Clan founder, wish keeper, blah blah blah. I like chicken.
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Creeping Cluster
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Nocturne
This dragon is benefiting from the effects of eternal youth.
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style

Hatchling dragons cannot wear apparel.



Scene: Strange Chests


1.24 m
0.83 m
30.45 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 03, 2018
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 5 Nocturne
EXP: 1803 / 5545
Dark Bolt
Might Fragment


Wish Keeper and Clan Founder

Cheshire kitty by @Azurys


These are just suggestions! ANY gifts are greatly appreciated!
Everything is in alphabetical order.
More or less.

Apparel wrote:
I love to play dress-up so ANY apparel is always appreciated!
Something in a pack? I’d love the individual pieces too!
Advanced Crossbow Aeruginous Tail Tatters Alchemist Eyewear Arcane Aura Ash-Edged Claw Autumn Breeze Autumn Harvest Bracelet Autumn Harvest Goblet Bandolier Barbarous Lion Bewitching Ruby Trunk Bitey Black and Red Bandana Black Bandolier Black-Edged Claw Black Lab Coat Black Protective Eyewear Black Thumb Garden Belt Blithe Mushroom Basket Blithe Mushroom Cap Blithe Mushroom Capelet Blithe Mushroom Collar Blithe Mushroom Frill Blithe Mushroom Overalls Bloodred Kelpie Mane Second-Hand Bandages Bone Antlers Boneyard Bard Boneyard Drape Boneyard Tatters Brass Cornet Bronze Steampunk Tail Bauble Brown Daredevil Cover Brown Plague Doctor Mask Brutal Lion Buccaneer's Cutlass Buccaneer's Eye Patch Burgundy Bandana Burlap Mantle Burrowing Chitin Armor Cairnstone Carry Canvas Bandana Carapace Arm Celestial Attendant Chasm Arctic Gear Cheery Mushrooms Chipper Mushrooms Chrysoberyl Crystal Earrings Cinnabar Enhancements Cleaver Compass Contaminated Halo Contaminated Infectalons Corsair's Eye Patch Corsair's Rusty Cutlass Corsair's Seaspray Kerchief Cranial Hornhelm Crossbow Cultivator's Garden Belt Customized Shoulder Cannon Dark Dinosaur Armor Diaphanous Faerie Kit Dire Casting Dire Kelpie Mane Dour Sailor's Bandana Dour Sailor's Belt Dour Sailor's Pants Dour Sailor's Scarf Dour Sailor's Socks Dour Sailor's Undershirt Dusklight Alchemist Tools Dusty Pauper Gloves Dusty Pauper Knickers Dusty Pauper Locket Dusty Pauper Spats Dusty Pauper Tailtaille Ebony Antlers Eldritch Casting Ember Faerie Kit Enchanter's Cobwebs Envious Eye Earrings Ethereal Flame Candles Ethereal Flame Tail Jewel Ethereal Flame Tail Ribbon Ethereal Flame Wing Ribbon Faerie Thorn Tangle Fiendflesh Terrorbox Fiendish Emerald Trunk Finely Crafted Lute Firebelly Earring Fishbone Earrings Flaxen Unicorn Magic The Forest Rogue Fossil Facsimile Fossilized Fishbone Earrings Friendly Sailor's Bandana Friendly Sailor's Belt Friendly Sailor's Scarf Frigid Fugitive Shackles Frustrating Menagerie Furious Lion Gem Thief Gentle Healer's Kit Golden Glow Alchemist Tools Golden Harvest Bracelet Golden Sage Lantern Gray Plague Doctor Mask Green-Edged Claw Green Protective Eyewear Grim Healer's Kit Grove Faerie Kit Harvest Guise Haunted Flame Candles Haunting Amber Clawrings Haunting Amber Forejewels Haunting Amber Grasp Haunting Amber Nightshroud Haunting Amber Pendants Haunting Amber Taildecor Hazel Harvest Bracelet Heliodor Enhancements Horizon Starsilk Earrings Indigo Harvest Bracelet Indigo Harvest Goblet Infectionist's Armband Infectionist's Crown Infectionist's Emblem Infectionist's Sash Ivory Tail Tatters Jealous Eye Earrings Jolly Mushroom Basket Jolly Mushroom Cap Jolly Mushroom Capelet Jolly Mushroom Collar Jolly Mushroom Frill Kelpie Guise Kusarigama Lab Coat Magician's Cloak Magician's Cobwebs Magician's Hat Magician's Herb Pouch Magician's Staff Malign Intent Merry Mushrooms Mist Crystal Mossy Maze Colony Moss Agate Platemail Murderous Footpads Murderous Gloves Murderous Gambeson Murderous Hood Murderous Presence Murderous Tools Murderous Vial Mysterious Mantle Noxious Colony Obsidian Unicorn Magic Pale Kelpie Mane Paradise Starsilk Earrings Peace Dove Pearl Teardrop Jewelry Box Plague Aura Playful Mushrooms Primal Lion Primary Alchemist Tools Privateer's Seaspray Kerchief Proto Wings Quiet Sailor's Bandana Quiet Sailor's Belt Quiet Sailor's Pants Quiet Sailor's Scarf Quiet Sailor's Socks Quiet Sailor's Undershirt Raider Helm Rattle Snake Raven Sylvan Anklets Raven Sylvan Bracelets Raven Sylvan Dress Raven Sylvan Filigree Raven Sylvan Headpiece Raven Sylvan Lattice Raven Sylvan Twist Raven Sylvan Wings Ravenskull Broadsword Reaper Guise Red Lab Coat Red Mantle River Royalist Tail Rings Rotted Mane Rubber Laboratory Gloves Ruby Daredevil Cover Ruby Starsilk Earrings Runaway Rotclaw Ruthless Claws Ruthless Headdress Ruthless Shoulder Guard Salvaged Shoulder Cannon Sanguine Thorn Tangle Scarlet Faerie Kit Scarlet Unicorn Magic Dragon Scout Sepia-Edged Claw Shabby Suit Shackled Book of Legends Shackled Book of Mysteries Shackled Book of Myths Shadowstrike Shoulder Cannon Simple Copper Bracelets Simple Copper Wing Bangles Simple Copper Wing Cuffs Simple Darksteel Bracelets Simple Darksteel Wing Bangles Simple Darksteel Wing Cuffs Simple Gold Bracelets Simple Gold Wing Bangles Simple Gold Wing Cuffs Simple Harp Simple Iron Bracelets Simple Iron Wing Bangles Simple Iron Wing Cuffs Siren Faerie Kit Skeletal Chimes Spessartine Enhancements Sprightly Mushrooms Sprouting Garden Belt Standard of the Plaguebringer Sunrise Unicorn Magic Supercharged Alchemist Tools Swamp Kelpie Mane Swashbuckler's Seaspray Garb Tan Bandana Tar-Trap Terrorbox Tawny Antlers Temporary Timepiece Traditional Broadsword Twilight Faerie Kit Unearthly Onyx Trunk Unlucky Intent Untamed Claws Verdant Starsilk Earrings Vermilion Harvest Bracelet Violet Daredevil Cover Viridian Tail Tatters Warped Bangles Weathered Tail Tatters White Plague Doctor Mask Wind Aura Witch's Tatters Withering Carousel Bracelet Withering Carousel Bridle Withering Carousel Saddle Withering Carousel Sandal Withering Carousel Tail Twirl Withering Carousel Wing Decor Witty Jester's Motley Wooden Pipeflute

