Lunaire (#43806498)
Level 1 Imperial
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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26.55 m
17.49 m
8484.11 kg


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Jul 27, 2018
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245




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xxx • xxx • xxx

code by epher #101073

Born during Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. July 27th, 2018 - Thundercrack Carnival



for now



Nice Words wrote:
@FreohrDatia: ok, this is another super gorgeous skin, and she looks like such a halloween dragon! Her orange colors really help it feel that way as well. That's so symbolic and spooky that she was even born during a blood moon. She's even got the pretty lunar name to match it! I love her theme so much.
She just caught my eye very quickly

@Kasairan: I love this girl! The skin looks amazing, and the apparel is real good to notice her colours underneath too~
KatofCheshire wrote:
-She's not a morning dragon at all, and tends to stay out super late.
-Has a huuuuge weakness for anything soft and fluffy. She has a super secret collect of plushes that no one will ever see if she has her way.
-Likes to look at herself in the mirror. She's very picky about what she wears.
-She'll eat any food in front of her. She says it's to be adventurous and some of the dishes she's tried could make pickier dragons faint.
-Surprisingly into rock music.
"KyuuBird" wrote on "2018-12-20:

Your lovely gal


Has caught the eye of my lunar child~

It was a beautiful night out, with whispy clouds occasionally streaming through the star littered sky, but never big enough to obscure the full moon which shone upon the land of Sornieth. It was magical, truly. The way the moon affected so many dragons in such varied ways...

Lunaire was one such dragon. Born during a blood moon during the Thundercrack Carnevale, She bore the markings to show off such a birthing: coloration resembling the moon which shone upon her hatching, eyes to match her electric element, and a marvellous, mystic plumage upon her back which glowed with the very essence of the moon herself.
And this very dragoness was currently taking a walk by the cliffs, eyes on the sky as much as she could afford (she didn't want to fall off the ledge after all). However, soon enough, a different kind of glow caught her eye; a draconic figure not so far away, likewise looking up at the stars. And Lunaire? She was in utter shock. This dragon... she shone like a star herself! Pelt covered in miniature lights, silks and odd glowing flasks... Lunaire couldn't contain her curiosity.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" She mused, the sociable imperial walking closer to the stunning Skydancer. "So many stars... But, if I'm sincere? I don't think any of them shine quite as bright as you do". A bold move, to be sure, but Lunaire was on cloud 9.
And didn't everyone love receiving compliments?
She hoped so-
"I go by Lunaire. But, may I ask to know your name? I'd like to talk to you a while, if you'd accept that... And I wouldn't want to just call you 'beautiful' all night".
catmeow1 wrote:

A small package drops outside of the door. It’s a small brown paper bag tied with a somewhat sandy rope that’s clearly wrapped around the ends of rose stems. An envelope is tucked neatly in between the rope and the bag. Lunaire didn’t know exactly who this was from yet, but she had a feeling it had something to do with Audora’s letter about something big coming soon, so she had a guess. She took it into her house, and sat down, taking out the envelope and putting it nicely on a nearby table. She took the brown bag off of the stems gently after untying the rope, revealing multiple small pale pink roses that before the bag had been removed had been arranged around a single large, red rose. The rose was a heart rose, and it seemed to be the biggest Lunaire had seen. She sniffed them, and then put the bag, rope, and roses down on the table, and gently picked up the envelope. She opened it and took out a folded letter, dropping small amounts of sand onto the floor. She unfolded it, and began reading, knowing exactly who it was from by her signature slanted handwriting.

Dear Lunaire,
Hi! I’m not sure if this will get to you in time for Heart’s day or not, but i’m still sending it. I’m so sorry if it got sand on something important. I wanted to warn you by writing on the bag, but Crescent said that would be a stupid idea, because they might think it was an address! Don’t worry, Crescent’s only my traveling partner, along with Arcane! (Personally, I think they’re dating. ha!) This week we’re in the sandswept delta, and let me tell you, you do not want to be here. The sun is constantly beating down, the oasises.. oasiss.. oasi? Eh, the multiple oasis out here are usually poisoned because of the serthis population that’s moving in for mating season again. I actually got the roses a while back, when we were in the fields around the area, and Arcane made them stay fresh once I told her I picked them for you. (You don’t mind if they smell slightly like lavender because of the potion, right?) Anyways, Crescent, Arcane, and I are here to collect some things for our craftsdragons at home, but if you ask me, we should just import them. It’s not worth it to send me out here! I’ve got sand in places I didn’t even know I had! Crescent isn’t complaining, but she has to deal with a sandstream on her back all hours of the day no matter where she goes because of that cursed hourglass she carries, so she can’t have an opinion on the matter, Arcane and i’ve decided. I’ve collected some sand from the delta for you for the next time we see each other face-to-face! It’s wonderfully soft, so I collected two bottles of it, one for you and one for me!

I’ve been fine, and I was wondering about you! As soon as I get home, i’m taking right back off, just to come and see you. I’m bringing you some drawings I did of the night sky out here, but i’m still pretty bad at it, so forgive me when the time comes. Actually, every time I look up at the clear sky at night, I kind of wish you were here too, because you can so clearly see the moon in all of its glory. Makes me think of you and when we met. I want to be with you whenever it gets quiet at night. It gets cold at that time, here, and I want to sit with you and be warm and happy.

Unfortunately, it’s not like either of us can teleport, right? The messenger dragon who sent this to you agreed to take a letter back to me if you leave one outside your door within a few days, and i’d love to hear from you(Although i’d much rather hear your voice.) soon!


P.S. Ooo! I almost forgot, even if you don’t write back, the same messenger dragons are going to travel with us and take my letters to you! I hope that’s ok. Yeah there’s two, they’re a tag team who work together every day, so each knows and does the other’s routes if they can’t at the time. Their names are Trace and Kyx(Trace says Kyx’s original name was KeepingYou, but Kyx hates it and they both would have us call Kyx Kyx.) I’m telling you about them because they’ve told me that they’re considering a relationship together when I told them about you and I thought that that was adorable and that you should know. Bye!
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