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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Guardian
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Personal Style


Gossamer Silk Veil
Celadon Silk Veil
Gossamer Wing Silks
Celadon Wing Silks
Gossamer Silk Scarf
Celadon Silk Scarf
Gossamer Silk Sash
Celadon Silk Sash
Gossamer Arm Silks
Celadon Arm Silks
Gossamer Leg Silks
Celadon Leg Silks
Gossamer Tail Bangle
Celadon Tail Bangle


Accent: Freezing Breath


Scene: Strange Chests


12.86 m
18.05 m
12867.74 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jan 01, 2021
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Guardian
Max Level



  • none


  • none


{ RAY }
Illustrious High Keeper


The ruin of my heart is mended with ice,
the sweet cold water slipping past my scales.

╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ l o r e ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮
blankblank Rei was born alone. They had no siblings and knew very little of the warmth of a nest. Their mother believed a hatchling should know how to survive from the get-go, with no room for creature comforts. It was a luxury not all dragons could afford, and she would not allow her child to become accustomed to something that might very well be taken away.

It was a harsh world that Rei grew to learn. Their mother held no love for their child in Rei’s hatchling days, and she died shortly after Rei became an adolescent. Caught stealing from a clan, she was captured and put to death for her crimes. Perhaps in what was the only bit of maternal love for her child, their mother had hidden Rei in a deep bit of underbrush, pink wings tucked beneath green scales and hidden away.

For days, Rei waited. They would go out hunting for berries and bugs, eating little and moving infrequently. Their eyes were glued to the small city, certain their mother would come slipping out at any moment. Ignorant to her death, they could only assume she had left them alone at last.

Thus, Rei began their Search. An Arcane dragon at heart, they were self taught in bare-bones magic. It wasn't enough to be considered a mage, but it allowed them room to survive in a world they did not know. Outside of the Isles, things were vastly different. It was important for Rei to rely on the strength of their body as well as their magic, even if the latter was inferior.

Well into adulthood, Rei found Korgan. He was a Water ridgeback, smart, witty, and sly. He was beautiful, and he had an ambition that couldn’t be rivaled. Rei admired him for his willingness to push for something—for whatever was his true path—regardless of how long it took or where it eventually led. Seeing themselves in that, Rei felt a kinship immediately. He was their Charge. And, perhaps…something more.

There is seldom a dragon who can turn away a guardian proclaiming their Charge, and so Korgan accepted Rei’s presence with little struggle. He took a liking to them almost immediately, promising a life of luxury and glory. Korgan was a dreamer, and now Rei was a part of all those dreams. Together they would beat all odds. Together they would conquer the world. Together. This alone filled Rei’s heart with love and joy, with the peace of finding that other half of themselves.

Korgan’s home, a magnificent cavern in the westernmost cavern of the Icefields, was beautiful to behold. Although mostly empty, Korgan assured Rei that it was a promise. A promise of future victory, of growth, and of a clan of his own making.

Rei saw him as a righteous dragon. He was good and smart. He dreamed of the future, of creating grand things. His visions were of such wonder and joy that him just whispering his plans to Rei in the night left them smiling, heart warmed with promises of the future. And if Rei could see that, why couldn’t the rest of the world?

Perhaps it was because Korgan was their Charge—the very thing they swore to protect since laying eyes on him—that it was hard to truly see his changes. They were subtle at first, almost unnoticeable, and easy to dismiss. If Korgan came home smelling of blood, perhaps he had been hunting. If he had scratches all over his scales, perhaps he had walked through rough underbrush, or tumbled. And Rei never asked, because asking would lead to knowing, and the part of them that was tied so intrinsically to Korgan knew that knowing was not something they wanted to do.

Korgan’s dreams, once visions of a utopian future, grew bitter and cold. Rei would hear him muttering in a slice of cavern where he thought they wouldn’t hear him. He would growl to himself, demanding answers from a being that could not hear him.

The day Korgan came home with blood staining his claws and bits of shell still stuck to his hide, Rei knew things had changed irreversibly. The pair was forced to flee, and still Korgan would refuse to explain why. Still Rei would refuse to ask.

The hunt started. It chased them through the naked brush of snow-topped trees to the east, through craggy mountains and across lakes that creaked and groaned their displeasure. Everywhere they went, the snow betrayed their path, and the wind slowed their walk. Sornieth in its entirety slowed them down.

Despite it all, Rei still trusted Korgan. He promised Rei nothing was amiss, that they would try again somewhere else. Sheltered from the wind in chilly caves that dripped in the night, he would whisper to them of places where the sun could warm their scales. He promisedgrandeur somewhere away from the dragons that hunted them, from the secrets Korgan held and that Rei did little to pry from him. It hurt Rei to close their eyes and listen to his lies, because it felt wrong, but they just wanted to sink into the bliss of ignorance. The part of them that clung stubbornly to the beauty of their Charge refused to let go.

The dragons found them while Korgan was asleep. They were on the northern edge of the Icefields, a mile from the nearest town, and waiting to securely pass across the Sea and towards the mainland. Rei kept watch, their pink wings tucked beneath them as they sat snugly in the hideaway of a great clutch of trees. Korgan, nestled in a burrow of grass and soft leaves, breathed lightly not a tail length away.

A blade pressed to their throat. It was no small thing, and the weight of it surprised Rei. Could a dragon so large truly sneak up on them? “Don’t move,” a voice whispered, and Rei flinched at the cold feel of the blade tucking beneath their scales to the soft flesh beneath. “And don’t look.”

Don’t look. Don’t look. Rei didn’t want to. They wouldn’t fight—how could they? Not when they suspected what Korgan had done. Their heart shattered at what it knew was coming, and a part of Rei wanted only to dip their chin quick enough that the blade would shatter them, too.

They didn’t.

Rei turned away, turning their gaze up towards the twilight sky above. The stars twinkled down at them, cold and indifferent. A few footsteps away, they heard Korgan choke on their own blood. Silently, Rei began to weep, and despite the very real scene that was playing out before them, they could only hear their mother’s voice.

“Rei, I’m so disappointed.”
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ n o t e s ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
blankblank "When We Were Together" by Azaleh
— Mated to Rose
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