Gift (#35722263)
Level 12 Nocturne
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Spirit of Light
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Nocturne
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0.86 m
2.13 kg


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Sep 07, 2017
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 12 Nocturne
EXP: 11594 / 38956




  • none


Needs:Luminous Halo



Personality:Kind-hearted, Caring, Loves to read, Loves opals, Loves the autumn season, Loves mother nature, Loves to help his clan when needed, Loves his clan
Familiar:Brilliant Psywurm


Need to change his story

Somewhere in a forest 2 dragons are defending there only egg from a group of BloodClan dragons but it was no use they were to strong for the pair, both fall to the ground taking in there last breaths looking at there only egg in there nest... Suddenly a black blur rushes past them knocking the leader of the group to the ground with a Zalis not far behind, the dragon lets a low growl and the BloodClan dragons run off terrified, the dark colored dragon looks around as the pair manged to crawl to there nest with mother saying there child's name in a whisper before passing away to join her mate, the dark colored dragon looks at the baby dragon crying before running off into the frest with the Zalis as a group of dragons from ForestClan come out from the bushes and see the scene, one of the dragons walk over to the nest calming down the baby dragon as the others bury his parents before taking him away to there clan.

A month has passed since the little dragon named Gift was taken in by the ForestClan, he is training to become a healer with a few other dragons in the ForestClan.

Gift breaths fast and heavy, twitching and mumbling in his sleep before opening his eyes with a cry, he sits up looking around before getting up and walking out his den around his clan checking on everyone before coming back to his den with his familiar to try and get back to sleep.

Few months have passed and Gift wakes up with a start seeing his friend Butterfly die, he rushes out his den with his familiar into the healers den seeing Butterfly laying there bleeding out, without thinking he rushes to the plants shelf, grabbing a few he needs before rushing back to Butterfly, his familiar chews up a plant for his dragon friend and spits it out into Butterfly's mouth, Gift forces her to swallow it then carries on cleaning up her chest wound not realizing her mentor has woken up to help him, both stay up all night and early morning treating Butterfly.

Gift watches Butterfly carefully as her mentor has to do her duties,alpha looking at him, his mentor speaks up *Gift follow us, we have something for you..your friend will be fine alone for a moment*, all the dragons leave the healers den into the tinkers den, Gift looks around then at the 3 dragons *why are we in here?*, his mentor smiles slightly *you know when a dragon is hurting or going to die and you cannot sleep cause of it, so we thought of something that may help you*, his mentor points to a veil, Gift slowly walks forward as the tinkerer picks it up putting it on Gift's head, Gift lets out his breath slowly feeling everyone pain fade away, he thinks of everyone's pain again and it comes back, he shakes his head *it is not working!*, his mentor speaks up *it will take time, it is to help you sleep and to control your powers, you must do the rest, now block everyone's pain out and think of Butterfly*, Gift takes in a deep breath blocking out everyone slowly feeling Butterfly's pain before it fades away and everyone's come back, Gift sighs deeply about to take it off but is mentor stops him *never give up, remember what you have is a gift not a curse*, his alpha steps forward *you may leave*, Gift nods his head slowly before calling to his familial and both walk out the tinkerers den and back to the healers den taking care of Butterfly and trying to figure out his powers with the Veil.

A week has passed and Gift has manged to control his powers, he see's Butterfly is awake walking back to her to, he smiles slightly at her before his mentor calls him for his next task. Soon nightfall comes and every dragon goes to there dens to sleep, Gift stops by at Butterfly's making sure she is alright, he see's her heading off to sleep with her familiar, he smiles to himself before going to his den, he lays down with her familiar shutting away all the other dragons pain and dozes off to sleep... Suddenly he wakes up with a start of the beta dragon shaking him to get up and to follow him, Gift gets up blinking his eyes a few times before following the beta dragon to there alphas den, there laying there alpha dying... He blinks his eyes a few times, *what happened to him!?*, he says but the beta shrugs his shoulders, Gift sniffs the air and smells something bad and walks over to his alpha and sniffs his mouth and yanks his head back and gags slightly, *he has been poisoned by the death flower!* he says, he looks around with the beta watching him with a small smirk on his bad but then looks worried once Gift looks back up at him, Gift points to the rabbit carcass with the flower inside then walks back to his leader lowing his head down to him, the beta smirks once again behind there backs without knowing Butterfly is watching shocked at what's happening then rushes off to tell everyone but no one listens to her and starts to blamed Gift for not seeing this. The alpha opens one of his eyes slowly taking his last few breaths whispering something in Gifts ear then closes his eyes and passes away.

