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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:07:41





Evergreen appeared beside you as you walk among his library. He was one of the Ancient Ones of the clan, writing all of the tales of the Clan and who tried to destroy it. He sits down beside his desk, a warm fire dancing behind him. The Fire in his eyes seemed to match the intense flames.
He picks up his claw and offers you a seat in front of him.

"Menoitios is the son of Prometheus and Midnight, two loving dragons we cherish time with here. They hatched two dragons, Themis and Menoitios. Themis moved away a while ago, searching for her own source of desire and magic, but that is who I don't mean to discuss" Evergreen closes his eyes and opens them again with a sigh. He turns around and grabs a book from a high shelf. He places it back on his desk and opens the page to a picture of a dark purple Coatl.


Paid to Kill Assassin | Traitor

"This is Menoitios. No one knew what happened the night he vanished. We sent search parties for days on end, Prometheus and Midnight were worried sick. After months of searching, we described him as lost. We didn't know what was lurking behind in the shadows the whole time we searched. Menoitios was taken by a Shade in physical form that seeped through our barriers. His body was transformed into... something not dragon-like. His wings were larger. His face, puffy like he had been crying. His body was black like sludge, eyes lifeless, with a sword in his claws. I witnessed the site, terrified. He killed innocent dragons before we reached our armory. Dragons we have known and loved, gone with his Shade-infested might. He slashed through everything until he almost reached Luminous, ready to slice her feeble, sleeping body into internal sleep. But, he was frozen midplace."
Evergreen turns around again and grabs a scroll. He unfurls the parchment before you, showing a Fae dragon with bright eyes facing a black figure.
"It happened in a flash. She awoke in an instant. She created a magic orb that exploded against him. He began to crawl up again before large beams of blue, yellow, and white flashed into his black body. Lights flashed like a new galaxy was being created. The screams of terror seeping out of his voice as the Shade vanished away from his body. Luminous slowly pushed more magic into him, until her eyes turned back to their normal hue and collapsed in her bed chamber.

He was a traitor. He almost took the life of the clan away from all of us. But, he simply didn't know it."

The fire goes out behind Evergreen as you feel drowsy. The last thing you see are Evergreen's bright eyes, resembling the fire that just burned out behind him.

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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:09:03







No one would really have reason to suspect Wyld Style, but he certainly has motive and means. With ghosts and enemy clans surrounding the Killjoys, Wyld Style is trusted to stay ahead of the curve. As the first and only news reporter, Wyld Style has contact with a lot of enemies... and with his mother Vampire Money slowly succumbing to illness, with no progress being made to heal her, and with his mate Fruit Punch being more and more distant due to her brother's arrival, Wyld Style has all the motive he needs.


No one trusts Zamzi. As the Priest of the Dark Lady, (what my clan calls the Shadowbinder), Zamzi is in an awkward position of finding exalt recruits among a clan built of exalt rescuees and and rescuers. Zamzi would betray the clan, should he deem it in their best interest or if he thought it his duty, given him from the Shadowbinder. A shame, too, especially since the Killjoys were just beginning to trust him after the war.

This was an interesting prompt! I haven't really thought about this. My clan has a high turnover rate, even though I have a lot of lore, and the perma group is pretty small, so they all trust each other a lot...
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:09:33





Deception. Disgraaaace. These guys are all fandragons but definitely still traitors:



Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:16:24







Bellona doesn't believe in any of the gods. Though our clan is quite accepting of all beliefs, this automatically makes her suspect. In addition, she's one of the coliseum fighters, giving her the influence to do whatever she wants with few consequences.


Saturn's activities are known to very few in the clan. He's only begun to leave his underground workshop recently. Not many dragons have actually accused him, as the leaders have told everyone that he isn't a threat.


Maevy keeps to herself. But she's been getting more bold lately. There was an... incident... not long ago, too. Amaterasu, the Shadehunter, found Maevy possessed by a Shade fragment. She destroyed it, but nobody knows how Maevy might have been affected.

(hint: I'm retelling a bit of clan history here. This isn't in real time.)
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:18:14







In a clan with more structure and supervision, Zelos would be thrown out in no time. Between the Empyreal clan's lax rules, plentiful supplies, and his own cleverness, he exploits their patience and trust to pamper himself. Is he suspicious? Oh yes, but his accusers can never seem to nail down concrete evidence.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:20:47







Just looking at this dragon makes you think twice. In my lair he resides, watching the clan go about their daily basis. So mysterious, darkness is a major part of him. His eyes hint of an evil plague that could have been thousands of years old...
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:22:45







Perhaps it was Sterope? The clan had always held her so dear since they found her. The gifts of the Spire surged through her freely, granting her an almost divine understanding of the machines and systems that the lair employed. Though others with this knack soon came to be, she was the first. She was the ideal to which they were measured by. There was always something just a little off about her, though... Perhaps she was jealous? Perhaps all that raw energy twisted her mind? What if those little glitches that kept popping up were merely a sign of something deeper?


Ah, but maybe it was Kuruvinda. His history goes back further still. When the matriarch had born her first clutch, among them was the young girl that he would take to be his mate. Though he has since proven that the two share a deep love for both each other and their children, perhaps his intentions had not started out so pure. It could well have all been a ploy to wrest control from the matriarch herself and take command over the clan from within. With the standing he's gained since that day, and the children of his that would surely take his side should it come down to it, along with their own standing in the clan, it would be all too easy for him to enact on that now...


But... no. It couldn't be. She wouldn't. Cupcake is too young. She's too... pure. Or is she? It would be too easy for her to twist the others to her whim and have them turning against one another. Even if she were so sinister, just why would she contemplate such a thing? Could it be that her childlike mind is too innocent to comprehend the results of her actions? Or is there something more to her? She has retained her youth for far too long, after all. Perhaps it's all just an act, and beneath her sweet, soft exterior is a mind filled with malicious cunning.
So full of ideas. So terrible at using them.
At least there's still capitalism.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:23:04






Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:23:28







Hello, my little rogue.
You love this blind priestess, aren't you? What did you lie to her about? Oh, you're a noble warrior in her - haha - eyes. She shouldn't know you're involved in some nasty experiments with kidnapped eggs and dragons, right?
You betrayed her trust, her love, her purity. You're a monster.
You're a traitor.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 14:24:05







Squidge is a whole lot of trouble with the silliest name a dragon could ask for. He's furious with the fact that the clan he's in is so soft. Soft leaders, soft, pastel dragons and their soft familiars. Squidge would do just about anything to change they ways of his clan. He plans to one day rule the clan and show the dragons in it just how strong they can be, which really just means he wants to be a dictator and train his clanmates to be extremely violent.