This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Riot of Rot. This festival celebrates the plague flight. Our most prized possessions, All-Seeing Shrooms, can be found by using any gathering profession in the plague territories this week. Neutral and plague-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops in the Coliseum. They may be crafted at Baldwin's Bubbling Brew using alchemy reagents. Click here to read more about this update.


The seemingly tranquil beaches of Redrock Cove hold a plethora of resources and unique wildlife. Will your clan plunder or protect these shores? Those who would test their skills in Redrock will find that treasure isn't the only thing the sea shelters beneath the surf...

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Reanimated guardians and new patterns are waiting to be discovered! Click here to read more about today's update


Flight Rising is now open for new registration for our monthly welcome week! A big welcome to all of our new players! Click here to read more about today’s update.


Table of Contents
  • Announcement: Welcome Weeks
  • Introducing: New Artists!
  • Upcoming Revamp: Coliseum
  • Miscellaneous Site/Quality of Life Changes

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Dragon Share Theme Week: The Riot of Rot!
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The Weekly Q&A has been updated.
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Dragon Share Theme Week: Architects & Masons!
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Tarnished darksteel belts on skydancer females have had the correct artwork uploaded.
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The Weekly Q&A has been updated. Our apologies for the missed week.
WynBird's Quinlan - Lvl 1
Azure Secondary+ 2500
Nocturne Breed + 1250
Okapi Gene + 1250