Morning comes and the beta dragon now the new alpha dragon of there clan sits on his rock telling everyone what has happened then looks down upon Gift, he calls Gift to come forward, Gift walks up to the front, his new alpha smirks slightly at him but stops as he looks at everyone *Gift should of known this was going to happen, it is his fault that out old Alpha died, he will be banished from the ForestClan forever!*, Gift holds his breath as many dragons nod there heads, suddenly Butterfly steps forward glaring at there new alpha *it is not Gift's fault, you were the one who killed our old alpha and the one who gave Gift the sleeping plant!*, everyone looks at there new alpha before looking at Butterfly, one dragon speaks up *you are lying, one of our own would never do such a thing!*, soon all the dragons agree, Butterfly looks up at her new alpha, her new alpha glares at her, *SILENCE!*, everyone stops shouting and look at there alpha, the alpha speaks up, *you will be banned the same as Gift, both of you will leave now!*, Gift tries to say no but the alpha gives him a look, the alpha speaks up again, *meeting over!*, he jumps off his rock leaving with the rest of the dragons, Gift and Butterfly's mentors and few friends look at there nodding there goodbyes before walking away.

Gift walks over to Butterfly putting his paw on her shoulder making her jump slightly, he nods his head to her, Butterfly looks at him before calling there familiars and Butterfly's, butterfly friends before leaving not even bothering to say goodbye to anyone, both tried to warn there clan mates, now banned there is nothing they can do here anymore, as the pair leave the clan's camp ground Butterfly looks up at Gift *thank you for saving my life..*, Gift looks up at her with a small smile alpha said a clan name before passing away, he said SecretClan*, Butterfly looks at him for a moment before speaking, *SecretClan, I have heard of that name before from the elders saying only very few dragons can find it, many believe it's not real including it's leader who is dark as night itself*, Gift nods his head slowly before looking back at Butterfly *well I believe in such clan and dragon, do you?*, Butterfly smiles at Gift *yes I do believe in such thing is possible*, Gift smiles back Butterfly and nods his head, jumping forward into a quick walk, Butterfly *hey wait for me!*, she smiles more before catching up with Gift.

Many months have passed and Gift and Butterfly are still looking for any sign for the SecretClan and have grown closer to eachother. Gift trips over a root his skin burns slightly from embarrassment as Butterfly giggles but stops as a a path that glows white comes out of no where, Gift looks over at her with a slight frown, then at the path again, both puts both front feet on the path and it glows brightly, the pair look at eachother before following the path coming to some hanging vines, Gift and there familiars walk past Butterfly as she moves some vines away before she follows them around a huge boulder and into a clearing full of Nocturne dragons.

Gift and Butterfly look at eachother amazed, there familiars and the faeries see other familiars and race over to them happy to see others. Both dragons jump back startled a dragon lands in front of them with a kind smile, both dragons stare open mouth as this dragon is as dark as night it self meaning they have made it to the SecretClan! Butterfly takes a step forward *your real.. your really real!*, the dark colored dragon chuckles softly *yes I am real*, Butterfly *awesome..oh I am Butterfly and this is my friend Gift*, Gift closes his mouth and dips his head in greeting, the dark colored dragon smiles at the pair, *it is nice to meet the both of you, I am Luna Eclipse, leader of the SecretClan and you both have traveled far and long to join the SecretClan am I right?*, the pair nod there heads with smiles hoping they can join, Luna smiles more at them *well by all means you both are very welcome to join the SecretClan*, the pair smile more, Butterfly *thank you Luna Eclipse!*, Luna shakes her head *no need to thank me, now follow me I will show you around and to your new dens to let you settle in*, the pair smile at eachother and follow there new leader Luna around there new clan meeting a few of there new clan mates before getting to there to new dens.

Gift smiles slightly to himself with his familiar, he looks up as Gift says thank you so Luna before laying down to rest for a few hours. Luna comes back calling the pair for lunch as the hunters have came back, the pair follow Luna with there small friends and all the clan mates greet and welcome the pair and there small creatures to the SecretClan and give them the best meat as a welcome, all the dragons dig into there food and talking happily. Gift grabs some meat at the same time as Butterfly there noses touching, a few dragons near them whistle teasing them, Gift drops the meat * can have it feeling his skin burn*, Butterfly with her heart racing and skin burning shakes her head and breaks it in half sharing it with Gift, both smile at eachother before carrying on like nothing happened.

Gift lives in a wonderful clan called the SecretClan which only a very few dragons can find, with his clan mate Butterfly, Gift is a healer with his mate Butterfly in the SecretClan which he has saved many lives with the help of his gift and sometimes he can go invisible looking into the future, with many wonderful clan mates and great leaders.
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