Feldwen (#40342404)
Level 1 Spiral
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Colorburst Buttersnake
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Energy: 45/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Spiral
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3.01 m
2.18 m
70.4 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 23, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Messenger and Gift Bringer

Last edit : July 09th 2020

Useful items wrote:
About Food
Currently looking for :
Food is always a great gift for my big clan ! The food they eat the most is plants (because of my dozillion tundras), but at the moment I could use all type of food.

Hibernal Den
I'm currently looking for the items for my last 10 tasks ! :D

What I collect wrote:
I like a lot and will always be happy to receive :
As everybody, art ! :3 I can't have enough art for all my dragons.
Books apparel ! I'd like ALL of my clan members to hold a book !
Serthis and Harpy Familiars (and in fact any Beastclan). I LOVE THEM. They are trying to make an independant clan inside my hoard :p
Apparels : The Flame apparel sets ; the Sage apparel sets (especially lanterns) ; the Sylvan jewelery sets (especially siren and grove) ; the magister regalia sets
And I collect Mages, Sorcerers, Wizards, Healers, etc apparel. All of them.

Things I hoard :
Books, paper, quills and ink, and like all wind dragons, feathers, maps and compasses ! I also like nice gemstones.
I am also too in love with Serthis, Harpies, Raptoriks, and cats familiars for my own good.
You want to make me happy but you think you have nothing that can interest me ? Give me a Serthis Loremaster are a Serthis Archivist.
My lair is a home for peaceful Serthis, and our mages and scholars would be happy to discuss magic with them. We also gladly welcome harpies that want to give up the mask of war for the artist's tools.

My favorite FR Thing
I'm into accents! I'd absolutely love to get past festival ones :3
A few tips bout my tastes :
-My favorite aesthetics are Light, Arcane, Wind and anything magical.
-My least favorite aesthetics are Plague and Lightning.
-I prefer accents over full bodies but I could use some very pretty ones
-I'm interested in a female Spiral Accent that would cover the belly for Cidulae.
-I am not especially looking for UM Accents, but I do love the ones gifted to me :3
-I joined FR in March 2017. So I don't own any of the festival skin/accents and apparel before then.

I'm currently especially looking for :

Nightingale (Trickmurk Circus 2018) (because I FORGOT to buy it even if I bought Arlian especially to wear it)

Apparel Wishlist wrote:

Festival Apparel

Currently looking for
All of them except 2018's and 2019's, the Surgestream Coat (2016 Lightning), the Starlight Cloak (2016 Arcane).
I own all the recolors available in Joxar but will always be happy with :

I'd really love to have these :
: for Luxifer !
: for litteraly everyone - I can always use more of those balloons, for some clan members
: for Lothis (meant to be her Charge)
Those ones are just too cool not to mention them :

Dream apparels :

I love and will be happy to own several of :

but I already have one and it's not a priority c:
a HUGE thanks to TsarinaTorment during Halloween Harvest 2019 !

Books and mage sets

I'm currently looking for the following mage sets :

I love glasses and monocles !

I collect books ! A book is sure to make me happy !

All of them, especially :

All the elemental tomes :

Canes : they make for perfect mage staves, so I need a lot of them !

Magister Regalia Apparel
This are cool mage stuff ! Any of the set is fine :D

Marketplace items
Nothing left thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Gem items

I would be interestest in the minstrel sets (musical, canorous, harmonious and melodious) but as they're expensive in gems AND cycling I'm not actively looking for them. I have no specific project for them.

Apparel projects

Pinky, Joybringer

Xajam, the Artifacts of the Mage

Familiar Wishlist wrote:

Currently looking for

My dragons need :
none for now, Saphire6Luna wiped out my wishlist :p

I lack these (either coli fams of fams I don't know where to find) :

Marketplace exclusive :

Treasure Familiars
None left thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Gem Familiars

(I know what you're doing there S6L. So I put them on different lines so you can erase one line by one line :p)

Boss familiars :

Night of the Nocturnes :

Golem Workshop :

Recently added familiars :
None for now !

And of course :

Swipp Familiars
(need to check this)

Kickstarter and retired Familiars
Of course, I don't own any of the kickstarter familiars.
I already have a Loga but no other of the retired gift familiars.
I own all of the special familiars from 2017.
I own all of the past festival familiars except imposters bears and sprites.

