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Hello! My name is Marco! I use They/He pronouns!
I am in my mid-twenties
Please feel free to drop by and chat : )
~3 hours ahead of FR time~

glimmer/gloom guide here

Stuff I Need (not a wishlist— please don’t feel obligated to buy anything from it; it’s just notes for myself)
-Crystal Scroll (1500g): Natasza
-Bee Scroll (1500g): Sundust
-Iridescent (1500g): Darcy
-Primal Eyes (???): Darcy
-Rare Eyes (???): Jem

My lore is currently all over the place but feel free to read anyway! The format changes a bunch and it’s generally, uh, interesting. You’ve been warned.

Residing under a large open field surrounded on all sides by forest, is the Sun Patch Clan. They are so named for the patches of sun that filter into the tunnel system via many large holes in the “roof”. The first level of tunnels is home to the majority of the clan, housing everything from workshops to librarys to taverns and, of course, living space. These tunnels are highly decorated with colorful paints and decorations— a homey and comfortable feeling emminates throughout this first level. Each tunnel here is clearly marked and well traveled. Very few stray past the marked tunnels, as the lower ones stretch on for miles and miles below the surface, twisting and winding into a labyrinth.
On the outside, many crop fields circle around the holes, growing various things. A small river runs through the field, pooling in one place and creating a shallow pond. Aside from cheerful hatchlings or chattering dragons, it is quiet and peaceful. Only the sounds of nature interrupt this, be they bird calls or horrible screams. But the clan doesn’t mind and return to their buisness only moments later.

The Gold Weavers

Deep on the edge of the territory of the Sun Patch Clan, there is an obscured giant, ages older than any tree nearby. An emperor, massive and nearly dead, bonded to the flesh of a tree. It’s maw doesn’t move and its eyes never blink. The only sign of life is the faint shielding magic coming from the beast.
If one were to go past this barrier and gather the courage to approach the emperor, they would find the inside of its body hollow. Here a powerful mage has made her home. She uses the emperor as protection— no one dares approach and so no one can see her horrid creations.

The Court of the Fae

The Fae are incredibly powerful beings that exist in a realm we cannot travel to. They have odd habits and culture, a tendency for what we consider mischief, and almost limitless supplies of magic. Not even the strongest mortal dragon could even begin to come close to the power even a Fae child weilds.
To keep this power in check, the Fae split into five houses, each of which is appointed a monarch to oversee them. These five monarchs reside together in a massive palace at the very center of the land. They each have their own courts, the most notable members of whom are the head guard, a powerful mage, and an advisor chosen by the the ruler. Of course, none of these are for protection as the monarchs are the most powerful Fae there are.
Despite this abundance of power all in one location, the Fae have never had any wars, always finding a way to peacefully resolve things amungst themselves.

Brewman’s Book of Monsters

Traveling the land is a strange bogsneak one could only describe as odd. They carry with them a large book, filled with drawings and descriptions of horrid creatures. The dragon has many scars and looks weary but still energetic. They’ve been doing this a long time.
This dragon, Brewman, travels the land in search of “monsters”. Defining these as any oddities amung dragon kind: creatures that were dragons, creatures that became dragons, etc.. They have collected quite a few accounts that they would gladly share but— you must wait for the book to be published!

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January 09, 2024 05:12:59
Starfall was on the front page! I don't normally comment on that but she definitely caught my eye
December 09, 2023 15:09:14
Skylar (#82275958) was on the front page! What a lovely looking dragon, the soap is perfect on them and they've got a fitting name.
October 25, 2023 05:01:15
Thanks for the profile message! Althaea is one of my oldest (and favourite-st) dragons so that was really nice to see. :D
September 16, 2023 03:58:17
Thank you for buying Nairan, I hope he'll bring you joy!
September 07, 2023 20:51:47
Thank you!
August 26, 2023 05:25:27
Thank you for buying Iola, I hope she'll bring you joy!
July 23, 2023 19:33:19
thanks for letting me know!!
July 11, 2023 15:34:42
woah ty for telling me. didn't expect one of my creatures to be on the front page ;p
June 25, 2023 13:51:33
Aww, thank you!
June 15, 2023 07:03:53
Thank you for telling me! :)
March 22, 2023 05:57:35
ty for letting me know :)
January 09, 2023 19:14:42
Thanks for telling me about Zenaida! Your dragons are very lovely!
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