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arcanevs1.png Call me Glowie! | she/her | E/INFP | sagittarius

I'm an aspiring writer and an occasional artist. I love movies, books and games, and I romance life. Lore lairs keep me going forever x

Bios ready: 89/95 (Tyria, pg5 - 25.6.2017)

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b e w a r e
The Clan is led by matriarch Arivia, the founding guardian of the lair. Her Clan is led by strict rules, and dragons are expected to show unwavering loyalty and trust to the matriarch's guidance. The primary ideal of the Clan is to find more resources, whether dragon or otherwise, to become more powerful in order to fulfill the matriarch's vision of an Arcane flight that dominates the whole of Sornieth.

Dragons of the Clan are situated in pg1 and in the first two rows of pg2. h i e r a r c h y

b o w
The Court is led by princess Zamirav. She is the daughter of plague prince Mihailov, the usurper who killed matriarch Arivia and destroyed her Clan. Now build upon the ashes of the Clan, the Court is a place for political intrigue, manipulation and deception. Due to the nature of its beginning, the Court is riddled with dragons either trying to cement princess Zamirav’s power or overthrow her.

Dragons of the Court are situated in pg3 and in the two first rows of pg4. Some dragons that survived the coup are also part of the Court. h i e r a r c h y

f o l l o w
The Pack is led by packleader Alaria, matriarch Arivia’s secret child. Rescued by the matriarch’s second-in-command, Alaria lives a life of a nomad – she travels through Sornieth in a journey to find herself and understand her roots while making sure that the plague prince won’t catch her. The Pack consists of dragons who were compelled to follow the one they have dubbed “the wolfmother”.

Dragons of the Pack are situated in the last two rows of pg2. Both Gwenwyn and Raza of the Clan are with them. h i e r a r c h y

u n i t e
The Starfall Court is led by queen Aranai and king Ramilov. The warring families of matriarch Arivia and plague prince Mihailov are united in them as per the wishes of their parents, in order to create peace where there had been none. Yet as much as peace and calmness is wished for, the two new rulers are constantly in the middle of courtly intrigue and politics…

Dragons of the Starfall Court are situated in the last two rows of pg4. Members of the Court and the Pack are also part of them. h i e r a r c h y

s u b m i t
The Coven is led by the mysterious Mistress. Witches from all over Sornieth have come to join the Mistress in order to create the most powerful alliance of magic wielders to teach them and protect them from those who would see all magic gone from the grasps of dragons. The Coven also hosts hundreds of servants and slaves in order to cater to every witches’ needs in a plethora of ways…

Dragons of the Coven are situated in the second last row of pg5. h i e r a r c h y

g r o w
The Stargazer Court is led by high queen Arthemia. While greatly loved by her Court, Arthemia has been plagued by powerful dreams and inexplicable visions from birth. Unable to escape from their grasp even as she’s matured, she finds ruling challenging. The general consensus is that she either finds a strong mate or gives up ruling altogether.

Dragons of the Stargazer Court are situated in first two rows of pg5. Members of the past Courts and the Pack are also part of them. h i e r a r c h y


(canon unless stated otherwise)

Mihailov & Zariin | only child, Jun 02, 2015
+ Zamirav

Akhil & Althea | quintuplets, Jul 11, 2015
+ Dhurma, Sumek, Lapat, Akama, Tilai

Mihailov & Edenia | guintuplets, Sep 01, 2015 - not canon
+ Denima, Edvena, Milanova, Midanov, Vdamarov

Ramilov & Arania | only child, Dec 09, 2015
+ Arthemia

Aeryon & Niria | only child, Sep 14, 2016
+ Ria

Silos & Dakia | only child, Sep 17, 2017
+ Ilos



Bio graphics mostly from Osiem.
I use bioresources by Mibella.
My forum signature is made by biskitten.

Note to admins: I share an IP address and computer/laptop with my boyfriend, Avaruusdonitsi (#228057). We send items and dragons to each other frequently.

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