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Upcoming Login Changes
Apr 05, 2017 14:34:20





At 06:00 Server Time on Friday, April 7, Flight Rising will be moving to a single login page, rather than allowing username/password entry from any page on the site. This change is one of the next steps in our full site optimization efforts and recode process.


The "Login" button will still be available from every page while you are logged out, but clicking it will take you to a single secure page that you can use to log in.

Additionally, if you arrive at the login page when you are already logged in on the www1 half of the site, you will receive troubleshooting instructions to assist with some common login problems.

The move to a single login page will also allow us to address login/logout bugs more easily by centralizing the login code, and focusing on a single login path.

Some changes have also been made to streamline the login process:

  • If you fail to log in, you will no longer have to re-enter your username.

  • Login error messages are now inline in the page rather than being modal dialogs. For example, if you mistype your password, you will not have to click twice to dismiss the dialog and then focus the password field.

  • We have taken steps to ensure that the login page will receive a secure classification by your browser.

Thank you for your patience as we make this change to our login system. We realize that the additional page load is an inconvenience, but this is an important change for us to make going forward.

NOTE: Customer Support staff can only provide account assistance to the account owner. Please take this time to make sure the email address registered to your Flight Rising account is both valid and accessible should you run into any login problems after the change.
Flight Rising Engineering Team

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Upcoming Login Changes
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