Squire (#6475104)
Level 5 Imperial
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Imperial
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30.25 m
17.1 m
6570.4 kg


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Sep 21, 2014
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 5 Imperial
EXP: 770 / 5545



(Records the clan's history and other information he deems important)

"It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry
I'll come back when you call me
No need to say goodbye."
-"The Call", by Regina Spektor

Squire is an incredibly intelligent dragon who prefers to watch event happening rather than
taking place in them. What he does do, however, is record those events; Squire is the sole historian of the Flickering Shadows clan - he inscribes the stories of every major event upon his den's walls. However, it isn't just history he makes note of, but also anything he believes to be important - even the trivial information that many wouldn't think to mention at all - as a result of this (as well as the constant unraveling of events), his den is an ever-expanding labyrinth, only marked by the occasional numerals and "titles" of certain areas. Though much of the clan doesn't see the point of recording one measly little clan's existence, all are awed by the incredible structure he's constructed to hold that information, and every member of the Flickering Shadows clan takes pride in what they consider to be a monument. Squire doesn't see what's so impressive about the tunnels, but is glad for their support nonetheless.
Squire was brought into the clan at a young age, from a lighting clan with too many dragons to
support. He was, however, old enough to recognize the drastically different cultures between the lightning flight and the nature flight, and he was awed by the differences. He grew up trying to learn all he could about the culture of the nature flight as a whole, and that of the Flickering Shadows clan, specifically - eventually, he decided it would be a waste for all this information to simply dwell within his brain, and he began recording it on his den walls. Entering it now, the shift from those old scribbles to the official-looking writing of the farthest parts of his labyrinth is beautiful to observe - the slow progression as a dragon begins to sort information more and more ornately.

Credits & Whatnot
Layout by Straif
Last updated 4/3/2018

"Clan Information and the Like" wrote:
"Leadership" wrote:
The Flickering Shadows Clan is a Diarchy (a system with two leaders), under the leadership of Obsidian and Raspberry, its founders. Although the two leaders make every final call on clan-wide decisions, they generally consult some of the oldest and most trusted members of the clan - namely, Dusk, Siridia, Vermilion, Vixen, and Whisper - thus ensuring a well-rounded, well-considered view of the topic at hand. Obsidian and Raspberry are respected as leaders and considered to be friends to most (if not all) of the members of their clan.
"Guarding the Territory/Outside Dangers" wrote:
During the first few years of the Flickering Shadows clan's existence, they didn't have any guards patrolling the territory, and thus endured several attacks by both beastclans and aggressive neighbors. As the clan grew in size, a few members could be spared as a preventative measure against further attacks - that plan worked, in part, warding off beast clans, as the Flickering Shadows were no longer an easy target, but the nearby dragon clans only sent more attacks in response to this perceived "threat". Fearing that those clans would eventually send a fully-fledged assault, Obsidian and Raspberry decided that it was worth it to assign more dragons to being guards - and as expected, the other clans backed off as the Flickering Shadows added more guards to the roster. Eventually, the clan ended up with a seemingly absurd amount of guards, some posted near the edges of the territory, some in the middle, and some directly surrounding the dens. Despite this heavy guard presence, the members of the clan feel no fear, as they know each other well - know that their leadership is trustworthy and know that the guards are their friends and fellows.
"Moral Values" wrote:
The Flickering Shadow clan has surprisingly loose moral values - in essence, the only real rule is treating clanmates (and familiars) well. It is a known and accepted fact that several of the clan's members are less than morally upstanding - Pandora's Fears (Altair, Corsair, and Red Sky) for example, are literal pirates (though they do attempt to keep that truth hidden) who raze other clans homes, stealing their treasure and any valuable items. However, if the general consensus of the clan is that some dragon "went too far" doing something morally questionable, there will be a trial, after which the dragon in question will either be allowed to stay (but warned not to do their crime again) or chased out of the territory, anything they don't physically have on them left behind to the clan. It should be noted, too, that (even though there aren't any explicit rules) no one is aggressive to their neighbors - no one dares to be; the clan is so tightly knit that, generally, no dragon wants to hurt any of their clanmates, and those that would don't dare to for fear of repercussions from more powerful members of the clan.
"Den/Camp Arrangement*" wrote:
*This information is outdated.
The Flickering Shadows clan's camp/dens are arranged in a sort of spiral pattern or a series of rings. Closest to the center are the dragons incapable or unwilling to defend themselves (such as Jace), followed by those that would only fight in a life or death situation (such as Lagoon). After them are the dragons who can and will fight any intruder, but are not very skilled (such as Dunkelheit). The final ring or part of the spiral are the dragons who are ready and capable of fighting intruders to the death - this is where most of the guards reside (such as Coal). There are, of course, some exceptions such as Lyre living with Jace in the innermost ring, despite her being a skilled and willing fighter.
"Relationship with the Gladekeeper" wrote:
Although the Flickering Shadows clan largely does not worship the Gladekeeper, they have a great respect for her, and many members have left to serve her. During Greenskeeper Gathering, the clan devotes much time and effort to decorating their dens with the bounty of nature - appealing flowers, bright pelts, vibrant feathers; anything and everything unique to the nature flight's territory. Many dragons also decorate themselves in the same fashion, covering themselves in the abundance of nature, showing off to the visiting non-nature flight dragons.
"Eating Arrangements" wrote:
Although dragons do not need to cook food, it is generally seen as more appealing to prepare food in some way in the Flickering Shadows clan. For this purpose, the clan has two cooks - one of which is Molten. The Flickering Shadows clan has regular "feeding times" scattered throughout the day - one in the morning, one in the evening, one at night, and one between each of the previously mentioned (totaling at six) - of course, these aren't mandatory, and dragons are welcome to not attend, and instead eat at other times, but it's common for most of the clan to be at each, eating small servings throughout the day, and conversing over their meals.
"Clan Membership" wrote:
Membership to the Flickering Shadows clan is on an entirely voluntary basis - no dragon is required to be here, and may leave at any time they desire. This applies to prisoners, as well - they're welcome (encouraged, even) to make a run for it, though it's not certain they'll escape the territory alive. However, as previously mentioned in the "Moral Values" section, a dragon can be forced out of the clan for committing an act so atrocious it cannot be ignored.
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Exalting Squire to the service of the Gladekeeper will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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