Level 1 Guardian
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Seething Stove
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Guardian
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Personal Style


Pretty Aqua Neck Bow
Midnight Sandwastes Vest
Humble Apron
Weathered Leather Skullcap
Humble Towel
Wooden Tankard
Nightglider's Arctic Coat
Tanned Rogue Tail Binding



Scene: Roadside Tavern


20.53 m
15.35 m
6962.29 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Feb 25, 2018
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245





The Innkeeper

Horn of Plenty
Crusty Copper Pot
Damaged Battlehorn

Powell is the proud proprietor of the Froslands' oldest and most popular inn.

Personality and Relationships:

Powell is a friendly, jovial dragon who likes to make others smile. He always has a good story to share, often picked up from one of his loyal patrons the previous night over last call. It is rare that a dragon is able to coax a story from his own past, however; as a pacifist now, Powell does not like to reflect on his history before joining the Frostguard. It wouldn't make for a very cheerful story, and he does like to keep his inn's atmosphere happy.

His good nature should not be mistaken for weakness. Few dragons have tried to cross Powell, either by starting a bar fight or harassing his staff, but the rare drake that tries will find themselves swiftly thrown out the door, a bruised ego from Powell's chewing-out, and a bruised body from his staff who haven't sworn themselves to peace.


Powell's tavern started life as the Frostguard's common room. As a pacifict, when Powell joined the Frostguard he wanted to be of use without joining the fighting, so he decided to focus on morale instead. With the help of a few volunteers, he was able to convert the disused space of scattered chairs and grumbling soldiers into a much warmer, cheerful space... Of chairs and grumbling soldiers. As is the nature of any good inn. Once word spread through the Frostguard that the higher ups were funding the food and drink, Powell's little pub became the most popular part of the Frosthold, particularly in the evenings. He played host to commanders and foot soldiers alike, and enforced a strict table-sharing policy to keep the superior officers from growing distant.

Once the clan expanded into the Froslands, Powell opened his business to the public. Food and drink is still subsidised for members of the Frostguard, as are nearly all essentials in the Frosthold, but Powell is so beloved that they throw in a tip anyway.


Powell loves too cook in his time off work, and will often use his free time to create new recipes. Unfortunately, his recipe book is also his Charge, so he refuses to share them except with a few of his most trusted friends and family.



Roghi is a rich, thick stew of meat and root vegetables traditionally cooked at the start of the Winter in a large batch, which is continuously topped up throughout the season. It has a dark, earthy taste and is best paired with thick rye bread to cut through the oily texture. Every family has their own Roghi recipe, which they will readily give out to even strangers with the insistence that it is the ‘best version’ of the dish. Due to the ranging variety, most restaurants have adopted a generic recipe known as Vwhierne Roghi ('All Roghi') to ensure that all of their customers are pleased with the dish, or at least know what to expect if they order it. Largely, Roghi will only be ordered by tourists as most locals prefer their own family’s recipe, and anyone staying with Frosfoen will likely be fed enough Roghi at home to be sick of the dish by the end of their first night in the Froslands.

Arctic Scrub Groundfrost Grasses Bell Fungus Dryad's Saddle Bundle of Haunchmeat Stomper Haunch Snowfall Elk Ear Grassland Grain Turnip Potato Onion Gradish Woodland Acorn

Bitter Pie

Bitter Pie is made using over-ripe Bittercrisp apples, nuts, seeds, spices and honey to combat the bitter taste of the apples and highlight the dark tones of the dish. It can be paired with cream or eaten as it is, though the latter option is reasonably unpopular. The dish is typically made at the end of Autumn, when the Bittercrisp apples start to ferment.

Bittercrisp Apples Acorn Maple Seed Cinnamon


Fliffer is made using seal flipper that has been braised until it's soft enough to tear by hand, then stuffed with caramelised wild onion and chestnuts. Its name comes from its popularity among hatchlings, who often have trouble pronouncing 'Flipper', and instead call it 'Fliffer'.

Maned Seal Flipper Vegetable Oil Wild Onion Mire Chestnut

Front Lunch

Warden's Lunch, better known among soldiers as 'Front Lunch', is a popular lunchtime dish as old as the Froslands, derived from the rations that troops would receive while fighting on the Front against the monsters from the Breach. Typically it consists of dried meat or fish, a trailmix bar, soaked grain, and native roughage such as scrub or the tundra cactus.

Dried Fish Dried Jerky Arctic Scrub Tundra Cactus Berry and Nut Trail Bar Grassland Grain


Kotec is the Froslands' signature drink. Made from fermented Greenpod Blooms and infused with crushed Mire Chestnut flowers, this thick beverage has a softly sour taste similar to coconut milk with a bitter, cocoa-like bite at the edge. Puckerberries might also be used to sharpen the taste, though this is typically only added alongside a variety of nuts to keep the subtle flavours from being lost; this blend is referred to as Kotruog, and is traditionally served during the Crystaline Gala.

Greenpod Bloom Mire Chestnut Puckerberries

Brittle Bug Broth

A dish popular among bug-eating dragons, Brittle Bug Broth is known for its tangy flavour and its ease of preparation. Some hypothesise that this dish came about when the Frostguard's chefs, who catered for the entire army, became sick of the finicky and arduous task of peeling Shellbugs and started throwing them in whole. It proved popular enough, particularly among the Fey, to become ingrained in the Froslands' eventual culture, though despite being a staple in any traditional cookbook it is considered highly polarising in preference.

Bluetipped Shellbug Common Shellbug Grassland Grain Potato Onion Vegetable Oil

Sundown Stew

This dish, though not an actual stew, is most commonly eaten during the darker Winter months when there is little sunlight and dragons are forced to rely on their preserved stores and whatever will grow in the harsh conditions. Typically it consists of a rough-chopped mix of fried mushrooms, onions, nuts and rice.

Hatchlings rejoice at the first serving and its fried flavours, but parents will soon hear their complaints as the hatchlings grow impatient for the new treats brought by Spring. Though many young dragons claim to hate the dish by the end of the long Winter, they are quick to forget this in the warmer months that put healthy greens onto their plate.

Bell Fungus Wild Onion Woodland Acorn Vegetable Oil

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