Chains of every kind please. PLEASE.
Creepy-looking apparel
Garden Belts
Riot of Rot apparel (including Spare Inventory)
Torn-looking apparel
Warrior’s Way items
Scrolls and Vials wrote:
Scroll of Eternal Youth Vial of Disjointed Sight Vial of Elemental Sight Vial of Unusual Sight
Scrolls for anyone in this tab. <3
Vial of Rare Sight for Cheshire
Food wrote:
Banded Rattlesnake Honeybee
This Clan Hoards:
Banded Dart Frog Canopy Darter Reedhopper River Warden
Anomalous Frog Dreamwaker Puddlehopper Slimy Delight
Arroyo Toad Brown Spot Toad Toad
I will gladly trade other meat items to save the frogs from being eaten. :(
On the other hand, if you ever need frogs for Baldwin or whatever, I'm your gal.
Familiars wrote:
Cog Frog Disoriented Spirit Fungusbearing Phony Moth Keeper Undying Featherback
For Hibernal Den
Deeprealm Hunter Hydra
Any marketplace, fest, or Coliseum familiars I’m missing in my Bestiary.
I want to earn the craftables and Fiona familiars myself. ^.^
Dragons wrote:
Colors: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, browns. Plaguey colors.
Pearlcatchers with the Glimmer gene, or any plaguey Pearlcatcher. PCs are my favorite. Also Aberrations.
I love plaguey dragons!
Dark Sclera, Multi-Gaze or Primal eyes (esp. Plague or Wind primal). I’m a sucker for Multi-Gaze dragons.
Skins/Accents wrote:
If you look at one of my dragons and think, “Ooh, they would look good with Skin: blah blah blah,” feel free to let me know!
Accent: Heckling Hydrena Accent: Zephyre Fay
Riot of Rot skins/accents
Creepy/spooky/scary skins/accents
Skins/accents with scars
Pretty much any UMA, so long as you don't mind me reselling it or trading it if it's not to my liking.
I prefer accents over skins.
Scenes/Vistas wrote:
Scene: Ancient Harpy Canyon Scene: Arena Scene: Arcanist's Domain Scene: Armory Scene: Autumn Scene: Autumn Storm Scene: Battlefield Scene: Bleached Roots Scene: Dusty Attic Scene: Flamecaller's Domain Scene: Forbidden Portal Scene: Foundry Battle Scene: Foxfire Grove Scene: Ghostlight Ruins Scene: Golem Workshop Scene: Hall of Armor Scene: Harpy's Roost Scene: Plaguebringer's Domain Scene: Port Town Scene: Rocky Refuge Scene: Scorched Forest Scene: Serpent Shrine Scene: Shoreline Serenity Scene: Spring Day Scene: Starksand Dunes Scene: Summer Sunset Scene: Sunparched Prowl Scene: Titan's Fall Scene: Waterway Scene: Webfiend Cave Scene: Winter Night

