Level 25 Imperial
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Flora Cerdae
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Imperial
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Gossamer Silk Veil
Pristine Rose Thorn Crown
Pristine Rose Thorn Collar
Pristine Rose Thorn Wing Tangle
Respectable Alabaster Bodice
Gossamer Arm Silks
Pristine Rose Thorn Gloves
Gossamer Leg Silks
Pristine Rose Thorn Stockings
Pristine Rose Thorn Banner
Respectable Alabaster Knickers
Gossamer Tail Bangle



Scene: Lightweaver's Domain


20.61 m
21.61 m
8488.97 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 08, 2018
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level




  • none


Hi, I'm Silver and I collect orphans, elders and other miscellaneous dragon oddities. Talk to me about dragons (duh), Pokémon, art, D&D, and whatever else floats your boat.

If you're here, you've probably clicked the link on my profile page that says to read my FAQ before messaging me. I know this is long and most people won't actually bother with all of it, so instead just read over the questions and see if there's anything that applies to what your message would be about, then see my answer for that section. This will help us both save time!

Q0: What are the things I can ALWAYS message you about?
A0: Plenty! You can send me a profile comment or a PM anytime for any of the following reasons:
  • Random conversation
  • Letting me know about one of my dragons being featured on the front page
  • Asking me about my offsite profiles such as streaming, socials or Discord
  • Art commissions
If your message is about something else, keep reading, I've probably already answered it. If there's nothing in this FAQ about what you want to ask, the best way to contact me is via PM, but profile messages are fine if it's short.

Q1: Can you help me auction [INSERT SOMETHING HERE]?
A1: Sure! Head over to my auctioning services thread for details. Please don't send PMs concerning auctions, just post in the thread instead. This also applies to price checks.

Q2: What's with all the Glitter dragons? Are any of them for sale?
A2: Glitter is my default name for exalt fodder that doesn't come pre-named. All dragons found in the YEET tab of my lair or the Fodder tab of my hibernal den can be rescued for a flat price of 20kt/g each, or 30kt/30g during dominance battles. If you want one (or more), send a CR with the needed amount and the ID of the dragons you want. If I see it on time before they're exalted, I'll send them to you. You don't need to PM me before doing this; in fact, please don't PM at all, because I'm a lot more likely to miss a PM sale request than a CR.

Q3: I'm the original owner of one of the Glitter dragons you bought. It was mispriced. Can I have it back for the original purchase price?
A3: No; all fodder dragons are priced as indicated in Q2/A2. The FR rules concerning dragon ownership clearly state that once the dragon is in my lair, I can do as I like with it, so please don't message me asking for a discount because you won't get one.

Q4: What about dragon trades? Will you swap a fodder dragon for another?
A4: No. If you want a fodder dragon, buy it.

Q5: I don't want my dragons' kids to be named Glitter / I don't want my dragons' kids to be exalted!
A5: Send me a rename scroll and specify the ID of the dragon you want me to change the name of, and optionally which name you want it changed to. If the issue is that you don't want them exalted, then refer to Q2/A2 to buy them back.

Q6: Is [INSERT DRAGON HERE] for sale?
A6: My dragons for sale are listed in the dedicated lair tab. If they're not there, the general rule of thumb is:
  • If they're scatter projects (wearing Marva's Invisibility Cloak), they're probably not for sale, but they may be for trade for similar dragons;
  • If they're gene projects (undressed and ungened), it goes on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to ask;
  • If they're already dressed and fully gened, it's unlikely I'll part with them, but you're still welcome to message me if you believe you have an offer I absolutely can't refuse. Do note that some dragons have sentimental value, though, so I may still decline even amazing offers purely because I don't want to sell them.

Q7: Okay, so there's a dragon you have for sale that I want. Will you haggle down its price / take mixed currency / accept items?
A7: Generally yes, send me a PM and we'll work something out.

Q8: Can I offer you [INSERT DRAGON HERE] in a trade for one of your dragons for sale?
A8: If I have a dragon on the AH, I'm highly unlikely to accept trades for it. I'll consider only if the dragon being offered is significantly higher in value, but even then my preference is for pure currency.

Q9: How do you make money on this site?
A9: Pretty much like everyone else does; Glimmer and Gloom, exalting lots of fodder, brewing genes, and the occasional art commission. I do auctions more for fun and to help people than for the money.

Q10: Do you accept random friend requests?
A10: No, I prefer my friend list to include people that I actually talk to on a regular or semi-regular basis, but you're more than welcome to send me a PM to strike up conversation about whatever you like! If we make friends this way, you can add me afterwards.

Q11: Why have you removed me from your friends list? I did nothing wrong!
A11: I only remove people from my friends list if we haven't talked in so long that I forget who they are, or how we know each other. This can also happen if someone changes their username and profile to a degree that's significant enough for me to not recognise them, unless they've told me about the username change beforehand. If you believe I've removed you in error, just send me a new friend request.

Q12: I sent you a PM a few days ago and you haven't responded yet. Why?
A12: The possible reasons depend on the nature of the message:
  • Conversational PMs take me a bit to reply to; I have erratic online hours due to what I do in real life, and I need some time to sit and think of a proper response that isn't just "hi howzit". This can sometimes take several weeks, but if it's been more than a month since your last message and you haven't heard from me, feel free to poke me just in case I've forgotten;
  • If it's about auctions, I now only take applications through my auctioning services thread, since it was becoming hard for me to keep track of arrangements and pricing via PMs. If you want auctioning help, please post there instead of sending me a PM;
  • I won't respond to people who thank me for buying their (fodder) dragons, or who ask me about fodder discounts or fodder trades. These topics are covered here for a reason.

Q13: I'm going to block you because I hate you!
A13: That's fine, though I do appreciate when people tell me why they block me before they do so, if nothing else to give me a chance to clear up what could have been a simple misunderstanding.
(I know several people would rather block me over auction mispings than tell me that I mispinged them, and I don't get why. It's way more productive for both parties if I'm notified of the mistake, so I can pay more attention next time.)

Q14: I've seen a lot of offsite drama surrounding you. Are all those things true?
A14: I try my best to debunk myths; a few of the callouts I've received were pretty distorted versions of the actual events. I typically act in good faith and with no ill intent, so if I've done something that has upset you personally, I've likely done so (a) without meaning to, (b) because I didn't realise that my intentions could be misinterpreted, or (c) because English isn't my native language and my usage of it is far from perfect (see: misunderstandings). PM me if you feel offended by something or want an explanation.

Last but not least, a record of people who have left kind messages for me, no matter how long or short!
And my FR presence in a nutshell:

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