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tumblr_inline_pqjtl9K5RR1rgzqdq_250.gif NEO NECROPOLIS

The mega-city capital of the Shifting Expanse is home to more dragons than you'll likely ever see anywhere else. As such, it's full to the brim with terrible people doing terrible things. Only a few lights shine in the darkness- unfortunately, the organisation LUCKY ST4R isn't one of those. Run by the infamous hacker and information broker only known as STARKILLER, the noodles are probably the only thing that they serve that is legal.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjolbCf1rgzqdq_250.gif IERI POLI

Long ago, the First Herald of the Lightweaver helped build a city which sat between the hewn lands of the Shade and the rest of the Sunbeam Ruins. Its history rich and vast, Ieri Poli has stood the test of time as the birthplace of paladins and a monument to faith. To this day, its dragons champion the fight against evil.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjnzRfl1rgzqdq_250.gif THANATOS SYNDICATE

The Thanatos Syndicate is a private military company based out of Rotrock Rim run by the Urusov family. They are as much a community as a set of mercenaries, their ranks bolstered by medics, spies, and diplomats. Their work stretches across Sorienth through a network of connections and power, and thus far and wide the tale of their elite forces and their Wraith King grows.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjpWWd01rgzqdq_250.gif KASAIWARI

Hidden by a natural cove and rolling mist is the mysterious and isolated provinces of Kasaiwari, sat on the crescent moon of land bordering the Ashfall Waste and the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Here species otherwise unknown to the world flourish, dragons living alongside a multitude of supernatural beings known as yokai.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjozMkr1rgzqdq_250.gif DAMASK ROSE

The City of Lys is small but densely packed island, a tourist destination off the shores of the Starfall Isles. It is run by the Great Noble House of Damask Rose, nobles who rule over the population and engage in long, bloody machinations with the other Great Noble Houses of other regions. Beneath closed doors they work to reach new magical heights, at any cost.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjpCAbY1rgzqdq_250.gif QUOD LABRYINTHUS

In the wilds of the Wasteland, there is a band of ancient witches whose power rival that of the Eleven. They are, as you'd expect, worshipped by those who live inside the swamps. Through this worship they are granted extraordinary, terrible powers which leave terror and awe in their wake when used. Hard to find and even harder to understand, the Labyrinth is a dangerous place to visit.

tumblr_inline_pqjtjpCAbY1rgzqdq_250.gif MADS AND CO

Mads and Co is an agency run by Maddox Bane. He and the unfortunate souls whom signed upon the dotted line in his forbidden tome have their souls doomed to an infernal realm. They are forced to bring more souls to a demon lord no one but Maddox understands, a never ending task which always demands more blood. Fortunately, most of the members are already quite mad.


Mias | 26 | Male

All lore written with @Vicegrips. You can find me at @Majestyrising on Tumblr. I don't bite, I'm just forgetful. I have way too much lore. Just, way too much.

Neo Necropolis: 15/15 bios done. ✓
Ieri Poli: 14/14 bios done. ✓
Thanatos Syndicate: 37/37 bios done. ✓
Kasaiwari: 23/26 bios done. (Nobuyuki, Shiroyuri, Uru rewrite.)
Damask Rose: 10/10 bios done. ✓
Quod Labyrinthus: 9/11 bios done. (Shikari, Vitale.)
Mads and Co.: 0/5 bios done. (So messy.)

Characters that need dragons:
Elliot 'Banshee' de Witt, 'Phantom', Daiquiri (Replacement), Jemma 'Jem' Jones, Aster.
Kallista, Cynflaidd.

Genes required:
Primary Gene: Metallic, Secondary Gene: Facet, Tertiary Gene: Circuit for Unit 004. 3900g.
Primary Gene: Metallic, Secondary Gene: Facet, Tertiary Gene: Circuit for Unit 010. 3900g.
Breed Change: Obelisk, Primary Gene: Metallic, Secondary Gene:
Facet, Tertiary Gene: Circuit for Unit 012. 3900g.


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Alcibiades on the front page! What a beautiful dragon, and your lore is so interesting!
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Alcibiades was on the front page! He looks awesome.
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Saw Tsubaki on the front page!! Love him. I'm gonna try to checkout some of your lore I'm very intrigued.
December 05, 2022 03:57:26
Thank you for purchasing Mondo, may he serve you well!
November 29, 2022 21:12:42
Your pair wegged you :( Hope they do better next time!
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