Dragons are beginning to exhibit cloudy spots across their bodies and wings!


Lights dance in the sky over a renewed Boreal Wood.


This month, all of dragonkind come together to participate in the Thundercrack Carnivale. This festival celebrates the lightning flight. Our most prized possessions, Charged Sprockets, can be found by using any gathering profession in the lightning territories this week. Neutral and lightning-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may also be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents.


Make, maintain, and manage many morphologies in this mini-revamp to Predict Morphology and even incorporate them into outfits you create in the Dressing Room!


It's time for another Community Update! We'll cover some basic account security measures you can take to protect your account, the FRFanArt spotlight, elemental holiday recaps, and review our most recent quality of life updates!
Kaepora 2019-08-16 06:10:56
The Achievements System has been turned off. This will allow us to work on a more robust replacement system. Existing achievement data has been saved.

In addition, we now display total dragon count in the player header.
Aequorin 2019-08-13 08:12:42
Dragon Share Theme Week: Favorite Tertiary Gene, Gaoler Edition!
Aequorin 2019-08-06 13:48:21
REMINDER: The Achievements System will be turned off on Friday, August 16, 2019 at 06:00 server time.
Aequorin 2019-08-06 07:51:16
We're now accepting submissions for the Flameforger's Festival Skin & Accent contest until August 20, 2019 23:59 server time!
Aequorin 2019-08-05 14:54:44
Dragon Share Theme Week: Favorite Secondary Gene, Gaoler Edition!
Crosell's Brycht - Lvl 1
Sable Primary+ 2500
Tundra Breed + 1250
Lionfish Gene + 1250