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2/22/2024 - Somewhat active again! Still busy IRL but that's just adult life, ain't it.

Call me Ruggy! I'm a 30-something nonbinary furry art person from Texas (as much as I'd rather live somewhere else, alas.) I love dogs(!!), Drawfee, Farscape, Disco Elysium, TAZ, The Magnus Archives, and my Nature fam. <3 Though everyone from other flights have pretty much always been lovely, too.

This is an exalting lair. All exalts are named before being sent off, but if you suspect a hatchie has been bought for exalting and want it back, PM me with a link to the dragon and I can sell it back to you.

I probably will actually accept random friend requests, but hey, maybe PM me or somethin' first. :)

pronouns: they/she

+2 FR Time

My art thread!

I hoard wizard hats, both recolors of possums, and knives!


Leafpyre Clan
Comic by @TheTimeCowboy

Clan motto(s)

- "Welcome home!"
- "You are responsible for your own experience."
- see left image

In Brief:

A clan where a whole bunch of weird and leafy dragons hang out and party, and don't judge each other for being weird.

The path to Leafpyre is a treacherous one, the way through obscured by untamed branches and gnarled roots of the Behemoth herself. The forest buzzes with life, and though most of it pays you no mind, you are never truly alone here.

If you are mindful, and watch for the markings left painted on the trees, you may find yourself on a beaten trail. As you wind through the seemingly endless labyrinth, a low and thumping rhythm meets your ears. The louder the beat gets, the more tamed the foliage is. Fewer branches litter the path, and you think dead trees and branches must be removed here. Luscious ribbons are tied to old trees, symbols painted on younger ones to ask for the Gladekeeper's blessings. Occasionally, an artist has scrawled a crude likeness of a grinning dragon. You're getting close.

Suddenly, the forest opens up around you as you come upon a... clearing? It's a visual cacophony, the vibrant vegetation clashing against many strangely-painted structures. Some are tidy, expertly-built shelters. Others seem like they might be just about good enough for the dragon living in them, and no one else.

The dragons here are many, and enthusiastic to see new company. A visitor will find themselves swarmed; dragons seeking out the newcomer with the same fervor as a flock of ducks finding a pile of seeds. You're no exception, and your arms are heavy with food and gifts; your ears full of questions and stories.

At first, it's nearly overwhelming. But given time, you get a sense of how to filter it out and hone in on the experiences that interest you. You find your eyes flicking to the dancers and the bards; the cooks and their enthusiastic, chatty crowd; the fighters sparring to defeat the summer evening doldrums.

As the sun sets, you watch as a dragon spits fire onto a wooden effigy, to much uproar and cheering. The dancers spin a little faster, and you note that several dozen more have joined them.

Everything is here in abundance. It was the clan leaders' desire to see what each dragon had to offer. No two lives are the same, and neither are the expressions of those lives. So here, they are all celebrated, regardless of the skill or execution of their works.

Aeryn, the Party Mother herself, can often be found perched at the lair's center. She looks worn out, existentially so, but at ease. She watches her clan bustle around her, content to observe what everyone has built here.

Your eyes meet hers. She gives you a pleasant smile before curling up, returning to her cat-nap.

Leafpyre is an... acquired taste. But it has many tastes to offer; about as many as it has residents. You have no doubt in your mind that whatever you were to give to these revelers in return for their hospitality, they would simply be ecstatic you put in effort, all for them.

Welcome home, friend. What mark will you leave here?

Sprites left to get:
Light (RIP lol) ((I am holding one for a program, but it is not mine and I am not at liberty to sell it, either.))

also do not have any of the KS familiars. who knows. maybe one day. :')

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Zytaria's avatar
February 08, 2024 14:11:55
Just stopping in to let you know Tigre was on the front page. He's so pretty!
angelofsepta's avatar
January 28, 2024 18:34:39
Was too upset about the possibility of JellicleChoice being exalted by my gf so I begged for her and now she's mine forever. Thank you!
dracosauria's avatar
January 28, 2024 18:32:58
I love your lair. The cats dragons. All the TAZ fandragons. Amazing job
Cosmological's avatar
December 29, 2023 20:10:26
MrDelicious was on the front page! His colors are so fun!
SilkVelvet's avatar
December 29, 2023 20:09:32
Mr. Delicious was on the front page! He's delightful
Falorni's avatar
December 06, 2023 02:09:32
Cats was on the front page and gave me a good laugh! JellicleChoice...
protowilson's avatar
December 04, 2023 14:17:12
Oh thanks so much! I'm glad you like them!
GuacamacaYT's avatar
December 04, 2023 12:51:05
thank you!!! I had a lot of fun working on them, glad you liked'em! :D
KodaIsSoda's avatar
December 02, 2023 06:47:29
you stole all my hatchlings to fodder you… you.. >:( (jk btw it’s fine with me)
ClownCircus' avatar
October 21, 2023 13:07:54
i love rizzo i love ur animale ^_*^
QuietPython's avatar
September 09, 2023 05:14:55
Yehaw was on the front page! i hope i remembered his name right he looked so cool but you have so many dergs! what a cool lair!
Lumi01's avatar
August 24, 2023 15:45:36
Tsym for Orion!! he's so cool <3
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