Whisperer (#35636091)
Level 25 Imperial
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Bubble Nymph
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Imperial
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28.26 m
23.1 m
8575.1 kg


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Sep 03, 2017
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
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Help! I can’t stand this anymore, I have to leave this dreaded place! I’m once the proud descendent of takaris and liara, daughter of agnar, all three of them achieved greatness, and here I am, as useless as a pile of chewed bubblegum under the table.

I looked at the corpses of imperials next to me, I have to live! I whispered to myself, I can’t die! My death will result in an emperor dragon. You might think it’s cool, that’s because you haven’t seen one:

So back when I was little, an emperor spawned, I was still a hatchling at that time, a lot of dragons are here fighting, even the deities are here! At that time, I’m not too scared of the emperor itself, what scared me was the deities, they looked at our breed with hatred and disgust in their eyes, hated how the death of our kind spawned emperors.

We tried our best to not go together, and definitely not to die together, but that time it spawned, the corpses are brought together by some dragon, it’s clear because those corpses belong to lairs from the southern icefields to the viridian labyrinth. We didn’t know who did that, or why they did that, but that’s not important to me, it is how others look at our deaths which bothered me. Death is supposed to be remembered, and the dead should be honoured and respected, yet, those deities replace that respect and honour with disgust and hatred, at that time, thought that I would rather face an emperor alone than to meet other dragons, I thought that a heartless creature is better than a heart filled with hatred. [/i]

But I was wrong.

My father died because of one indirectly.

Then, I grew up and went to this lair, I started to learn to fight, I learnt to eliminate foes, and I proudly performed it to everyone, I can almost kill every single enemy in th coliseum with a simple scratch eliminate! I finally achieved greatness as a kelp bed leveller.

But all changed since that day I saw the shadow. A shadow of an imperial, i rubbed my eyes and it’s gone, I didn’t think about it too much that day as it’s not too special, but on the next day, I saw it again, no, this time it’s got two heads! I rubbed my eyes and looked again, it’s gone. I reassured myself, it’s just my own shadow, the light is shining in a weird angle so I saw two heads but on the third day, I saw the shadow again, this time it’s got three heads, I felt a feeling I haven’t experienced, it caused me so much discomfort that I can’t neglect it. For the following days, I saw that shadow, with an additional head each time. My feeling grew larger and larger as time passed by, and I still tried to tell myself that it’s just a hallucination, but clearly it isn’t.

On the eleventh day, that shadow became larger than ever, I then recognise that the feeling is called “fear”, I don’t know what will happen next. This time, the shadow didn’t disappear when I rub my eyes, instead, it came closer and closer and my heart beated faster and faster, in front of my eyes stood a tiny emperor dragon, yes, you didn’t hear wrong, it was tiny, and partly invisible. Just as I thought that the danger was over, a bolt of lightning struck me.

I tried to block my eyes with my hands and when I remove my hands, I saw the shadow, with one head missing, and just as I wanted to rub my eyes, I noticed a change on my hand, the skin was slowly broken down into I brown disgusting mush, it was rotten, I grabbed my hand mirror and screamed, my whole body is rotten, except some parts on the two side of my body, those are in a weird shape, wait, those are words! I had never seen these before clearly...

Oh! I remember! Those are the words from my father! I know it! I remember vaguely about him rubbing something blood red on the side of my body when I was still a hatching, after he slayed the emperor (and yes my dad is cool, he pounced up and bit off his head), he was writing something with the red liquid, but before I can recognise the words, the red substance sunk through my body and left no trace, my dad died after this, with the red stuff on his fingers and a deep cut on his thigh, he must have died from killing that monster! I tried very hard to read those words but not until now did I truly see it, it is the only part of my skin that remains normal, I wonder what that red substance is...

I read the words, it explained my dad’s death, the red words, and my deepest secrets, I read them again and again, no, this can’t be true! No, I can’t let others see this! No! Why is this happening? I hid behind a tree, scared that someone would see my rotten skin, scared that someone would see the words my dad wrote. I hugged the tree and cried, my goodness! I can’t remember the last time I cried!

I need something to cover up my body! I search around, hoping to find a cloak or pieces of fabric, but what I see is a piece of barren land, with a few trees sticking out, how am I going to leave this place without anyone seeing my skin? Ah I am an I dragon, I’ll just create a layer of thin ice around myself, that’ll do.

I waved my arms in the air, trying to gather the energy of the elements of the world and put it around myself, but instead of having snow fall on me or having ice shoot out from the ground, a bolt of lightning struck me and I am surrounded by electricity. I am amazed, why on earth will I be able to control lightning so perfectly to cover my skin? I am an ice dragon, and I’m not stupid enough to not know that dragons can’t change flights, I mean, that’s common sense! I tried shooting out some ice but lightning came out instead, I grabbed my hand mirror again and looked at my eyes, they still look perfectly normal, as white as usual.

What would happen when a dragon saw an ice dragon shooting out lightning stuff? I was scared that I couldn’t control it suddenly and accidentally shoot a bolt! Some might treat me as a threat and kill me, another might take me to a lab, while others might take me to a zoo... I closed my eyes and walked home, hoping that the bad stuff happening to me is finished, I felt my way back to my lair and tried to hide.

I know dragons look at me weirdly on my way back but that’s not a big problem, the biggest problem is that my arms and legs started walking to our clan’s hoard, and I didn’t want to do that! It felt as if my limbs weren’t mine, I couldn’t control myself and I’m taking that literally. Suddenly, I got back the control of my body and I ran the opposite direction and tripped, I grabbed the nearest thing I grabbed a piece of cloth, I didn’t think twice before throwing it over my head onto my eyes, I was going to do anything to stop losing control of my body, well, if I can’t see anything now, perhaps, that whatever controlling my body can’t take control now? I don’t know but that’s at least better than none...

I started crawling back to my lair, but after five seconds, that mysterious force got hold of me again and I started walking back. Through my mind’s eye, I figured I was walking to the hoard, then through the hoard into the gigantic vault, BANG! I believe that’s the voice of the vault’s door slamming shut, then I lay down. I tried to move with all my might but not even a little finger may follow my will, I got bored and tried putting my focus on my dad’s words and suddenly, I can move! The first thing I did is to pull off the cloth on my eyes and what I see around me are 10 pieces of brownish-reddish stuff and above me, hung another enormous bunch, they looked a bit like ham hung in a shop, except the fact that they are all imperial dragons...

I stared at the carcasses blankly, who had the ability to do this? I looked around, the ten imperial corpses around me all have a rotten skin like me except one, which wings are rough, I bet that one uses anticipate. They look very strong and I can tell that they are at least level 20 from their big muscles, also, those faces look a bit familiar to me but I don’t exactly remember when I’ve seen them.

I looked around, I wonder what those corpses are for... wait, if a lot of imperials die, why won’t an emperor spawn? I looked up at the bunch of hanging imperials, wait they’re still moving! They’re not dead yet! No wonder...
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