FithlyJunkTrader (#7291991)
Level 10 Ridgeback
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Crackling Leo
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Ridgeback
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xxxxxI was the Lightning, before the Thunder.
A filthy junk trader... A sudden father figure...
Everyone calls him Junk... Friends and Family call him Monty...

★ Theme ★
Just a young gun with the quick fuse. I was uptight, wanna let loose. I was dreaming of bigger things and wanna leave my own life behind. Not a yes sir, not a follower. Fit the box, fit the mold. Have a seat in the foyer, take a number. I was lightning before the thunder.


937115.png familiar.png 3098524.png

★ Night was falling on Dragonhome ★

At the base of the Pillar of the World, two Wildclaw mates were bedding down for the evening.[/i]

The Wildclaw male piled their couples bags together, tools and fabrics alike. His lightning eyes were tired behind his gold steampunk goggles. His familiar, an Earth Sprite named Terra, fluttered at his side.

“Stopping for the night is probably the best choice,” The Wildclaw female said softly, through her arms tightened around a small brown pouch. “I’ll stay up first, Sandbar.” She offered, even though her light eyes were just as tried as her mates.

“We’re both tired, Isla.” Her mate settled down over a rough blanket. He patted the space beside him. “Come sleep,” he whispered.

Isla’s familiar, a chocolate ferret, chittered happily and curled up beside Terra.

The Archeologists, members of the Preservation Guild, had the busiest of trips. Sure, they found a few good dig sites and some specimens to examine once they returned home, but that wasn’t what made their trip. Nestled quite literally in Isla’s pouch, was a single earth egg. They hadn’t planned to have a hatchling, but fate had a way of sneaking up on you. Isla knew their hatchling was ready to hatch any day now, and she was restless to get back home to their clan.

Oceania will be expecting us soon,” the mother argued. “I don’t want to stop until we get back to the Great Coral Reef…” It had been years since their diety, the Tide Lord, went missing, and the Sea of A Thousand Currents hadn’t been the same since.

“I know you want to get home,” Sandbar said softly. “We will tomorrow when we’re better rested.” He patted the blanket once more, urging his mate to rest. A little defeated, Isla cuddled beside the father of her unhatched egg and curled her tail around the bag encasing it. It didn’t take long for the pair to fall asleep in their exhaustion and they slept soundly without knowing they were being watched.

Something skittered across the sand, quick and light. Within two wing beats, the creature's claws slipped into the bag and stole the egg inside. Happy with their spoils, the thief slipped into the night, with a mother’s sorrowed cry following them.


The sun had yet to rise before the egg started to shake and crack. Before they crossed the divide between Dragon Home and The Tangled Wood, the baby was born. A wildclaw male with deep unusual dark eyes. He had similar colors and the same patterns of his father, someone the child would probably never know.



The Shifting Expanse - Highland Scrub - An arid stretch of land that can be considered the region's most docile area. Low shrubbery clings to life in a place where moisture is precious, and hundreds of species of lizard and carrion bird clamor for supremacy in the wind and heat. Cactus plants provide well-wandering dragons with water enough to find the next shady spot.

A Fithly Junk Trader

Highland Scavenger outfit. Golem Gauntlet robot. Mesa Mechanojets. Lightning Sprite.


The Sea of a Thousand Currents - Tsunami Flats - A becalmed coastal stretch of shoals and giant tidal pools. Dragons occupy the pools, burrowing into the loamy sand and shaping half-submerged underwater caves with their small, but growing magics. Sustenance, in the form of amphibious reptiles and fish, is abundant. Although seemingly a frontier, it is at these shores that the Water God is most able to protect his charges, employing tidal wave defenses to menace away aggressors.


Recently, harpies have been noted to carry packages between the clans. Its become a common practice for other beastclans to have a permanent harpy ambassador ensconced within their ranks. What this means for dragonkind remains to be seen.


Old info::As of 7/16/2017 his color is 1/13 ACTIVE dragons on the site! He was privately bought over private messages, date not recorded. He was born a Ridgeback Iri/Shim/Basic. I scrolled him Piebald and Paint, and then Jupiter, Saturn, Smoke! His ID# is a special secret.

graphics by Drytil, osiem, and mammoth-rising
bio code by anxiousghost

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