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Madly in love with @Miasmajesty

I mostly post/talk about my lizards on my flight rising blog, but I swear I'll finish their bios soon oops. Also, most if not all of my lore is done with my boyfriend, so check his stuff out if you want the full context.

~On a semi-hiatus~


. N e o .~N e c r o p o l i s .
Neo Necropolis is a large cyberpunk/vaporwave city located in the Shifting Expanse. Boasting a vibrant nightlife, it’s a city that never sleeps and is home to some of the Expanse’s most notorious and dangerous criminals. The technology in Neo Necropolis is highly advanced compared to the rest of Sornieth. There are hover cars and bikes, cybernetic enhancements referred to as ‘mods’, guns, and the streets are bathed in neon lights. Just be careful, the nightlife here isn't for the faint of heart.

Want to enjoy what Neo Necropolis has to offer in the daylight? Why not head down the beach and enjoy the sights and sounds of the carnival pier. Not your thing? Then dig your toes into the warm sands of the beaches and let the sound of the crashing waves and gentle swaying of the palm trees take you away from all of your woes.

[Neo Necropolis is resting in the den!]


Clan Aesthetic:

Neon lights and synth music. The sound of men laughing and drinking. Hightech lowlifes and back-alley deals. The smell of perfume and desperation.

. T h e .~V e l v e t . F a n g .
Situated in the city of Neo Necropolis is a delightful little place called The Velvet Fang which is owned and operated by a man known as "Big Boss", a man with connections all over the city. Thanks to Big Boss's star performers/attractions Azizi and Gogo, business is booming and the money is rolling in.

Ah, Neo Necropolis. This large city located in the Expanse is known for its advanced technology, violence, crime, and entertainment. It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city, but not The Fang. Here is an untapped market and The Velvet Fang's particular brand of entertainment is red hot, making it the perfect place to relax or do business if you're so inclined. That said, escaping your problems is easier said than done and there are plenty of people in the Necropolis who will stop at nothing to claw their way to the top.

Clan Aesthetic:

Neon lights and synth music. The sound of men laughing and drinking. Hightech lowlifes and back-alley deals. The smell of perfume and desperation.

To-do List

• Finish everyone's bios (hnnngh)
• Get Circuit for Razzle
• Save gems for the move home to Lightning


. S a w y e r ~G a n g .

L o r e
Nestled deep in Plague, somewhere between the Rotrock Rim and the Wyrmwound, is Wormwood Gorge. This place is home to the Sawyer gang. Lead by charismatic pearlcatcher name Mordecai, they make a life for themselves stealing (mostly) from the rich and giving to themselves. That's not to say they aren't above taking what they want from whoever they want and they've made quite the name for themselves doing it.
The gang likes to remain hidden in their home in the gorge. Riding out on their boars and buffalo to take what they need (and what they want) from neighboring towns and cities, they take great care to make sure that they're never followed and keep the list of clans they work with short.

Their camp has grown over time, going from simple tents to simple structures and even growing crops and livestock of their own. Mordecai himself has taken up residence in an old dilapidated antebellum mansion on their property that's been there longer than they have. In fact, there were quite a few structures already there when they got there. Places lost to time and mystery to this day.

Perhaps the old witch Wurdalak who lives in the bayou surrounding the gorge has the answers, but no one has bothered to ask. Many of them are too afraid to ask- and maybe they should be.

Clan Aesthetic

Wood smoke and whiskey. The chirping of crickets and coyotes yipping in the distance. The smell of mud and blood. Campfires and muffled laughter.


. K a s a i~W a r i .
L o r e

[Jointly written with Frostwyvern~ <3]

Ruled over by the Tenkubashi clan, Kasaiwari sits snuggly between the Ashfall Waste and the sea. It is a city-state made up of five provinces and is largely isolated from the rest of the world. Powerful spirits roam these lands, locked in a constant battle with dragon clans who also call the land their home. Once upon a time, they lived in harmony with one another until it all came crashing down with the vicious attack and assassination of the leader of every province by an unknown assailant.
Now the spirits and yokai who had once largely coexisted with the dragons were hostile, vengeful. What followed was a war that consumed the lives of many; dragon, spirit, and yokai alike. This war turned the land upside down until it finally came to a bloody close. There is still hostility between the dragons and the rest of the beings who call Kasaiwari home, but under the rule of the Amakudari Kuroharu-nyotei, there has been a somewhat uneasy peace.

However, because of the never-ending struggle with the spirits and yokai, an elite group of demon slayers known as the Tenshi (typically all men) has been formed by the Tenkubashi in order to keep said peace. Opposite the Tenshi are the Miko who are (typically) made up of women. They outrank the Tenshi and are the ones in charge of dispersing the Tenshi when and where they are needed.

[Still under construction/to be continued]
Clan Aesthetic

The smell of sandalwood and sakura blossoms. Black sand beaches and the sounds of a bustling market place. Spirits dancing and weaving just out of sight through the trees in the forest. Disembodied laughter and the chime of bells in the distance. Hot springs and the gentle chirping of crickets.


. I e r i .~P o l i .
Clan description goes here!

Pt.2 clan description goes here!


Clan Aesthetic:

[Under construction!]

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