Sacred (#42626457)
Level 7 Pearlcatcher
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Energy: 0/50
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Male Pearlcatcher
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5.26 m
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438.41 kg


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Jun 18, 2018
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 7 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 654 / 11881


lightshade.png Sacred
Librarian of the Windflower
"You learn more from people than books,
but both can come in handy"

Scolar | Freuchemist | Brave | Adventurous

Physically he is tall and thin. He has shoulder long dark green, medium thick hair that is soft and without any curls. His eyes are bright yellow colour. Though his eyesight is perfect, he sometimes uses glasses because of his freuchemy. His claws are well maintained, as is his mane and tail. He has full control over his tail, and can use it like a third arm if he needs to. His wings are of medium length, and he prefers walking and gliding over full flight. His tattoos are imbedded with metal of many kinds, and serve as metalminds. They were imbedded with a magical ritual that prevents the metal from entering the blood. His pearl is also covered in a thin sheet of metal, which he removes before adding a new layer to the pearl. He then re-coats it and adds to it if needed.

He is a freuchemist, and wear his copperminds on his skin, in apparel and in jewelry. He uses them to store attributes like weight, speed, eyesight and strength for later use. His is a balanced power, meaning if he wants to save up healing he has to spend time being weak and sickly. To store weight, he must be light. Different metals store different attributes. Copper, for example, lets him store memories. His copperminds are the most valuable, as they contain knowlege gathered ftrough thousands of years, told from freuchemist to freuchemist for countless generations. He gladly travel the world to collect wisdom of all sorts that is not yet collected.

His main area of study is religions. Though he believes in none of them, he also believes in them all. He may, seemingly at random, propose a religion to you. He has, however, probably spent a lot of time considering which religion to offer you.

Hatched by Irindi and bought by Lisegathe, who named him Sacred.

926.png Namesake
Named after Sacred sword, a move by the
legendary pokémon Virizion.

Points: 5*******Earned: 2018-06-30

21391.png Fandragon
His personality and abilities are inspired by
Sazed from the Mistborn triology. But as
he is a dragon and this is Sornieth, he is
fertile and loves Leaf.

Points: 10*******Earned: 2018-06-30

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windflower_matchbirth_by_lisegathe-db7a7q6.png 359i9zq.jpg

Template Base by AngelAura. Achievement codes by Treeblood. Biography and badges by Lisegathe. Flags and icons by Osiem.

Sacred was loved by his parents, though they hated his constant nagging about travel and adventures. As freuchemists were growing rare, they felt the best way to preserve their knowledge for future generations was by staying a safe distance away from adventures, and have dragons with knowledge to share come to them. They had Sazed, their firstborne, memorize and store their knowledge in his own copperminds. Metalminds are personal, and can only be used by the person who "charged" them. To all other freuchemists they will be able to store more in them, but not use what is already there. So if a freuchemist dies, their knowledge is lost.

As he grew into an adult, he was finally allowed to leave. The first thing he did was head for the famous Sea of a Thousand Currents, hoping to get a glimpse of a prophecy. He did not, but got a glimpse of a sailboat ready to set sail. The captain seemed to be only one dragon: a red nocturne with waves on his wings. He got curious and went over. "Where are you headed?" And that was the start of his first adventure.

He got new knowledge of fish and the wind, and tasted dishes he had never dreamt of. He learned to sail and he learned to fish, and much, much more. Somethings he already knew from his parents' retellings, butmost were new to him. "What is considered important enough to be passed on by a freuchemist and what is not, varies by the dragon", he thought for himself. He then determined that when he had children, he would repeat all his knowledge to them, so they could decide for themselves what is important. Himself, he would collect and remember everything. During that trip he learned an important lesson: the paperwork of a king is no more importan than the farmer's labour that feeds him.

Borne a pearlcatcher male with mantis wasp, emerald alloy, leaf runes and commonlight eyes, he was my 1st dragon with wasp.


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The lore below is a cooperation between The Windflower clan and The Powergem owned by Aliciaa.

windshade.png The Windflower Clan
Keeper of Legends
"The more you learn, the more you understand
how little you know."

The Solar System

Sometimes the sould of a deceased dragon will force its way to the stars, making it immortal but without a fixed shape. You can see them appearing and dissolvingif you are watching the stars carefully. No one knows what intentions they have, and some believe they are trying to break back into our world.

Above Sornieth, yet still in it, we find a different kind of membrane, or pocket. It houses the embodiment of the Sun and her family. Every day Dawn opens the gate for her oldest sister, and the Sun glides over the world. She is a fierce warrior with red eyes, and scares even the meanest skymonster into hiding. Usually, when she comes home, Dawn has already opened the gate for his sister Selene, who glide silently and unnoticed trough the night sky. Only rarely do the sisters travel the worldtogether, but these times are the happiest. Few dragon can see these dragons for what they really are.

