic exports come from a Poisonous Torridae farm which lays within clan outskirts at the edge of the Gladeveins. A small band of chemical experts extract the poison from the harvested Torridae, and purify it for use in combat or medicine. The edible meat cuts continues on to a butcher, after which the skins are passed on to a leatherworker within the clan's branch of the Behemoth. Finally, the intact teeth and claws of the Torridae are used in hand-crafted traditional apparel and trinkets. Nothing is wasted, because even the tiniest remnants are used as hunting bait, or sold as fertilizer for farmland.

The Darkwood Denizens are a group that focuses on economic and military power. With the profits made with their hard work, they help fund the Nature Flight's defensive undertakings.

Darkwood Council
The founders and their first children, as well as trusted ambassadors and chosen family govern the clansdragons from their quarters in the Gladebough Village.

Relicster's Treetop Teahouse
The passion project of Denizen Relicster is a sight to behold; perched neatly on a low branch of the Behemoth sits his teahouse, where he and his two adopted daughters serve dear friends and important guests in between vital political meets.


Those who slash at us will be strangled.


Sorry, but I do not accept random friend requests. Please get to know me before you send a request. Thank you!

Message me if you have something to ask or would like to discuss anything regarding Flight Rising!

My name is Tessa, and I'm a 22 year-old Dutch person. I am a fishkeeping and science enthusiast with a deeply-rooted love for Paleontology and Astronomy.

They/them she/her he/him, LGBTQ+

Important notice: I'm on the autism spectrum! Online this usually doesn't cause trouble, but if I do not know how to respond to something, I may need to ask for further explanation, and asking questions is a skill I'm still working on.

Don't be surprised if I don't respond at all anymore, I occasionally experience trouble with writing out my thoughts. I also sometimes have trouble maintaining a conversation when I simply can't think of what more to say. You may have to contact me again if I go quiet for a while. I'm also really bad at initiating contact! Please forgive any initial hiccups in conversation.

- accept friend requests, as long as I've talked to you at least once.
- love helping newbies, just message me if you need help!
- Exalt for profit constantly. My mass-exalt name for fodder is "Ashigaru".

People to whom I owe things:

People who owe things to me:
2000 Gems from smolfroglesbian (WC scroll)

Nuzlocke funds:
273657 Tr

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September 06, 2022 04:04:04
Your nanbaka fandragons are the coolest!
July 01, 2022 10:58:46
Thank you so much! :D
June 20, 2022 10:32:54
Again, thank you very much!
June 20, 2022 10:22:23
Of for sure! If I ever donr feel like keeping her I'll either retunr her to you! (or mayne to Lunartwist, if you can't keep her), for now I'll try to find her a nice pair ^^
June 20, 2022 09:10:55
Hey there! sorry to bother, but I claimed Tui to adopt a few days ago, I wondering when I can get her? I'm anxious to see what outiuts I can puit her in and stuff, so just wondering! ^^ again sorry to bother!
June 08, 2022 10:46:48
Just wanna say I love your username and your entire vibe ok that's all thank u bye
March 28, 2022 06:56:42
I figured from the page description, and it's quite alright! It's why I had him priced so low in the first place, don't worry. I'm happy you're breeding him before you release him to the Gladekeeper. Thank you for caring, though! c:
March 28, 2022 06:43:40
I saw you bought one of my dragons, thank you! Your lair + clan bio are so nicely made!! I am very impressed. :)
March 23, 2022 12:10:40
Thank you!!! I was really fortunate!! Ive been thinking about projects for an Aberration but as soon as I saw it I knew what I was going to do!!! Working on my second one! Hopefully will be done before the month ends.
March 23, 2022 11:50:50
Thank you for the compliment! <3
March 21, 2022 13:32:25
Thank you! So many red/yellow shades look wonderful on the darker colors. Was an easy pick!
March 16, 2022 03:23:04
Heya! Your sketch art of Malware is done, the ping may have gotten lost so drop by whenever you want ^^
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