Keahi (#39482839)
Level 12 Skydancer
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Teardrop Owlynx
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Energy: 43/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Skydancer
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3.27 m
3.76 m
385.32 kg


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Feb 14, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 12 Skydancer
EXP: 11458 / 38956



• K E A H I •


  • Name pronunciation: < Keh-AA-(H)Hiy >
  • Hatchday: Feb 14, 2018
  • Original clan: Fire
  • Parents clans: Father - arcane Skydancer // Mother - ice Imperial
  • Came to clan: was taken in Feb 14, 2018 (spraybottle)
  • Coliseum-Team: Leader: Halima // Teammate: Tengen
    39500553.png -//- 20109676.png


Right after Keahi joined the clan, she was already spotted by the 2nd coliseum group. So, the future of the young dragon was set in stone. But one instantly noticed that the Skydancer would need time to adjust to the idea of becoming someone who provides the whole clan with materials and foods while ’not’ being part of the main team.

So she rebelled, disappeared for some time and then coming back with eggs of her own. It wasn't like she just wanted the little ones to defy Fawn--who was still the group leader at that time--and Tengen. After having her very fist nest, Keahi noticed she really loved being a mother. Still, she had a plan.

As the Skydancer was someone, who always strived for perfection with every act she committed herself to, she would not allow anything to get between her and the task she was about to pursue. Whatever she was doing, it had to be done nicely, perfectly without even the smallest part to be messed up. Woe betide anyone who dared to annoy or cross her! Keahi always easily lost her temper. It is said, whenever Keahi overreacted she'd make a thunderstorm out of a any little breeze.

So, what was her plan? She wanted to have one child of hers in the entourage of each and every deity before committing herself totally to the team.

Whenever the little ones hatched she would take them on a long journey to different clans all over Sornieth, hoping they would help her prepare the hatchlings to join the deities.


Keahi loves beautyfull looking things, they are her passion.

The lady has a strong competitive spirit, a really hard worker. No matter if it’s about talent or knowledge, Keahi always wants to proof herself. So, she often clashed with the teamleader Halima, who has also been her best friend since the day they both joined the clan as young dragons. Keahi simply tried to show, she could do things better then anyone else; none more so than the shy and modest teamleader Halima.



The tale of terrible Marduk Moneymaker

Merchants come in various forms and bring various goods with them, like Food, Weapons, Armor, Furniture, Raw Materials, and Utilities. In order to attract merchants, one has to build a good functioning Market Zone. Over time, more and more merchants will appear and set up business. Some of them will stick around for a little bit before moving on to the next clan, whether one traded with them or not.

Different merchants bring different items for trade, and will accept only certain items in return. While some of these traveling traders are very well respected and a joy having around; others might be better to live without.

There was once a merchant with the name of Marduk Moneymaker, who lived only for money. Nothing else interested him. One day he and his group were coming by Clan Áidhear to make some business and take a rest at the inn. And while this certain Ridgeback loved his assets, he was no kind dragon at all! He had quite the temper and was quick giving out offending words to anyone around.

At Clan Áidhear, at the very same time there were four good friends--all close in age--called Keahi, Keegan, Halima and Skadi. Sadly, they all came to experience the terrible Marduk’s way of treating others. How could they to turn a blind eye to Marduks' wrongdoings? Let’s hear about their clever plan for getting back at the terrible merchant…

"Calm down you four." Sorey said, trying to console us young dragons, without going so far as to openly criticize the merchant who had just arrived.

“Let your grown up’s deal with this matter. We will see to it. Come one, up you go. Don’t you all have some homework to do?”

We had to leave the Whispering Hall, but we were still quite unsatisfied with Sorey’s approach to the matter. Even later at night and during the lessons the next day our thoughts kept returning to the poorly treaded beastkin guides and trade assistances. We just couldn’t understand why they’d continue working under such terrible circumstances.

Our teachers must have noticed the affect the experience had on our mood. They tried to convince us, that they would discuss the matter with Marduk very soon so we youngsters should stop worrying. Still, who were they to meddle in someone else’s business? How could the matter affect the clan’s relationships with the other traders? Well, the adults just couldn’t do anything that would get them into big trouble. It was on us young ones to resolve this matter!

Well, he didn’t know it yet, but Mr.-Mean-Dragon-merchant was about to have an eye-opening experience.

