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The Flight Rising Encyclopedia has received some long-overdue attention alongside Coliseum skin additions. Click here to read more about today's update!


Flight Rising is now open for new registration for our monthly welcome week! A big welcome to all of our new players! Click here to read more about today’s update.


The dragon clans have been busy as bees and it's bee-ginning to show. Will your clan bee among those bee-decked with this new gene? Click here to read more about today's update!
Undel 2017-10-20 17:22:33
The Arena encyclopedia entry has been updated with new artwork, opponents, and items to be up-to-date with our latest additions.
Undel 2017-10-19 01:16:32
A reminder that the Riot of Rot skin and accent contest ends tonight. There's still time to get your homage to the plague flight in before the deadline!
Undel 2017-10-19 01:09:15
Several typos and grammar errors have been corrected across the site.
Undel 2017-10-18 21:29:13
Additional name strings have been added to our random name generator.
Mutron 2017-10-17 17:51:46
We have fixed errors that were appearing in Baldwin, Dressing Room and possibly other areas of the site. We are monitoring for any further issues.
Khadyah's Esma - Lvl 1
Shadow Primary+ 2500
Snapper Breed + 1250
Giraffe Gene + 1250