Kouta (#30619887)
Level 1 Wildclaw
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Wildclaw
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4.68 m
5.37 m
488.84 kg


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Feb 05, 2017
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245




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This skilled artisan can paint nearly any pattern on a dragon's wings or hide, and he loves the challenge of an ever-changing medium and canvas. Though he prefers paint to politics and art to administration, he does what he can to help his mate, clan leader Shadowstar.

Personal Information
  • Goes by: Kouta
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Gender: Male
  • Hatched in: Zenobia
    in the Windswept Plateau
  • Works in: Skah's Salon
  • Lives in: Coatl Cove


Mate: Shadowstar

Adopted Son: Eero

History and Stories

Kouta, a painter's apprentice, first saw Shadowstar dance when a traveling troupe visited his clan on the Zephyr Steppes. He wanted to approach the beautiful coatl after the troupe's performance, but instead he spotted him entering the lair of another dragon, and he was surprised at the intensity of the jealousy he felt over someone he had never even met.

The young wildclaw had never thought much about politics. He knew that they were in the kingdom of Zenobia and that a civil war was threatening peace in the kingdom, that fighting had broken out elsewhere as those loyal to the old royal family had risen up against the usurpers, but it all seemed very distant to him and to others in his clan. They certainly never expected to be roused from their lairs in the middle of the night by the king's forces, who asserted that they were aiding rebels and proceeded to slaughter them.

His fellow clan members did what they could to protect themselves, but Kouta's first thought was of the dancer. He rushed to protect him, but much to his surprise, Shadowstar proved to be more adept at fighting than he was (which was a blow to his wildclaw pride - sure, he was more an artist than a warrior, but it still stung more than he cared to admit). It wasn't just Shadowstar, either - the entire troupe seemed as skilled at war as they were at dance, and their graceful moves proved deadly when turned against the king's soldiers.

With the unexpected assistance of the dancers, they routed the enemy. Regretfully, nearly the entirety of Kouta's clan was destroyed in the process. Having nowhere else to go, he approached the troupe leader. He had noticed the intricately painted patterns adorning many of the dancer's hides, so he offered his own painting services in exchange for a place among them. To his relief, the troupe leader accepted, and Kouta was able to travel with the coatl who had both fascinated and frustrated him.

He soon learned that their troupe smuggled weapons and goods to camps of rebels who sought to overthrow the king and put the daughter of the former queen on the throne. He had never dreamed of joining a rebellion; the decimation of his clan ought to have provided enough incentive, but he still hesitated in participating in the troupe's hidden side until he learned that the princess they were fighting for was Shadowstar's adopted sister and that the coatl himself was a key player in the rebellion.

The coatl was popular in both his dancer persona and his role as the shadow prince of the rebellion, and Kouta knew he was unlikely to attract his notice, much less his affection, but he still threw himself into anything he heard Shadowstar was involved in, be it midnight raids or a dance at a festival. He dedicated himself the rebellion, holding nothing back; he even allowed Lark, a bird he had raised by hand and the only thing that remained to him of his home clan, to be used as a lookout by the rebels. His perceived enthusiasm for their cause was noticed by the rebellion's leaders, and soon he found himself, at long last, working closely with the coatl who had consumed both his dreams and his waking actions. The closer he got to him, the more frustrated he became at having to share the limited attention he received with others, though he knew he had no right to be so jealous. Still, he was proud whenever Shadowstar chose to confide in him, and he was pleased to advise the prince that while he should always do what he thought was right, he should also make sure to do what it was that he most wanted. Kouta was surprised when Shadowstar took his advice, and even more surprised when he learned that it was himself that the prince most wanted. He still hated to share the coatl with everyone who demanded the prince's attention, but at least he had a secure place in his life and in his heart.

He fought proudly by Shadowstar's side throughout the rebellion and remained next to him as the coatl watched his adopted sister take the throne of her kingdom and helped her to set it right again. Kouta could tell that his mate felt incomplete there, though, that he longed to travel again, to find a place where he would matter more. For his part, Kouta was happy enough in the palace, painting courtiers instead of courtesans, but he had long ago made up his mind to go wherever Shadowstar went, so when the prince bade farewell to Zenobia and traveled to the island of Prufrock to study the stars, Kouta packed his paints and flew with him.

Kouta had never been much of a scholar, so while Shadowstar ensconced himself in the library, he wandered through the booths and shops of Lantern Port, his tame bird fluttering curiously behind him. When one of the dragons admired the design he'd doodled on his own wings, he offered to paint theirs, and that was when he was approached by the pearlcatcher Skah. Skah ran a salon and offered him a job on the spot, which Kouta gladly accepted. He and his mate weren't hurting for resources, but at least this would occupy his time while Shadowstar followed his new obsession. Through his work at the salon, he also met a fellow painter named Jan, though the tundra did more work on paper and canvas than on the bodies of dragons, and the coatl Vellum, who supplies the salon with ink and paint.

He knew his mate was growing frustrated at the clan's lack of government and figured they would leave soon, but instead, Shadowstar dug in his heels and insisted on reforming the clan - and not only reforming it, on helping to run it. Kouta has found himself once again sharing his mate's attention with many rivals, though he has resigned himself to this being the default state of their relationship. He still regrets that he can't do more to help and protect his mate, and he often commiserates with Eztli's mate Winternight over the frustrations and feelings of inadequacy engendered by having a mate much more powerful than oneself.


Art by Zuron:

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