Another such magical pocket, or layer, is that of the gods. This is where they live, train and rule their kingdoms. They can interact with and visit the world at any time, even flying invisibly beside a dragon and guide them toa desired location. They often interact with the Sun's family, who belongs to no god.

Relevant dragons: Zirconis, Helios, Eos, Selene, Moon
, Twizzler

Parallel Universes

Bakus and clearvoyant dragons can see and sometimes enter a parralel universe called the ethereal plane. It has a very flat and misty terrain, in pastel hues. It feels like walking on smooth glass, and can on ocassion be used to fast travel. More divine dragons can see even more universes, though the more unlike Sornieth, the harder it is to interact with them.

Some are quite similar, containing alternative versions of ourselves. The boundaries between these worlds and our own are weakest during a full moon, and highly light reflecting or absorbing substances are the best portals. Mirrors and ponds have often been used in the past. A doorway in a completely dark room works as well, though it is harder to know if you have passed. It is also easier to pass if your other self, on the other side, is in the same mental state or in the same place.

Worlds further away orcompletely unlike ours, like the human world, is barely visible to the best Seers. They can not interract with it, only observe. Few dragons have the stomach to watch so alien worlds for more than a second.

Relevant dragons: MissConception, MissConception, Divine, Firefly, London

Life, Death and the Afterlife

Before you hatch, you feel cramped. You know how to eath the yolk, and how to break your shell. It is instinct. Before this is nothingness. But after you hatch, the world unfolds and you have life. When we die, something else happens. Some of us posess the stars, and some of us floats into the Nothingness, the realm before true death and the Afterlife.

The Nothingness is a place of grays, and souls hang like glowing lights in thin air. A few of the souls are brought back to life by other dragons preforming first aid or healing. A few dragons, mostly spirals or imperials, float between these lights and collects those that have truly died. They are the only bright beings, and their long bodies glide slowly and gracefully past without shoving ony souls to get past. Souls that think specifically about one other dragon, will find themselves floating slowly towards that dragon's soul if they too are present. They can never touch or truly communicate, but feel comfort in being close.

Souls picked by the Nothingness Dragons are transported trough a flicker of pitch black into the Afterlife. No one knows what exactly the afterlife is, or if it is the same for everyone. Divine dragons are the only living who can access them, but there has been cases of living dragons accidentally finding their way into the Afterlife, or more often: getting thrown out. One thing is for sure: there are guards there, and they trow out any non-divine, living dragons. Even divine dragons are only allowed to stay for a limited time, and are watched for the entire stay. No one knows what exactly they are hiding or protecting.

Relevant dragons: Fog, Afterlife

Magic and Knowledge

We use magic for a lot of things: cleaning clothes, heal, keeping dishes hot/cold, speed boosts and so on. Our clan has a lot of dragons from all elements experimenting with the limits of their powers. This had led to groundbreaking discoveries: dragons from all elements can in principle do the same, but they have to do it in different ways. A nature dragons can barely touch a plant with their power, and the plant will grown quickly and thrive. A plague dragon can do the same, but they have to use their magic to kill off the plan's competition and accelerate their decomposition so they can quickly become nutrients for the plant. It will take slightly longer, but the plant will thrive just as well as with a nature dragon's touch. This particular experiment led to an upspring of gardeners from different flights, and a wider and cheaper market for fruits and vegetables, flowers and berries. It also taught many how the sky is the limit and everything is possible if you believe and work hard. It has also been proved that willpower is important for a spell to work.

Scrolls can be made locally and important, but how they are made differs by its purpose. A gene scroll is typically made with parchment, a magical ritual and some necesary items that will be absorbed by the parchment and ritual, the power of it all sealed inside. When it is used, the dragon to be changed will open the scroll, drip a drop of their blood on their paw and press it against the parchment while holding as much elemental magic as they can. The magic willl accelerate the process. A transformation can take from a minute to several hours. It generally takes less time for a hatchling than an adult, but ancient dragons have proven to take about the same time to transform as a regular young adult.

Sometimes you may feel the wind tugging you in a certain direction, of hear it whisper to you. When it does, do its bidding. For if you resist, it will persist. It will be patient, and nudge at you periodically until you submit. It is better to do the Windsinger's bidding asap and be done with it. Sometimes it will slam you off course, or boost your speed so you arrive weeks earlier. It always has a reason.

Prophecies, on the other hand, comes from an unknown place. They sometimes slam into oracles, knocking them off their feet. Other times they come subtly in your dreams, indistinguishable from your common dreams. Some prophecies are of what will happen regardless of if you know it or not, and others are of things that can be changed. Foretellings seem to appear more often in royal bloodlines.

Relevant dragons: Crystal, Watercolour, Filament, Fizzleberry, Pepper, Hime, Ziesler and most carpenters.
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