Mordekai (#40275548)
Level 1 Imperial
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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31.8 m
15.32 m
6148.93 kg


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Mar 21, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


Born as a son to Imperial Royalty with a guardian spirit looking after them, Mordekai had lead a sheltered live. Still he felt that something was missing, something wasn't right. After talking with his parents and the Ancient that protected them for so long already and after preparing as much as he could, he left his home to travel the world and search for what he felt missing.

His path leading out of the Southern Icefield over the Frigid Floes towards the Windswept Plateau with a short visit of the Starwood Strand. Wandering the Zephyr Steppes for a while, he follows the Sea of Thousand Currents around, staying in the Tsunami Flats longer than he expected, but he enjoyed the peacefulness here.
The reason for it was someone he met, a male Guardian (Tarnish/Teal/Turquoise or Sable/Tuquoise/Turquoise) with just a stubble for a beard. At first he wasn't sure if it was just an unlucky fellow, but he seemed happy enough and after getting to know him, he found out that in fact the guardian was a transgender. Born a female he always felt something wasn't right and after finding his charge, a maren oracle, and talking with him he found that the thing that wasn't right was his gender. To his own surprise his change was quickly accepted by his clanmates and the school of marens he looks after.
Tinuvial, the Guardian, at one point suggested that maybe Mordekai was feeling the same way as him, not right in his own skin, and the following days he thought about it, wondering himself if his friend was right.
He was right. When she accepted that, she felt.. relieved, like a burden did fall off her shoulder, it felt natural, just right. To celebrate Tinuvial gifted her an ash lace collar and with great joy she wore it still to this day.

Eventually she left the Tsunami Flats, wandering north along the coast, seeing the Sunbeam Ruins from afar and leaving the water territory when she came upon the shadow islands. She didn't had to go far to come across the first prank, a harmless one sticking black feathers on her body with honey, and she was able to wash it off pretty easily, though she liked the feathers and kept them. The next trick upon her was one that got out off hand before she even came upon it. Some shadow dragons, a Tundra, a Nocturne and a Mirror by the looks of the bodies, had the great idea to try to trap a Somber Spirit to let loose on unsuspecting travellers. Just this one broke free early and took out at least part of his trappers, before it attacked Mordekai the second its hollow eyes set on her.
Never fought before, never had to, she froze up in fear of this unknown monster, stumbling over her own feet and only escaping death by the sheer luck of falling down enough that the spirits claws just broke off part of one of her horns. As it bit down, chewed on it, it gave her enough time to finally built the thought to flee and command her feet to move. Pale as the moonlight above she high tailed it out of there, ran as fast as her feet would carry her, the woods above her becoming thicker and thicker, making it hard for her to fly. And in the next moment it became impossible as the Somber Spirit had catched up and hit her wings, the pain ringing through her body, shooting hot white tears in her eyes as she loosed her footing, the ground underneath her suddenly rolling down a steep hillside, her body following gravity against her will. Many bushes and small trees broke under her weight, scratching up her skin, bruising it before a tall tree stopped her fall.

She had no idea how long she layed there, awaiting her death, her senses giving out, blackening out every so often. Maybe it was for the best? She felt so much pain already, too much, and then it was quiet, so, so quiet.

The next time she opened her eyes, she wasn't in the woods anymore, instead stone walls, finely carved and illuminated by torch light greeted her sight. The smell of a freshly cooked meal hit her nostrils and the warm sensation of a blanket on her back and the pressure of bandages brought back what had happened to her.
"Oh, you're awake. Slow now, you're safe here. I'm Esh, a doctor." ]A steel-coloured guardian came into sight, his eyes hidden behind glasses and under a hood, but he eminated a calming aura and she relaxed. "One of our warriors found you and brought you back here. You were bleeding a lot, your wounds were grave, nearly lost you, but we were able to keep you here. Don't worry about the pain for now, I've given you some medicine to numb it. Though I HAVE to ask you to not leave, the medicine will cloud your judgement for a while." She only nods and soon sleep took her again.

After a few weeks she was finally allowed outside, first under supervision, then alone and she got to know the dragon that had saved her live and the clan that had been accommodating her. She liked it here, noone seemed to be bothered by her using female pronouns for herself and it wasn't like she was able to travel far anymore with her tattered wings.
To hide the ugly scars she surprisingly got a gift from Aridatha, an enchantment who disguised her wings as black feathered ones. When she asked how she knew, she simply pointed to the feather armband Mordekai was wearing.
They started talking more and Aridatha eventually showed her how to do enchantments, how to prepare the materials and inscribe the runes without destroying it. It didn't took long for Mordekai to realize she developed feelings for the other Imperial and true to what Tinuvial taught her, she confessed as soon as she was sure that she was serious about this. Aridatha was surprised, staring at her quietly for a long moment, and accepted.

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