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Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas.
Ancient Lair
fortified within the

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[5/15] Cass

Welcome to


Hey you, stranger! You hear me? Yes? Good. Stay close to me, don't wanna get eaten, right? Haha, no worries, the master is on the hunt and right at the moment Tzeentch is in charge of the things here – and he prefers his books and potions to any social contacts.
So, wanna know more about us, yeah? Sit down, have some food, have something to drink and listen...
It all begann in a small cave in the ashfall wastes. Moloch, a strong and young guardian met Raria, a adventerous and curious Mirror female – they decided to settle down and do, what young dragon love to do... eating and reproduction. One came to another, the clan grew and grew and grew. Moloch detested it. You know... he is a fighter, not a thinker and all that clan organising and leading stuff was not his. So the only times he enjoyed himself where the times, when he could fly arround the wastelands, scaveging for treasures and food. And one fatefull day, he stumbled across a glowing and pure thing – an egg. He brought it back to Raria and her maternal instincts kicked in. She warmed the little thing, until a few days later, the shell crackeled and two lightbright creamy eyes stared at her. The little creature kicking and strampling to get free dropped without grace to the ground. His maize scales shone in an orange light, while his purple wings where to weak to carry his weight. Moloch saw his potential – and decided the little creature could stay. Hades... Oh godforsaken Hades. If they had only knew... Oh, you are still listening? Strange one, aren't you?
Either way... The lair kept growing, Moloch kept hating it, Hades kept learning and training... The years went by and with the time, Hades detested himself. He detested his slobby and goofish appearences, he detested the colours of his scales and he detested his clan. You know... He genuinly loved his parents – until he got to know their true selfes. Raria's only concern was reproducing even more – and if Moloch was not available? There where enough other males nearby. Moloch? A strong fighter – to afraid of his own people to state, that he did not want to lead anything, hiding behind trees and rocks to escape from political and organisation tasks... So what do you think he did? Oh you will never guess what he did. Or actually, it's pretty simple: He changed himself. Wandering off one night, he took his best friends with him, on this adventure to find his true self. When they returned? No one ever thought it was Hades who returned. Changed completly, the former guardian was now a shining coatl, with a golden and orange toned plumage.
Raria and Moloch where glowing with joy and happyness, that their son returned. Oh well, if they only had known.
Hades and his friends, namely Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Deimos, Castor and Pollux, worked on their own plan. Despised with the weakness of their own birthclan, they aimed for something greater. For something more. For their own vision.
Gosh, you are still listening? I will put it short, because I don't want to recall these... events. They manipulated Moloch to lead his clan over the sea to the land of ice and storm – because only a harsh and hostile environment will rise hardy and powerfull dragons. You know, because coatls are more the heat resistent ones, you remember? Yeah, after tricking Moloch to do this, they took completly over. One of their friends, Deimos, he has powers... magical ones. Seems like something special to him. He can see your dreams. Manipulate them. So he took controll over Molochs dreams, making him believe, that he, Deimos, was the one, he had to serve. Yeah. Worked. Amazing... Even changing the once glorious guardian warrior into a mere mirror hunter.
Also there where the guardian lady, Ishtaar, who swore to protect the clan and fought countless battles on Molochs side - she found in Nemesis her 'thing' you know. That thing that guardians vow to give their life for to protect? Yupp, call it bad luck, but as long as Nemesis stands on Hades side, Ishtaar will do so too. Not that this brutish thing has a problem with it. Oh, and I warn you, even tho he seems like one of those puny bookworms, don't talk to long with Tzeentch. You see that gnarly Imperial over there? Yeah, Tzeentch's puppet. That damn ******* brainwashed that once pridefull creature into his personal marionette... Poor Leviathan.
With our fighters gone, the rest of the clan depended on Hades mercy- Hahaha. Good joke. He slew everything that he deemed unworthy. The clan counted nearly 120 member – after the purge, only 50 where alive and from this 50, only 25 had even something considerably close to rights. The rest? Only slaves, kept for their labour and their wombs. Because – what is more lucrative than slavery? Not only selling off the offspring of their own to other clans, I think they even barter with the beastclans...
And now you wonder, why the hell I tell you all this? Oh, actually because the master told me too. Either no one will believe you – or we will have a good combat at hand. And even if it is only diplomatical nature, its still a conflict of the minds, something the master also enjoys. But he will soon return, so its time for you to make your move. Farewell, stranger.

Further away you hear an unfamiliar voice shouting:

'My comrades, it has often been said that I like war.
My comrades, I like war...
No, comrades, I love war!
I love fighting.
I love blitzkrieg.
I love defensive lines.
I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.

Do you want to follow?'


  • Lair Expansion
  • Bios for
    (Charybdis, Scylla, Phobos, Vanitas,
    Aphrodite, Eris and some more q~q)
  • 7 Coatl scrolls
  • 4 Skydancer scrolls
  • Write down the genes still needed, still afraid to do so because WAY to many of them u-u

Random Stuff
Orca(metal)-Silver-Orca(glimmer) Coatl

*Find Partner for Slaani

*Wishlist: Scatterscrolls (tons of 'em) and unhatched eggs

*Wishlist2.0: Gem genes u_u I hate geneprojects D: but I love them - and I hate them :< but I looove them :Q

> Write a Wishlist on a dragon wow. I'm even to lazy to write wishlists... bleh. Weeee! Done ♥

*Ping beccaboo for Orca-Primary from Pollux&Charybdis

*Ping MythikRune for nightshade-radio-radio derg from loki

*Ping Kmirandi96 for a x-x-x female from Slaanesh and Lucius

G1-Counter wrote:
At the moment 30 G1 are residing in this lair
6 coatls
7 Skydancer
3 Tundra
5 Nocturne
4 bogsnek
1 Guardian
2 Fae
2 Mirror


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