Vista: Aberration Dragons Vista: Herb Rack Vista: Tinkered Clock
Art wrote:
Any art is appreciated!!
I want at least one art piece for each of my dragons, but I have a lot of dragons.
As a personal policy, Picrew images don’t count as art and will always go last in bios.
Battle wrote:
Random Other Things I’ll Appreciate wrote:
Brilliant Length Chrysoberyl Dusty Canvas Scrap Gelatinous Orb Ruby Ring Salt Sparrow Skull Sticky Webbing Tattered Interloper Scrap
Gilded Decorative Chest Iron Treasure Chest Strange Chest
Please don't send me Strange Chests 3 minutes before rollover on the last day before they disintegrate. I sleep sometimes.
Stuff to Melt
Diseased Fungus Slimy Tusk Tales of Terror
Red Goo Orange Sludge Gold Muck Yellow Goo Yellow Ooze Green Goo Green Ooze Green Sludge Blue Sludge Purple Ooze Purple Sludge Black Slime White Slime
All-Seeing Shroom Catercroak Incense Bowl Cryptic Fungal Textscroll Personalized Incense Bowl Plaguebringer Bone Scrimshaw Rotting Plaguebringer Effigy



Night of the Noct—oh geez. By @Bibbit
Dragons from left to right (by face): @Bibbit’s Cheshire being flattened by @MythDancer’s Butterscotch, who is determined to catch a butterfly; @Dragonsmom’s Kaloki prancing happily (and probably unknowingly) into the fray; @xialys’s Ravenspine trying to figure out how starsilks work; @RosyBoaTea’s Atawhai mourning his spilled tea; @bxsmxth’s Cuddles asking for a cake from @AliceDaRabbit’s Firebutter, who is hesitant to bake due to Sornieth’s high egg prices; @Flitt’s Jevera trying to sell her Vere’s Wares™

Cheshire’s Descent wrote:
Cheshire was hatched on 5/3/18. Never knowing his parents, he trekked all over the Tangled Wood, eventually finding a nice cave on the border with the Scarred Wasteland. He decided to call this place home and start a clan with his mate, Goldilocks.

Cheshire and Goldilocks experimented with genes and breed changes for two years, slowly drifting apart as they became incompatible. Still, Cheshire slowly gathered his genes, transforming into a Mirror and eventually losing his hind legs:
KyuuBird wrote on 2020-01-12 17:11:51:
Calling Cheshire unlucky would be an understatement.
Born as a joyful and healthy Fae of Shadow origins, Cheshire was rightfully named after his prankster nature and wide grin. He wasn't any different from the other shadow dragons, really... Until the incident.
The incident that mutated him in more ways than one would care to call ethical. Much less painless.
Cheshire was mutated into a Mirror after a nasty misstep, which sent him pummeling into a concoction of disease and plague. His transformation wasn't immediate, however, and he spent many days in pure agony as his body stretched and contorted, his entire digestive system changing into a strict carnivore, and so on and so forth. He was in hell, and he wanted it all to stop. He blacked out and fell into a coma for a week.
Upon awakening, Cheshire. Didn't recognize himself at all. What was more, he wasn't in the same spot he had passed out in. No, Cheshire was now in a basin full of water. He was confused, pained, and dazed, and he just wanted answers. Why was he here? Why had the mutation affected him so severely? And.... Why couldn't he feel his legs?
Cheshire gulped, moving his head slowly to look down upon his hind legs.
And saw none.
Only a long, scaled tail, tipped in a fish-like fin. His breathing began to quicken, his heartbeat went mad. What happened to him!?
As it turns out, Cheshire's hind legs had been massacred during his dive into the plague. They had mutated badly, fusing together instead of into hind Mirror limbs. They had fused with his tail and instead of paws, he gained fins.peehaps the basin of water he was in was responsible for this aquatic variation of his mutation? Perhaps someone had purposefully placed him there, in an attempts to save his remaining chances of survival?
Whatever the case may be, Cheshire how bears a tail. He cannot run, he can barely walk- yet alone fly. But he's becoming eeriely majestic while swimming, and a top notch predator in the water. That being said, he'll always try to eat bugs before meat still... He's not quite fond of blood and sinew.

Gosh- hope it's okay!! I might've gone a bit overboard-

He hung out for a bit looking like this:
Accent: Maren Warrior

But he didn’t feel like he fit in.
On 8/9/20, he stole hundreds of the Clan’s gems to get a Scatterscroll...
...and omg. He turned out PERFECT.

Still, that same day, Cheshire decided to become a completely new dragon. He stole the rest of the Clan’s gems (except one lol) to purchase a breed change scroll and a ghost gene scroll, and he turned out like this:
Honestly at this point he’s just glad he has his hind legs again.

On 11/10/20, @FoxyCipher gifted me a Vial of Scattersight, and his eyes have been transformed to... uncommon. -_- Maybe next time, me. Maybe next time.

Finally, the stress of running a Clan caught up to Cheshire and he babyfied himself.
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