Alice (#44490207)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Princess Petal Gecko
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Skydancer
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4.24 m
6.68 m
615.06 kg


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Aug 21, 2018
(4 years)



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Level 25 Skydancer
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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

On an evening of Fall rain, a small fire egg had appeared on the front entrance to a small clan's lair in the land of Shadow. A Fae by the name of Melody had found it and taken it in with curiosity, wondering who could have left it here. Due to her lack of experience with eggs or hatchlings, she resorted to handing it to the next dragon she could find available, Micolash. The Wildclaw, however, had the same level of experience as the Fae, so the two were left puzzled on what to do.

The egg began to hatch in Micolash's awkward hold, and within Melody's nervous gaze. When the hatchling broke free of her shell, she saw the two and thought of them as her parents. Intrigued by how small her mother was, the hatchling pounced on her and hoped she'd retaliate and play-fight with her.

Her plans were quickly thwarted, however. Her father quickly picked her up before she could squish her mother, leaving the Fae lying on the ground in an attempt to calm herself from the sudden attack. Distracted by how warm her father was, she quickly fell asleep, leaving herself in the arms of a panicked Wildclaw and the thoughts of a bruised Fae.

Alice was raised in this clan and held a special place in her heart for the dragons she thought were her parents. Although she didn't do any work in the clan, she liked to share stories with the dragons whenever they were on break or in need of a thoughtless but uplifting story. She would always become interested in the books and strange tomes the scavengers found and would find herself entranced with the worlds they formed in her mind.

When she grew up, Alice had found out the truth about herself. She was adopted, and that her "parents" had found her as a stray egg at the front of their lair. Growing up, she had a suspicion about her lineage due to the lack of romantic attraction between her two parents. The news still surprised her, however.

After finding out the truth, she began to feel more and more disconnected from the clan. She still held respect and love for those that inhabited it, but she felt as though it wasn't the place for her. She didn't like the dark and gloominess of the Driftwood Drag her clan called home.

Alice felt as though something was calling to her, something outside the walls of her clan. It began to build on her, and eventually, she decided to do something about it. She packed her books and quill and, after a tearful goodbye with her parents, she left home.

Lore concept above is by RobinsShade! Thank you so much for everything.

The Skydancer never did fairly well in social situations, and can become uncomfortable and overwhelmed in large crowds. She wanders and stumbles aimlessly, and loses focus on where she is trying to go. In her old clan, she would only be able to interact with one or two dragons at a time. If she held the attention of multiple dragons, she would begin to lose her thoughts and be overcome with fear and anxiety.

Because of this, she often shuts herself out from the rest of the world and dives into her studies and writing. Over time, this caused her to lose the will to speak and the ability to interact with others.

After experiencing such loneliness, Alice felt a longing for someone to talk to. She didn't want a large number of friends. All she wanted was a single friend. Her desire burned deep in her heart but was overshadowed by the depression she began to experience the more she was alone. As much as she tried, she could never find the opportunity to find and keep a friend. The people she met would come and go; never to stay in the Skydancer's life.

Her mind works in creative ways; it can think up vast worlds and is capable of creating stories by the minute. However, the quickness of her mind can become destructive to her mental state. She likes to plan and think ahead, and her mind often goes to awful and horrible outcomes to a situation that makes her paranoid to take any action. Some of her thoughts can turn dark and begin to bring her down.

Alice began to break down further, burying her sorrows in her studies, and stained the pages with her tears. In one instance, she finally shattered and let out a cry of despair to the world.

The Skydancer was surprised to find that someone had actually heard her. A brown Coatl dressed in green had found where the Skydancer was in her little studying burrow and decided to investigate. He wore a frown as he inspected the messy lair and the even-more messy dragon that occupied it.

When the Coatl asked the Skydancer on why she was so upset, she explained her entire situation to him, ashamed of her social-laziness and her so-called "lack of attempt", even though it brought her so much misery.

The Coatl was quick to comfort her, reassure her, and attempted to soothe her by declaring that he would be her friend. The Skydancer was doubtful but took him on his offer regardless. She was surprised by the dedication the Coatl had towards her, and her doubts began to wash away the more the Coatl spent time with the Skydancer.

The Coatl rarely left her side. Upon asking if he had a home, the dragon explained that he was a traveler and made whatever he could find his home for that time. After some convincing, he managed to get Alice to set out and explore Sornieth with him and his pet, Lou. She always felt awkward around him due to his smell, but the weird peppy creature is still in her heart.

During their travels, Alice began to see the Coatl in a different light. She began to notice the little things about him and felt drawn to him. Her heart would always flutter and bounce around him, although she wasn't sure why. It wasn't until the Coatl pressed on the topic of possible attractions did she realize her feelings for him.

The two ended up confessing their feelings to each other and found a different type of companionship to have formed between them. Alice felt like she was becoming more like herself again after that. She felt more funny and witty, and although she continued to stumble and slur and stutter, the Coatl was always patient with her and quick to help her if she ever tripped or fumbled.

As her recovery began to show, she also became better with her words. She would make smooth flirts at the Coatl, and make sarcastic or witty jokes. She tells puns the most though, much to the Coatl's dismay.

After a while of traveling, they realized they had seen all of what Sornieth had to offer for them. The wonder they once felt while exploring was beginning to fade, and they realized it was time to find a home. They decided to settle down somewhere, upon Ali's request, in the Starwood Strands. The Skydancer was always fascinated with magic and the whole idea of the Arcane flight.

They found a warm and welcoming clan to take them in, and the two found themselves right at home with the lovely and beautiful lair of the clan. While the Coatl takes up archery and hunting, Alice often naps in the sunlight and writes her stories that are then put in Tianshi's library for other dragons to read. She is quickly becoming a local success, and she's starting to develop better social skills the more she is around her clanmates. She hopes to one day start a family with the Coatl, however, she is unsure of when that day would come.





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