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The clan’s name was Moonlight Meadows, after its serene location within the Tidelord’s Sea. This expanse of water had originally been inhospitable: huge crags of jagged rock surrounded by crashing waves. Then came a hurricane, so powerful that its devastation stretched across the entirety of the sea.

But terrible though the storm was, it shaped the terrain into something gentler. The rocky crags were sheared away, leaving tranquil lagoons and sandbars upon which life could flourish.

And two wandering dragons, Ocean and River, eventually came here. They met on the edge of a lagoon just as night was falling. Stars were reflected upon the still surface of the water, and moon-loving flowers opened to drink up the light; but the two dragons found their gazes drawn, instead, to each other.

It was love of the water that had brought them here. And now they decided, together, that this place would be their home.

Ocean and River raised their clan here, in the gentle arms of the sea. They took in everyone who wished to stay, and cared for the creatures that sometimes sought refuge on their shores. They were kind and fair leaders, and their clan grew large and strong. For many years, they lived happily on the edge of Flotsam Town.

The Tidelord’s disappearance, however, left the dragons of Moonlight Meadows deeply shaken. They fought back their unease: Their deity was gone, but the rest of the world was still here, and so they continued aiding dragons and beasts alike, just as they’d always done.

Eventually, however, they decided to head elsewhere. They couldn’t bear to remain in the Sea of a Thousand Currents, where they were constantly reminded of their deity’s absence. So they left their beloved lagoons behind and headed south, to the Icewarden’s lands.

They expected to find a harsh, inhospitable landscape. Instead, they found a tranquil bay on the edge of the Snowsquall Tundra: a perfect half-moon of quiet waters, surrounded by ice instead of sand. At night, the pale shore reflected the auroras, and night-loving flowers turned their faces to the sky....It was so much like their previous home that they decided to stay.

The Moonlight Meadows clan can still be found in this serene bay. They have woven a spell around it so that their lands are cast in perpetual twilight, bathed in the gentle glow of the moon, the stars, and the ever-changing auroras. Their dens are sculpted out of ice and snow, each one beaming warmth and light: cheerful invitations to travelers to stop and rest awhile.

The clan’s home may have changed, but they are still the same warm and welcoming dragons, still guided by Ocean and River. They gladly receive any who are in search of a home—and will help these travelers find a new one, if they do not wish to remain. And they continue to tend the land, and the creatures that dwell here, as they did in the Tidelord’s Sea.

ebOFukK.png 6OfIrov.png

The Moonlight Meadows clan spent many happy years on the edge of the Southern Icefield. Despite the hardships of life in that land, their days there were mostly quiet and prosperous. They welcomed many new allies, and the clan grew over the years to include dragons from all walks of life.

But they remained troubled by the continued absence of the Tidelord. With every storm that swept in from the sea, they listened, hoping to hear that their deity had returned. But the howling winds brought only bitter cold, and the void left by the Tidelord seemed to grow with every passing year.

Still, the clan was determined to do their best. If they could not do that in the Southern Icefield, perhaps it was time to head elsewhere. But where?

Over the years, Moonlight Meadows had befriended dragons from other Flights. The Earth Flight in particular had always treated them warmly. Their deities had aided each other many times before, and the Tidelord’s children were always welcome in the Earthshaker’s domain.

The founders, Ocean and River, discussed it with their clanmates. Eventually, a decision was made: The clan’s next lair would be in Dragonhome.

When they first arrived, they worried that they would not be comfortable, for the dusty desert was a far cry from their previous home. Instead of cooling ice floes, the dragons found sun-warmed boulders to bask upon. In place of glaciers, great growths of gemstones studded the earth. And instead of aurorae, the World Pillar rose against the sky, its shadow extending miles across the plains.

The Earth drakes were kind and accommodating neighbors, however, and with their help, the Moonlight Meadows clan soon settled comfortably in the Pillar’s shadow. In time, they came to call the place home, and it became as dear to them as their previous lairs had been.

Despite the change in scenery, the clan remains much the same. Their domed dwellings are carved of rock now, rather than ice, but still shine with the same welcoming light. The dragons who live here remain open to receiving strangers, no matter their origin or their destination.

And they continue to wait, hoping that their first deity will find his way home, too. For now, they will remain here, their homes blooming like great flowers in the desert landscape, and their hearts and homes open to all.
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