“See anyone around?” I asked my friends. It was getting quite late, the sun had already set some time ago and the shadows had grown larger. We were getting closer to the warehouse, our targI mean, the place that certain merchant had stored his goods at for the night.

“You know, Sorey is going to read us the riot act over this!” Halima warned. She was already worrying again.

I laughed. “Read the riot act? That’s like something my mom would have said. What does it even mean?"

Skadi and Keegan shrugged and looked over at Halima for the explanation. But our Imperial friend just smiled her shy smile. “I don’t know. Mythos says it all the time. I was trying to sound responsible and mature and parental. Someone has to be.”

“Look, I’m going to do this!” “Me too!” “As if I’d back down now!”—Halima just shook her head.

“Why did I let you talk me into this!”

“Because you know we are right! It’s maybe not the most correct way to do it, but it’s the right thing to do.” I told my best friend in the world; knowing she felt the same as we others do but just needed the assurance.

Halima rolled her eyes. “Just don’t hurt the guy, okay?”

“Me? Us? Peace, Love, and Understanding?” We laugh, until I mumbled.

“He’d just better not show up with that foul mouth of his, or I swear, I’ll—“

I noticed then, Halima had stopped walking. She was giving me her sorrowful look; like she was ashamed of me. I cringed. “Ok, ok! I’ll just talk to the guy. Turn off the look! I hate that look. You’re going to be a really good mother someday, with a look like that.”

We were standing in front of the warehouse now. During mealtime I’d been able to snitch our head merchant’s keys off his pocket. I just hoped, Halima didn’t notice me unlocking the door with it. She would definitely not approve.

“Hey, the gate’s open. Let’s get ready…” I whispered. While the others were going to hide in the bamboo grove next to the warehouse I slipped inside, up to the second floor and to the little window right above the entrance gate. Then we waited.

And we waited. But we knew he’d be coming soon. Marduk would never trust his own co-workers with anything business-related. So, he had developed the habit of checking on his goods a couple of times every day; and even in the middle of the night. With that in mind we were certain, that he would be here any second now.

Keegan was the first to notice the Ridgeback approaching, and signaled each of us to get ready. I moved slowly, not making any sudden moves that might alarm him. I ducked into the shadows and watched the dragon reaching for the lock at the door. Then I made my move.

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarduk Moooooooneymaaaaaaaaaaaker.” I said, lowering my usual voice to a deep grumble.

“What the… Who? Who said that? … I’m hearing voices!”

“Meeeeeeeeeeee,” I replied. “I said it. See, Maaaaaarduk. I am with the International Beastclan Police. We have had some complains about you.”

“This is crazy. This is crazy!! What are you? Is this some kind of a joke?!”

Keegan had already moved into position and now he throws the first fire cracker, right at Marduk’s feet. The merchand jumped, looked around panicky.

“Noooow, listen to me. Because it would be so easy to just make you disappear if you do not. You haven’t been very nice to your beastclan guides. That’s a big nooooo-nooooo.”

“But…” He gasped. “They… are… just… beastkin!”

This dragon was just not getting our message. Skadi had the same thought as she set off some more of our ‘borrowed’ explosive devices—the bigger and much louder ones this time. I just hoped Nuria got all her combustible mixes right and that we had grabbed the right ones off her repository. The worst that could happen: we blow ourselves and the whole clan up! ’Ok, let’s not think about that right now.’

“Weeeeeell, are you going to listen to me? I’m not one known for its patience—“

“Yes! Yes! I’m listening!!!” He suddenly shouted. “I’m listening very closely.”

“No more… you will not abuse your position anymore. You will treat your co-workers with respect. No more abuse of any kind. Do you understand me?!”


“Because… I’ll be watching. And if you ever, ever hurt one of your employees again… ever… I’ll come back for you. And I will not be this understanding anymore. Do you understand me?”

“Y-y-yes.” The frightened to death traveler stumbled. This face had paled even more. Maybe it was time for the big finale.

“What are you waiting for? Scraaaaaaaaaam!!”
—And we all set off the last of our explosives. The merchant turned around, got airborne and disappeared in the night. He certainly wouldn’t come back for his goods after this. Maybe his co-workers are going to catch up with him tomorrow… But who knows, they might be too happy to go out on a search for him.

I waited until I couldn’t see that dragon anymore before turning to my friends. We all had mischievous grins on our faces; except the always serious Halima.

“Now can we go back to bed, or what?”, she asked.


Art by Cash

drawn by me - larger image

Avatar made by me (on

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