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Flight Rising FAQ
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Welcome! If you’re here, you’re probably new or recently returned to Flight Rising. Our goal is to provide our players a one-stop resource for all the basics of Flight Rising drawing from our most frequently asked questions and support tickets.

Table of Contents

  • Rules
  • “Rollover”
  • Site clock
  • Customer Support
    • How to contact
    • How to submit a ticket

  • Treasure & Gems
  • Forums
    • The Help Center
    • The Introductions Forum
    • The Bug Reports Forum

  • Dragons
    • Progenitors
    • Feeding Dragons
    • Breeding
    • Exalting/Dominance

  • General
    • Gathering
    • Familiars
    • Auction House
    • Marketplace


    Where can I find the rules?

    You can find our rules and Terms here:

    PLEASE NOTE: Use of the Flight Rising website and forums constitute agreement to the above rules and policies. Threads are moderated and accounts actioned as needed, as laid out by our rules.

    What is “rollover”?

    Every night, at 00:00 server time, the site is inaccessible for approximately thirty minutes. This is our maintenance period. Rollover resets your dailies.

    What exactly is “server time”?

    The Flight Rising website runs on a 24 hour clock and is set to the Pacific time zone. Our clock recognizes Daylight Savings which means the server time will alternate between UTC-7 and UTC-8 accordingly. The server time is displayed in the upper left of every page.

    I need customer support, what do I do?

    If you need staff assistance or would like to submit feedback, send our Customer Support team a message through Contact Us.

    How can Customer Support help me?

    Our Customer Support team is able to assist Flight Rising players with many issues. Here are some examples of common player tickets:
    • Undelivered gem purchases
    • Account recovery/assistance
    • Harassment or other rule violation reports
    • Exploit reports
    • Restoration requests
    • Feedback/complaints/compliments

    How do I submit a ticket?

    When submitting a ticket, please use the email address registered to your Flight Rising account. Be sure to provide Support with as many details as possible:
    • User ID#
    • Dragon ID#
    • Message or thread ID#
    • Dates, times
    • Any applicable links

    Tickets are processed based on severity and the order they are received. Tickets submitted without any of the above information may take longer to resolve.

    What is treasure? What is it used for?

    Treasure is Flight Rising's primary currency, earned exclusively through gameplay. Treasure is used to purchase the majority of the items on the website, including:

    How can I get treasure?

    You can acquire treasure by playing the game, including:
    • Exalting your dragons when participating in dominance.
    • Vendoring/Selling items from your hoard
    • Bringing Crim the items she asks for.
    • Answering Tomo's Trivia
    • Selling items or dragons in the Auction House for treasure
    • From chests.

    What are gems? What are they used for?

    Gems are Flight Rising’s premium currency. Gems are used to purchase:

    How can I get gems?

    You can acquire gems in the following site-supported ways:
    • Purchasing gems through the Gem Exchange using Paypal
    • Selling items or dragons in the Auction House for gems
    • From chests, primarily gilded chests
    • A small chance from exalting dragons
    • Participation in site contests

    Paypal is currently the only method to purchase gems. We are looking into other methods. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Some players trade treasure for gems or privately trade items for gems but be advised that this is at the player’s own risk. Flight Rising does not currently support these types of transactions and our Support staff will not be able to assist in restoration in the event the trade is not completed. You may still report the incident to be actioned.

    If you purchase gems through Paypal and do not receive them, please send our Customer Support staff a message through Contact Us and include the transaction ID# when you do.

    Where can I get started in the forums?

    The Help Center is a great place for new players. Volunteer moderators and forum regulars are ready and waiting to help answer your questions. Check out the stickies, read through the forum, and don’t hesitate to ask a question!

    Another great forum to check out is the Introductions Forum! Get to know your fellow players and even a little bit about the volunteer moderator group!

    If you’ve found a bug, the Bug Reports Forum is where you want to go. Our software engineers review the forum daily. While you may not receive a personalized response to your report, please know that all reports are documented.


    Gameplay - Dragons

    What is a ‘progenitor’?

    Progenitor dragons, sometimes referred to as ‘progens’ in the forums, are your custom and random dragons you receive when you create your account.

    Progenitor dragons are special. They are the only dragons that:
    • Cannot be traded
    • Do not award treasure or gems when exalted
    • Do not count towards Dominance when exalted

    How do I feed my dragons?

    Dragons need to eat. Without food, their energy will drop and you won’t be able to breed them or battle in Coliseum with them.