Dream Familiars

Sprites :
All of them (except Wind, which I won in a raffle for the Mistral March 2020 wind art event :3)

Bears :

Baldwin stuff wrote:

Because of the festival brews, I'm always short on and will always be happy to receive any amount of :

For my gene projects, I need :

Any amount in these would be a great help c:

Genes and Breed changes Wishlist wrote:
Most of the genes I need to buy now are gem genes because I have luxury tastes ^^' If you want to help any gem would be appreciated c:

Breed Changes

Nocturne Scroll x3
Feldwen, Ezechiel, Edward
1 have been obtained thanks to a Halloween Harvest treater : Celebration c:
1 have been obtained during Night of the Nocturnes : Lloyd
1 have been gifted by the amazing Saphire6Luna : Gwynt

Bogsneak Scroll x4
Cadrance, Hellyzabeth, Selis, Merry

Wildclaw Scroll x1
1 have been obtained thanks to a Halloween Harvest treater : Meliec c:

Coatl Scroll x1

Skydancer Scroll x1

Pearlcatcher Scroll x1

Genes Scrolls

I'll always need a runes gene scroll ! It's my absolute favorite, more than half of my huge clan have it ^^'

Baldwin Genes

Pinstripe x1

Trail x1

Slime x4
Tagora, Edward, Hellyzabeth, Selis

Sludge x2
Tagora, Selis

Or for these two, the slime familiars needed for the brew :

Capsule x1

Treasure Genes

Striation x1

Runes x3
Cidulae, Ezechiel, Felix

Spines x1

Gem Genes

Iridescent x3
Sedewus, Nyxis, Eole

Shimmer x2
Sedewus, Nyxis

Wasp x1

Bee x3
Shiai, Elithe, Ebrys

Starmap x5
Vyweg, Hylean, Emberyl, Vega, Ebrys

Constellation x3
Hylean, Vega, Larunisolvai

Glimmer x1

Filigree x3
Amaziel, Elithe, Ebrys

Battle Items wrote:
My new battle team is ready ! But I'm willing to train one more (guard guides and Aldane), so any spare Berserker and Ambushes are welcome.


Nobody really know what Feldwen is doing in the clan.
In fact, he himself doesn't know....
He came in, all alone, and wandered around the clan... we looked for his parents : from a nearby clan, they said he was perpetually trying to escape... and then looses himself, or came back after a short time, as if nothing happened... like if he wasn't very sure of what he was doing. We propose to keep him with us.

For now, he helps in the air balloons.

He has a strange buttersnake friends that changes colours in a glimpse.

He became friend with Arcturus, and began to follow him as he occasionnaly delivered messages and gift in the clan. he began to get closer to Amaziel too, and finally, the engineers crafted him his own little baloon for him to deliver packages in the clan. That's how Feldwen became the postman in the clan.
He proved himself being very gifted to remember who was expecting what for birhtday or gift...

Companions :


Adopted during Mistral Jamboree 2018.

Gene Project :



Idea ?

Breeding project :

Looking for a mate Iridescent/Bee/Filigree

Wondsong/Skysong or almost
Seafoam (or robin--> jade) / Any blue or green (or Spring) / Aqua (or any blue)

for example :

This dragon would be my thanks dragon, to hoard in her bio all the finished projects and gift thanks !

Last edit : Ferbruary 09th 2020
Hibernal Den wrote:
A big thanks to eeeeel who gifted me some hibernal den items ! And to Saphire6Luna for gifting me familiars !

Special Thanks to wrote:

Saphire6Luna and Idha, my wonderful friends who helped me complete so much of my outfits !

And a super extra nice random gifter (who deserves all the best) for giving me these :

And another super nice random gifter (you guys are amazing seriously, the world needs people like you !) for giving me these :

And the wishlist fairy for bringing me the whole ember sylvan set ;w; now there is a small altar to the wishlist fairy in my clan

And my AWESOME friends Saphire6Luna, Kraalion, Idha and Eyra2Milander who helped me during the sumer 2018 Push WindvsWater : thanks to their help (special mention to Saphire-Luna and her amazing working with hatchlings and training !!). They allowed me to buy thanks to the reduced prices a lot of genes !

