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"Half gods are worshipped
in wine and flowers.
Real gods require blood.

__JURV7XB.pngn these lands the howling gale is our war cry, and we honor the biting cold which cuts deeper than any blade made on Sornieth. This is not a place for the faint of heart. Those who do not respect the savage ways of the Southern Icefield will be consumed by it, their bones lost and forgotten in the snow.

In their travels, many dragons have found respite in our founder's care. Morana is neither the oldest nor wisest, but she is unequivocally strong, and in this world dragons flock towards those with strength. Whether you seek protection or a disciplined leader, Morana will take all under her wing. Under the Guardian's care we've formed a camaraderie, and from the frozen ground we have built a clan.

themes: Medieval Gothic / Icewarden Acolytes / Lawful Evil
__ __Y0PorXY.pngur kingdom is carved into the very mountainside of the Cloudscrape Crags. Under Morana's guidance, we scraped away the ice and snow so that we could construct elaborate structures from the frosted black stone underneath. We've no need for gates nor walls, for our home has been built on top the mountain ledge. The mountain itself protects us from intruders and other unwelcome forces, while Morana guides us in times of greater duress.

__qRscqgL.pnghe dragons that reside here are hunters, warriors and traders that have mastered practical crafts. Our trade consists of the highest quality meats, pelts, soaps, and weaponry forged from cold steel, stone, or enchanted bones. Some members of the clan are even adept at taming wild beasts to later be sold as animal companions. You will find few artisans here who dabble in crafts such as music or painting--such are considered impractical professions--but for those who pursue blacksmithing, hunting, culinary and soldiery work, each will find their place within this clan.
__CILyfds.pnge follow a hierarchy built by our sole leader and savior, Morana. Under her guardianship are fellow dragons who maintain discipline, order and above all else, exemplify strength and resilience. We believe our perseverance is most favorable to our God, the Ice Warden, whom we look to for spiritual guidance. For surely, such a frigid and unforgivable region could only be survived by God-favored denizens.


The silver-maned serpent, Thanatos, holds weekly sermons in honor of the Ice Warden within a dilapidated church in the township. In this humbled edifice we seek to renew our strength in the face of adversary, to protect our life of affluence and nobility, and to continue a legacy of glorious warriors united under the Ice Warden.
__ CILyfds.pnge are a prideful clan that values strength (of body and will) and respectable appearances. One might take notice that many of us hoard gold, silk and jewels, alongside daggers, swords, and an assortment of weaponry. HvUf0dP.gif _
_ The natures of dragons within this clan are generally distant, charming and dangerous. So long as they contribute to the interests of the clan and respect the hierarchy, none pursue the question of another's morals. We conduct ourselves methodically and intentionally in pursuit of self perseverance, and the sacrifices made will surely justify those ends.

__u3YVW6w.pngorana has been the clan's solo matriarch for many moons. However, one day her reign must come to an end, leaving an impressive legacy for her chosen heir to inherit. She cares not if her successor is male or female, a common thief or royal blood. They simply must be strong. They must be brutal. They must be worthy.

After much deliberation with her council, it was decided that Morana's successor would be chosen through a series of brutal trials in which participants would be pitted against fellow dragons and beasts to prove their fortitude. The trials would begin on the eve of the Ice Festival, allowing eligible and willing soldiers a year to train under the clan's war strategist, Thespidaes. The event itself would take place in a newly erected coliseum built to the east of the Great Hall. It would be called the Gladiator Trial.

The Gladiator Trial would be conducted over the span of five years, with each tournament designed to be more grueling then the last. Great warriors would be felled, greater warriors would advance to the new years trial. By the fifth year, there would be three Gladiators remaining to secure Morana's blessing.


Vanir, a golden dragonness risen from ash and war. She is as cunning as she is radiantly beautiful, her elegant mannerisms easing foes into a false sense of security, like flies to honey.

Trouvaille, sturdy and duty-bound to honor the sacred challenge of succession itself. Many dragons have been cut down by her cleaver, deemed unworthy to succeed to the next round of trials.

Salient, a tyrannical dragon with the desire to inflict pain on all those weaker then herself. She would be brutal, she would conquer, but at what cost?

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are forged by ice and stone, which is a trial all must face to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.
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_________________|| the founder _________|| the follower


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December 30, 2022 15:52:22
Hello, fellow Sleepy :)
October 30, 2022 12:43:12
i promise ill respond soon to your msg but im sheerly just commenting because i caught some mistakes in what i wrote, i accidentally referred to Ame as 'he' towards the end because i get tripped up w that male gaoler pose man and i know its mute but ill fix that mistake too w a new address when i write something next >< i swear i feel like a novice even tho i am one LOL
ieuwfkwjafqkejwfn okay now to respond back—if i didnt end up saying anything i would have squirmed until i did respond ahhahhhhh,,,,, anyways xD hope youre well, great to hear from you! thanks again friend :D <3
September 02, 2022 19:13:43
((doesnt help ive been watching cult youtube docs LUL))
September 02, 2022 19:13:29
(rereading what i said i hope it doesnt come across as uncomfortable & weird, wasnt meaning to lay the compliments so thick ahhah, just speaking from my heart ^^;; (personally, i realized it could be uncomfortable so i just wanted to clear the meaning))
September 02, 2022 19:10:42
—never fail to inspire me whenever i see your works of art. you are incredible at everything you do aaa) i hope you have been well! its great to hear from you ^^ <3
September 02, 2022 19:09:43
thank you so much friend aaaa ;A; im glad you like em! (i peeked through your lair and i have to say, the lore you have written for Janus is incredible—i adore how you write your characters, you bring them to life & they really shine through. you—
June 04, 2022 16:54:43
aaa thank you friend, im super happy 2 hear that ;c; made my day <3 (i admittedly spoil them a ton haha, i might get them pose scrolls someday 2 but we'll see ;; i also might make them a skin! when i feel like it xD would you care for a copy? for friends!)
April 08, 2022 12:50:35
You have a dragon called like me! A very nice Gaoler ^^
March 28, 2022 18:48:43
aaa thank you so much ;A;!! <3
February 16, 2022 15:00:23
morpheus is incredible, i am always drawn straight to them and left in absolute awe *c* <3
December 07, 2021 19:11:35
aaaa tysm ;A; he loves you too!! <3
November 11, 2021 16:17:11
hi!!! i hope youve been well, your lore and lair is incredible as always friend <3
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