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hi hello staff, i am friends with incalyscent, tangelojack, and valkyriae & we do our lore off site & we give each other gifts/move dragons between us a lot
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theoldvirulent2.pngCLAN VIRULENTtheoldvirulent2.png
Lead by the Lord Chieftain Aramis Bellamare
Clan Virulent is the westernmost military outpost and port of the Lightweaver, and is the largest city and territory in the Wasteland under the Plaguebringer's protection.

The leader of Virulent is the Lord Chieftain Aramis Bellamare - a legendary champion of the Sunrot Alliance, a figurehead to bind the Plaguebringer and Lightweaver together.

He was resurected by the deities working together, an improved version of the dragon who existed before his death. That was a short few years ago, and his impact and influence has already seeped into the aristocratic lifestyle of the Lightweaver's Light Court tenfold.

Clan Virulent is a modest clan, a lover of the old plague values from whence they came. They live like a large family, sharing their meals, clothing, and homes together. Aramis has done his best to protect them.


Officially, on the charter signed by the Lightweaver, Virulent's lands include 'the cliff and southern quarter of Dragonhome, all of the Boneyard and Contagion within sight of it, the western bay of the outer sea, and the former lands of the Woods parallel to Dragonhome.

A massive territory - the largest ever owned by a single clan.

Virulent is a plague clan, make no mistake. The main enterance into the caverns is on the southern face of the great cliff of Dragonhome, and the Plaguebringer's red tendrils run through much of the stone.

They reside in the massive caverns that sprawl underneath Dragonhome, the Woods, and the Ruins; with all openings magically warded so only those who do not mean harm can enter.

There are neighborhoods of apartments carved into the flanks of branching caves, each with entire families packed into them. Generally dragons live together with their children staying well into adulthood.

On the westernmost reach of the cavern opens up to the sheltered Outer Sea bay. Virulent's port is large enough to dock a hundred ships, most of them belonging to the Sunrot Navy. A few merchants come every season to sell their spices and exotic foods and wines, or to purchase great quantities of plundered goods and whale products.

Most of Virulent's population live here at some point during the year, though they may spend most of their life at sea, in the Boneyard, or in the other realms of Sorneith.

There is only a small amount - a few hundred at most - that live in the caverns year round. Most of these are dragons too valuable to risk their life at the sword, physically unable to do so, or essential in the maintenance of the warriors or caverns, such as doctors, farmers, and blacksmiths.

The main users of the harbor is the Sunrot Navy, the raiders and captains with their longships and war galleys who harass sea-side towns and merchant ships throughout all of Sorneith. There is no other occupation as treasured as these proud warriors.

That's not to say that there aren't other warriors besides the raiders, but a dragon has too be recruited into the other factions, not signed up.

The cavalry, led by Commander Amantevuelo, are dragons who center their life around the riding air-beasts such as hippogriffs or furians, to scout and hunt and fight for Virulent's sake. But their most famous mount is the warmounts - dragons ridden by other dragons, for the purpose of combating enemy warriors in the air.

under construction don't look

Gijinka/Dragon-Form: All dragons can switch between the two, and dragons in a bipedal form can further hide their draconic features (tail, horns, wings, etc.) Generally dragons hang out in their bipedal form since they can wear clothes, fit in places, and take a lot less food.

Technology: The closest modern timeline equivalent to technology in my lore is the early to mid 1800s-ish. Everything is still very much wooden carriages and ships, but there are a few bits of modern technology, such as radios and photographs.

Magic: All dragons must be given life by their deities upon birth. Some dragons are given more magic then others, plus access to 'sub-elements' (shown in the runestones of the arcanist). Dragons born during their elemental holiday tend to be more powerful than others.

Beastclans: Corrupted attempts by the arcanist to resurrect the second-age folk, with those who had been originally warped by his folly dying out decades ago. Not sapient beasts, little more than wild animals. Entirely extinct.

The Shade: No longer exists as it did in the earliest days, but the sub-element 'chaos' acts similar and is often referred to as such. Mostly prevalent in the Earth and Water flights, since their magic is unstablized as their deities are dead.

The Tidelord & Earthshaker: Both dead by the Flamecaller's hand, so she could take over their territories.

Dragonhome - Dragonhome is being stripped of it's resources, with the Flamecaller claiming the west and the Lightweaver the east, with the bottom two miles lent to Virulent.

The Sea - Being torn to pieces between the orcales, the scrying priests, who each claim a different path to follow after their deity vanished. The water itself is no longer safe, and staying in it too long will unstablize a dragon's magic. The northern-east is under the Lightweaver's protection, the south untamed and regularly raided by the Windsinger and Flamecaller's armies.

- - -

NOTE: I will always accept any hatchling that I bred back into my lair, please just send a CR!

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May 09, 2024 14:57:04
Thank you for giving a good home to both Europa and Gloh! :O <3
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Thanks for welcoming me to the site, I like your dragons :)
May 07, 2024 00:45:59
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March 11, 2024 21:35:22
Thank you for picking up Tromport! I would hate to see him exalted, he's clearly well loved, but his original owner seems quite inactive. If you do intend to exalt him (unlikely! I love his outfit <3) please sell him back to me!
March 08, 2024 14:23:49
Juniper was on the front page! I love her colours!!
February 16, 2024 14:38:06
5 eggs for Kaph and Alexios, 2 eggs for Glynnis and Karamat!
February 05, 2024 13:32:30
Omg I go to check on my dragon and he already looks so beautiful... I admire being able to work with apparel so quickly like that that's amazing
January 28, 2024 09:39:40
Taidairus was on the front page! I love his green outfit.
January 27, 2024 15:27:42
Alexios and Kaph are now nesting in Ice on 4 eggs, alongside Glynnis and Karamat on 2 eggs! Expected hatch date (FR time) is 2/1/24.
January 19, 2024 14:34:02
Stellanera and Fendel are now nesting on 4 eggs in Ice! Expected hatch date (FR time) is 1/24/24.
January 06, 2024 17:17:15
Your pair, Glynnis and Karamat, are now nesting on 1 egg. Sorry about the bad RNG!
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