Dionysos (#47993148)
Level 1 Gaoler
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Otherworldly Aura
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Gaoler
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




10.8 m
8.01 m
9295.54 kg


Primary Gene
Phantom (Gaoler)
Secondary Gene
Striation (Gaoler)
Tertiary Gene
Thylacine (Gaoler)


Dec 26, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Gaoler
EXP: 0 / 245



  • none


  • none


Chronos’s Customs
Personal TOS/notes
• Read the shop's rules!
• I have every right to refuse a custom, and am not obligated to give an explanation of why
• As it is my art, I am allowed to post it to my social medias if I so choose
• I will not do Anything remotely related to NSFW or bigotry/hatred, and if I find out you support any hate speech, homophobia, or etc, you are immediately blacklisted from my customs or other art shops
• You are not allowed to trace my art, reuse my linework, claim it as yours, or post on social media without credit! If I find you stealing my art via tracing or directly claiming you drew it, I will revoke your permission to use that art piece, and you are not given a refund.
• If you're going to upload your custom onto Toyhouse or anywhere else, credit KiwiPen as the creator and Chronos (ChronosAstra) as the designer

Pricing / Notes
• Commons start at 300g
• Uncommons start at 500g
• Rares start at 800g
• Gem to treasure ratio is 1:1200
• Kawaii Chips are accepted at 10g per chip (so 30 for a basic cat or dog custom)
• All prices will go up according to complexity of order, number of edits, and how many changes you request post-finish.

Ordering a custom
• When placing an order, please ensure you provide me with plenty of information to work off of.
• I can reuse bases I've already made, do Cuties inspired by premade cuties, or large edits to the bases provided they don't alter the rarity. ( Check my portfolio )
• You can send premade palettes, but please only do so if you're alright with me modifying hues/adding colors to make everything fit better ^^
• You get two changes to the entire design, then every change after that is 50+g depending on complexity
• Once the design is finished, you can't ask me to change it further
• I will also take design trades!
• Please don't try to haggle on the price I give. There's a reason for each price, and generally getting asked to take the equivalent of $8 down to $7 seems pretty miniscule and pointless.
• I price by how I feel it's worth, and how difficult an edit will be for me. A base with an epic trait(s) can end up being around the same price as a base with non epic traits if I have to modify enough of it.
Ordering a breeding
• Contact me on discord first to yknow get confirmation
• Use the form found here and ping me on the forum
Please let me know if you have a base preference
If it's a one person breeding with 3 or more kids, or a two person breeding with 4 or more kids, I'd like the option to keep a kid if there's one I like, but: unless we're certain I'm going to keep one, please be able to pay the full breeding cost
• For common traits/colors, if you have preferences on what you'd like passed on then let me know! If nothing is said, I'll probably think of an idea and my brain will start zooming on it whether I want to or not
• Any of my cuties are open for being bred!
• I'm more than willing to do breedings where one or more of my kids is the stud, but in that case I ask for a kid if there's more than 1 kid rolled as that is my stud fee

• Starting price for breeding is 400g/480kt per child, and will increase depending on traits, base complexity, design complexity, etc. Usual range in gems is 400-600
----• Note that 600g is usually for legendary breedings with complex designs/traits

Cutie Types
Name: Cat/dog base edits
Rarity (without edits): Common
Price: 390g (300 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Usually edit the lines for the legs/bodies to fit better with my style

Name: Koicats
Rarity (without edits): Common/uncommon
Price: 650 (455 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Listed because they're a specific cat I often get requested to do ^^

Name: Horse/deer/pony base edits
Rarity (without edits): Common
Price: 455 (350 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Still usually edit the legs, but like with the other bases can do otherwise

Name: Rat/lion base edits
Rarity (without edits): Uncommon
Price: 650g (500 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Will likely edit the lion's mane unless a fluffy, huggable look is wanted

Name: Fox/dino/mothie/gryphon/jingle base edits
Rarity (without edits): Uncommon
Price: 715g (550 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Legs will likely be edited to be more slender and fitting with my style

Name: Fennec/snake/whale base edits
Rarity (without edits): Rare
Price: 1075 (850 + 30% cut for kiwi)

• Will only do these of the rare category as they're the only ones I'm comfortable with

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