    To feed them, you need to convert your gathered food items to food points:
    • Navigate to the Food tab in your Hoard
    • The TYPE of food is indicated in the upper right corner of the item thumbnail
    • Select the food item
    • Click ‘CONVERT’ at the bottom of the page

    You now have food points and can feed your dragons!

    How do I breed my dragons?

    Go to your Nesting Grounds, select ‘Breed’ and choose two dragons from the drop down menu. After you’ve selected your dragons and bred them, click ‘Incubate.’

    After five incubation periods, you will be able to hatch your nest. An incubation period is not when you click to incubate. You will need to incubate your nest five (5) times and then the nest can be hatched the next day (after rollover).

    If you can’t breed your dragons, there are a few possible reasons why:
    • The dragons are on cooldown
    • A dragon is eligible to breed when the egg symbol does not have a strike through it
    • The dragons do not have enough energy
    • The dragons are related, within five generations

    If the above conditions do not apply to the dragon you are unable to breed, you may have a rare sterile dragon. Please send our Support staff a message through Contact Us with the dragon’s ID#. Unfortunately we do not have a workaround or fix for this bug but the information you provide will help with our continued investigation.

    You can read more on breeding dragons here in our Encyclopedia.

    What is Exalting? What is Dominance?

    Lore: When a dragon is exalted, they are sent to serve their Deity. This service brings great honor and distinction to their Clan. Duties for exalted dragons vary: day to day care of the realm, personal assistance to the Deity, preparing for battle with the Shade or Beastclans. When a Dragon leaves their Clan to serve their Deity, they leave behind a sum of riches based on their experience and growth in Sornieth.

    Mechanic: The dragon population of Flight Rising grows exponentially and Exaltation is how dragons leave the system permanently. When a dragon is exalted, the player receives treasure and gems based on their level in the Coliseum and any applicable Daily Bonuses. The Flight that exalts the most dragons in a one week period is awarded with Dominance.

    Note: A dragon cannot battle in the Coliseum if they are unnamed or too low on energy.

    Gameplay - General

    What is Gathering?

    Gathering is how Clans find food, items, treasure, and sometimes new dragons!

    A few notes about Gathering:
    • Gathering caps at level 25
    • Food gathered are deposited into the Food tab of your Hoard
    • Food gathered is not immediately available as food points

    You can read more about Gathering here in our Encyclopedia.

    What are Familiars? What can I do with them?

    Familiars are creatures and animals from various parts of Sornieth. You can bond with Familiars and earn daily rewards.

    Please note: If you have more than one of a specific Familiar, only one will show in the Familiars box when adding one to your dragon. Your Clan bonds with Familiars by TYPES not individuals.


    If you have three Downy Fox Rats, you will only be able to bond with ONE copy of the Downy Fox Rat.

    What can I do if I have multiples of the same Familiar type?

    With duplicates of the same type, you can gift them to other players, sell them on the Auction House, or even sell them straight from your Hoard. Familiars can also be traded with Swipp and Crim for different items, treasure or reduced in Baldwin’s pot for crafting reagents!

    You can read more about Familiars in our Encyclopedia here.

    What is the Auction House, how do I use it?

    The Auction House is the site-supported way to sell items and Dragons to other players.
    • Auction House purchases are delivered to your account via in-game mail
    • Expired auctions are returned directly to the Hoard
    • Expired auctions do not return dynamically
      • They are returned upwards of two hours after they expire
      • This is to ease server load - the Auction House is a very busy place!

    What is the Marketplace?

    The Marketplace carries various items like Familiars, Apparel, Skins/Accents, Battle items, and Speciality items. You aren’t buying these from other players, you are directly purchasing them from the site.

    The Marketplace has two sections, the Treasure Marketplace and the Gem Marketplace.
    • The Treasure Marketplace has a chance to restock every five (5) minutes
      • The Treasure Marketplace purges all its stock every two hours
      • Treasure items are subject to a stocking limit
      • Brand new treasure marketplace releases temporarily have their stock quantity boosted
    • The Gem Marketplace is always stocked
      • Gem items do not have a stock limit; item quantities are unlimited
      • Gem items do cycle out of the Marketplace as new gem items are released
    • The Marketplace delivers straight to the Hoard
    • There are no in-game mail notifications for Marketplace purchases
    • Bundles purchased from the Gem Marketplace are delivered to the ‘Other’ tab in the Hoard

    If you would like to learn more about the world of Flight Rising, give our Encyclopedia a read! You'll find more information about the history of Sornieth, details about dragon breeds, Flight Rising policies, and more!