Lumia (#47906848)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Highland Gem Guardian
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Skydancer
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3.49 m
4.34 m
682.96 kg


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Dec 23, 2018
(1 year)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
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• judge/executioner
xxxTheme song: Two door cinema club - What you know
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Maybe her old clan made a big mistake when they drove Lumia and her lover away, or perhaps it was best for both to let go of the past, and seek something new. It doesn’t change what has become of the skydancer and her mate, nor does it change the fate of the clan they used to live in. While the small spiral mated to the blue skydancer is still angry at their former home for what they did to Lumi, the larger dragon has moved on, and truly let go of her past.

Though she has let go, her personality and morals still reflect her time in her former homeclan.

Lumia was the second born hatchling of a VERY powerful mage, who’s bright, radiant magic rivaled the sun in its intensity and warmth, the stars in their beauty and the moon in its mysteries. He was commonly referred to as the ‘celestial mage’ or ‘the mage of life and death’. The second was due to his ability to seemingly bring people back from the death, travel the spiritual plane and send spirits either to the heavens or the inferno.

While the man was extremely powerful, he was also… irresponsible. He always had to be dragged over to do his duties, bribed into cooperating and threatened to even get him remotely moving. The great ‘celestial mage’ preferred using his near deity-like powers to prank others and have fun over preforming his duties- duties he himself had once happily agreed to do. He thought it was fair that he only did the things he WANTED to do, and disregarded everybody else’s feelings.

Which is also how Lumia and her siblings came to be.

Maybe there was a mate involved, or maybe this is truth, but the rumor goes that Lumia and her two brothers were given life trough a combination of alchemy and the celestial mage’s ridiculously powerful magic. It would explain a lot if that were true, but Lumia prefers to think her father was really just an irresponsible jerk who used illusions to appear more powerful than he really was (She knows she’s wrong but will never admit it).

She mainly hopes this because of what he did to her older brother. The oldest idolized their father, though he wasn't very open about it. He had been the one to teach Lumi all she knew. All her abilties, capabilities and even large chunks of her personality came from him, and she loved her older brother dearly- not just as family, but also as her mentor and close friend.

He had been so excited to tell his father the good news- that Lumi was now as powerful as him, that they both were worthy of praise for all they had done. But the 'great' celestial mage had vanished- only leaving a note telling them 'good luck!' and an egg- from which the youngest would hatch 3 days later.

Her big brother shut down, and became someone focused solely on taking over the many duties their father had abandoned, and Lumi was quick to help, realizing this is the true reason they were born.

While the blue skydancer and her older brother were quick to adjust and learn the ropes of their father’s duties, the youngest of the three did not recieve the care the celestial mage had shown to Arctium, and Arctium had shown Lumi. He was powerful, but with no-one there to praise him or even aknowledge that he was trying his best, he grew to resent this 'great mage' that apparently created him. Lumia and the older sibling managed to talk the younger one down at first, but eventually the youngest's resentment turned to a rage so bad that only the tiniest thing had to happen to send him into a fury.

....And due to how powerful the younger one was, it rarely ended well. The skydancer and her brother were pressured into doing something about their sibling, but when they decided to confront him again he took it as betrayal, and lashed out. The fight between the three of them lasted a surprisingly long time, because despite being outnumbered, the younger one had learned how to play dirty. However despite this he was still no match for his older siblings, and while he gave the oldest a serious injury, Lumia managed to take him down with one of her many arrows.

The youngest was send into exile, and the older ended up recovering, though he now had one normal wing and one skeletal one- held together by nothing but his own magic.

It wasn’t the end of it though- the youngest would cause far more trouble, though not directly.

As time went on the oldest began to show signs of paranoia- he kept trying to talk to Lumia about what they should do if the youngest were to ever return with ill intentions. The skydancer was distant and logical, claiming he wouldn’t since there was nothing left for him there. While initially the blue dragon could calm her older brother, over time his paranoia caused him to seek out the youngest with the intention of murdering him.

The fight between the two was long, bloody and VERY dangerous, destroying many clans and tribes in the process. Nothing could stop the two from trying to destroy each other, and while they both succeeded, there really wasn’t a victor: both had lost their life after all.

After that the ones who had been near the fight, a part of the destroyed clans and tribes and those who had lost loved ones in the chaos were not really happy with the damage Lumia’s clan was supposed to have caused, and they lost all their trading partners and allies in a few weeks.

After that things got worse for Lumia- while she had always worked dilligently the clan was getting really tired of all the trouble her family had caused, and forced her to take on all the tasks her father had once had, without being allowed to have anyone assist her.

Which meant she ran the archives, the nursery, infirmary and had to decide who was allowed to stay and who got exalted.

She had a lot of power, but was generally disliked by everyone, making her a even colder and more logical than she had ever been before. She didn’t do her duties because she cared for her clan or was a hard-working person, she now did them because over time she became someone who was ‘above’ everyone else- an untouchable being that while despised held more power than anyone ‘below’ her.

She didn’t care, it was just who she was.

Until she wasn’t.

Her mate- a spiral who while naive had a mischievous streak to herself- entered the clan just as it had finished rebuilding. Initially her stay was supposed to be temporally, but she stuck around, finding her own place there and not leaving.

Maybe because she had her eyes on that mysterious, blue skydancer.

Since the spiral was initially a guest, Lumia never got to decide whether she would be forced to leave or was allowed to stay, and the spiral herself never seemed to have gotten the memo that the skydancer was supposedly ‘bad’. The younger, more energetic dragon tried to start conversations quite a lot, but was always brushed off or ignored entirely. Lumia had more important matters ot focus on, and this child wasn’t one of them.

Sadly, the spiral ALSO didn’t get the memo that Lumia wasn’t the most social, and her comments went from friendly, to impressed, to flirty. The skydancer didn’t really know how to deal with that, and since she couldn’t really ask other for advice she just proceeded to ignore it.

Up until that point the clan had been ignoring the spiral’s actions, but when she began to help Lumia out they stepped in and told her to stop since the skydancer was ‘A danger around others and should be left in complete isolation outside of her duties’. The spiral ended up hearing the story of Lumia’s father and brothers, and after giving the leader and other very high-ranked members a dead-eyed stare she declared it was stupid and went back to help the skydancer.

After that the clan began to grow restless- could Lumia have the power to mind-control people and take away their free will? Why else would the spiral stick close to her, even when the skydancer was clearly being so cold? A description had been made; Lumia would have to be sealed away for the greater good.

...Which lasted about three days before the spiral managed to break her out and practically forced her to leave the clan, which had apparently relied more on the skydancer than they had been aware of.

It was… strange. Lumia couldn’t wrap their head around this stranger’s actions: why were they doing this? What did she gain from this? Wasn’t she below her- supposed to HATE her? It just didn’t add up. When asked about it the spiral just shrugged and stated they didn’t know.

It was….odd...
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