And I would like to especially thank Dracowolf for gifting me the CORGI Arcturus needed to be a real wind rep ! (and also fullfilling my elemental acolytes collecton with the Plague one)

I would also like to thank eeeeel for gifting me so much amazing things during Mistral Jamboree 2019 !

I'd like to thank the amazing Hoatzin for random gifting me the Gustborne Ballon !

And I'd like to thank a lot the people who gifted me UM accents !

Also the amazing person who gifted me these past fests accents :

by eeeeel

Completed Apparel Projects ! Big Thanks ! wrote:

Jadis, Queen of Clouds :
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire-Luna !

Jarvyana, Vampire Queen :
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire-Luna !

Lothis, Genious Mage :
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire-Luna and Idha !

Aemyth, Night Rogue :
Successfully realized thanks to Idha and Saphire-Luna !

Elithe, Desert Merchant Prince
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire Luna and the Wishlist Fairy !


Thystae, Steampunk Elf Princess
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire Luna and the Wishlist Fairy !


Ealynis' Lost Arcana -
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire Luna

Lysang, Forest Warrior
Successfully realized thanks to Seonais from the Trick or Treating Take II Event !

Meredith, Ribbon Mystic :
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire Luna and random giters !

Amaranth, Tree Warden
Successfully realized thanks to Saphire Luna !

Vaenta and Aelys, Pirate Guise Crew
Successfully completed thanks to a lot of gems to pay for these pirates sets :p

Naaul's Solar Flames
Succesfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Honersean, Lich King Armor
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Confidence, Solar Guard Guide
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Celebration, Gilded Guard Guide
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Radiance, Scholar Guard Guide
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Staog's Mechamedic Tools
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Jium, Mage Gear
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna !

Sezzarha, Masqued Ball Designer
Successfully completed thanks to Saphire6Luna and Kraalion !
Completed Familiar Sets ! Big Thanks ! wrote:

Gained them all thanks to Joxar !

Successfully achieved thanks to Saphire-luna and Kraalion !

Bears : successfully achieved thanks to Saphire6Luna !
Names : Wind, Nature (Timber Tender), Earth (Cragbacked Bouldursa), Light (Sunbeam Ursa), Lightning (Livewire Grizzly), Plague (Graveyard Guardian), Fire (Magma Embear), Ice (Polarfreeze Defender), Shadow (Murktooth Bramblekeep), Water (wavebreak snarler), Arcane (hibernal starbear)
Elemental Acolytes
Successfully achieved thanks to Saphire-luna and Dracowolf !

And a BIG HUGE GIGANTOUS thanks to my friend Saphire Luna for completing half of my random familiar wishlist XD
Edit February 2020 : I mean, completing almost all my missing fams, and giving me all the menagerie apparel (all cats. all birds. all snakes. Seriously, girl.)
And also making me catch up with all the Baldwin familiars. Yes, all of them.

Finished Gene Projects wrote:
Finished Gene projects :

G2 - Jadis, Queen of Clouds
Iridescent, Runes and Bee

G1 - Xelis, Solar Herbalist
x1 Runes; x1 Tapir, x1 Striation

G1 - Hylean, Windy Engineer
x1 Runes, x1 Striation, x1 tiger

Regeneing - Sendyr, Explorer Mage
Skink, Spinner, Runes

Adriel : x1 breed change Skydancer, x1 Laced, x1 edged, x1 Firefly

Alhocca : x1 Firefly

Mistral Jamboree 2019
  • Feldwen : x1 Filigree
  • Vaenta : x1 Wasp
  • Lloyd, x1 Iridescent
  • Suiyel, Scaleforger Blacksmith - x1Savannah
  • G1 - Helianemos, Heir of the Stars and Wind : x1 Skink, x1 Striation, x1 Runes, x1 Breed Change Nocturne
  • Catheire : x1 tapir, x1 stration
  • Eidvi, Plague Chose One : x1 Iridescent
  • Wulcar, The Colour of Flames: x1 Noxtide
  • Hektabori, Plague Representant : x1 Striation
  • Umbrale : x1 Noxtide
  • Xajam : x1 Breed change Guardian
  • Regeneing - Azeblade Overcoming Life : Lionfish, Noxtide, Firefly (firefly obtained thanks to Saphire6Luna !)

    Vial of Darkened Sight x1
    For Rubyus
    Successfully done thanks to Saphire6Luna !

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