Sunray (#9569748)
Level 10 Fae
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Fae
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Jan 10, 2015
(7 years)



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Level 10 Fae
EXP: 1392 / 27676


Uh-oh, looks like this little ray of light wandered a little too far from her lair (12962, Zikul), and now she's off to see the world! If ever you feel the urge to exalt, she'd really appreciate it if you could just return her home instead, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.
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  • Brass Steampunk Goggles
  • Brass Steampunk Gloves
  • Brass Steampunk Tail Bauble
  • Black Linen Wing Wraps
  • Black Lab Coat
Sunray and her brothers had always been destined to serve the Flamecaller, hatched out of an arranged union between the Clan Matriarch and a traveller by the name Downpour, after the latter had been caught stealing from the scroll archive. While her brothers thought their destiny nothing but honourable, Sunray feared the toil and devotion such a path would offer her, and the closer her initiation drew, the more desperate the young fae got, and though she tried, all her pleas fell on deaf ears. She had to take her freedom into her own claws.

Using her small size in relation to the large size of a Wildclaw she came across in the clan's bazaar, Sunray managed to escape her fate and start forging her own adventure and freedom.
After much traveling, Sunray came across the cliffs where the TempleMoon clan resides. She was greeted by Independence, another fae who had come the day before. She got along with her quiet well and was then introduced to Ceviche another fae and the rest of the clan. When she arrived, she could already tell that she didn't like the place very much. There was too much conflict, and the Matriarchs acted nice but was truthfully very crude. After only a few days, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to leave.
Sunray settled into The Shifting Expanse for a while, finding herself fascinated by how hard working and industrious the dragons in this part of the world are. Her clanmates were very friendly and inviting towards her. There were even a few other dragons off to see the world to keep her company. While she was happy here with her new friends, her heart still longed for adventure and to see a different part of the world. When she decided to move on and see what else the world could offer her, everyone was very supportive of her decision, especially the clan's Matriach, who gave her a parting gift in the form of customary goggles and a pair of gloves so that she may always remember her time in the Shifting Expanse.
Sunray was welcomed into the Greatwyrm's Breach with enthusiasm. Few Faes had ever dared to venture into the Svethallr caves - little wonder enough, really, considering how many Imperials & Guardians & Ridgebacks were lumbering around the place. Not to mention the literal packs of Mirrors. Or the countless Snappers, who never slept. All in all, it was an odd place for a bright little Fae to be. She stayed a few moons to learn Coatl and Beasttongue, since the lair had an accomplished linguist. She also passed some of her Lightning-earned skills to the clan's Tinkerer. After long enough, however, she felt the restless pull of the unknown. The clan bid her a fond farewell, with an open invitation to visit again.
Sunray traveled on to the Scarred Wasteland, where she came across a downed airship that looked pitifully out of place against the red landscape. Curious, she investigated the wreckage to discover a mismatched Wind clan. There was another traveler passing among them, a pearlcatcher named Lyresong, who was helping the clan dragons with the repairs to their ship. She followed suit, sharing what she'd learned on her travels thus far. She and Lyresong enjoyed conversing with each other, and when it came time to part ways again it was a comfort to Sunray to know she had another friend somewhere out there.
In the Windswept Plateau, Sunray made her way to the Breezy Steppe, a lair most accommodating to the traveling dragon of every size and shape. She found most of its inhabitants to be seasoned travelers and found herself happy to exchange a tale or two of their experiences. She spent much of her time with a young fae named Dagger who taught her some illusion spells. Her new friend also tried to teach her some tips for the canvas but Sunray found she had little talent for painting. Finally, happy and well rested, Sunray flew off towards another adventure.

She found herself blowing across the sea to the Southern Icefield, gliding on strong wind currents until she flew straight into a strange network of pipes set up by a sky-blue coatl. Insisting she stay and help repair the damage, she became acquainted with the Coterie (for better or for worse). While said coatl might have been brusque with Sunray initially, seeing her dedication to renovate the wind system gave her cause to come around to the fae. She made Sunray a small, durable lantern to take with her wherever she heads to next.

Sunray came upon the Wispwillow Grove during the deep night, and her light colors made her stand out from the darkness. Knowing she would have troubles, the clan Matriarch gave her a spectral cloak to help her blend in. The Matriarch also requested she be trained in the art of battle, for the Grove could be dangerous to one as small as she.
Some of the dragons here were quite scary, like the Necromancer she had mistakenly run into. But most were kind, like her trainers and a silly Pearlcatcher who carried around a donut instead of a pearl. She also met another traveler like herself, who had been in this lair for a while.
With the clan busy and bustling, dragons moving in and out like a madhouse, Sunray decided it was time to pack up and move on. She returned the cloak to the Matriarch, and in memory of her visit, the Matriarch wrapped two pieces of fabric - black as night - around her wings.

Sunray decided she needed some time to relax and decided to do this in the Tidelord's realm. She was exploring the beautiful marine life of the ocean, when she suddenly bumped into an other dragon. The dragon introduced himself as Glaucus and almost looked invisible fading away with his colours into the beautiful coral reefs. Sunray told him about her time in the Sea of a Thousand Currents and Glaucus got excited about the new tourist. He offered Sunray to stay at his clan and tour her around the prettiest places of the ocean. Sunray gladly accepted this offer and stayed over with this clan for a while. After being guided through the most stunning places of the ocean and being fully relaxed Sunray decided to leave again for her next destination.
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