Shadowstar (#29710670)
Level 1 Coatl
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Coatl
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7.67 m
6.99 m
733.68 kg


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Dec 30, 2016
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245



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Leader, Prince, Dancer, Astronomer

A foundling shadow egg hatched by a queen in a wind clan, Shadowstar spent much of his life in exile and rebellion to help his adopted sister regain their mother's throne. His upbringing and journey taught him a variety of skills, many of which aren't those commonly known by princes. Drawn to the stars, he ended up on the island of Prufrock in the Starfall Isles, eventually negotiating his way into co-leadership of the clan.

Personal Information
  • Goes by: Shadowstar
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Gender: Male
  • Hatched in: Zenobia
    in the Windswept Plateau
  • Works in: The Assembly Hall
  • Lives in: Coatl Cove


Mate: Kouta

Adopted Son: Eero

History and Stories

One line of a royal family had long ruled over a vast territory in the Zephyr Steppes, the kingdom of Zenobia. The family, mostly skydancers, had founded and expanded the kingdom in the peaceful, fertile grasslands and given it their name.

During the darkest time of the year, a shooting star was seen over their lands, falling toward the earth. A servant of the monarch followed to where it landed. When he arrived at the place he had calculated according to its trajectory, he found not the remnants of a star but a glowing egg, abandoned in the shadows. He brought it back to his queen, who was tending her own nest at the time. Inspired by newfound feelings of motherhood, she hatched the orphaned egg and raised it with her own brood of princes and princesses.

Though beautiful in his own way, the purplish coatl was an odd duckling in a family of green, white, and blue skydancers. He was given the name Shadowstar due to how and where he was found: in the shadows at the site where a star fell to earth. When he began to show signs of prodigious magical abilities, rumors spread that perhaps he was the dying star's reincarnation.

Shadowstar wasn't a Zenobian by blood, but he was raised as one of their princes, presented at court and highly educated in politics and protocol and proper procedures, in history and geography and the customs of the various breeds and flights. Due to his natural magical skill, he was also heavily tutored in magic. His eyes showed his innate alliance to the shadow flight despite his birth in wind territory, and his magic proved strongest in that element, though he was always able to create light in the deepest of shadows.

Though coddled and protected by the insularity of the court, even at a young age he could detect the chords of unrest disrupting the harmony of the kingdom. The royal family of Zenobia had many branches, and not all were aligned with the queen; many disliked her tundra mate, who was considered too "common" and not of a regal enough lineage, and they didn't wish for rule to pass to his offspring, tainted by association, some of them tundras themselves. When he approached his adoptive mother with rumors he had overheard, she quieted his fears, reassuring him that the other sides of the family would come around and be more accepting, and even if they weren't, there was too much opposition between them for them to ever unite and prove a true threat.

However, the queen was wrong. Her opponents secretly ironed out their differences and allied under a treaty, quietly building their forces. Finally they struck, their leader taking the throne during a coup which saw the deaths of the queen and of most of the members of her branch of the Zenobian family. Shadowstar, still very young, saw many of his family members murdered before a loyalist smuggled him out.

He was hidden within a traveling group of dancers and courtesans who remained allies of the royal family. For a time he was nearly comatose with despair, but finally the troupe leader revealed to him that he wasn't the only survivor of the massacre in the palace: his youngest sister had lived, and Zenobian loyalists were rallying around her in the hopes of taking back the throne.

His spirits recovered along with his hope, and he threw himself into training, desperate to do whatever he could to help his sister regain the throne and reinstate their mother's policies, to overthrow the cruelties of their distant uncle's reign. From the troupe leader, he learned the arts of dance, espionage, and war. His body was highly trained, and he was willing to use it in any way necessary to further their cause. Though he was technically in hiding due to his affiliation with the former queen, he performed in public with the other dancers without fear, for he was heavily disguised with costume and paint and illusion, barely distinguishable as male, much less as the hatchling prince he once had been.

After many long years of smuggling and secrecy, of intrigue and war, the loyalists finally succeeded against the other branches of the Zenobian family, and Shadowstar's sister was instated on the throne. For a time he remained at her side, helping her to reverse the damage inflicted by her uncle and the civil war, but he soon realized that he wasn't really needed any longer. He had played his part, regained the throne through perseverance and sacrifice, but the throne wasn't for him, and his sister had other advisors. He had spent most of his life traveling with the troupe, and he ached to set out once again. After much deliberation, he finally bade farewell to his homeland, taking with him only the wildclaw Kouta, who had first been a companion and fellow rebel in the troupe and had later become his mate.

Perhaps it was due to the stories he had heard about the finding of his egg, but he had always been secretly fascinated by stars and longed to visit the Starfall Isles, to view and study the glowing dance of the night sky. To this end, he found himself in the immense library on the island of Prufrock, studying texts both magical and mundane and spending nights in the observatory at the spire's peak, peering up at the stars through a telescope. He was astonished to find that the island's residents included spirits, among them star spirits. Shadowstar felt an odd kinship with them, especially those who had taken the form of skydancers, as he had been raised among that breed.

Though he enjoyed the island and the majority of its inhabitants, and he even grew to feel at home there more deeply than he ever had on the Zephyr Steppes, he became increasingly irritated over the clan's government, or, more accurately, the lack of it. It wasn't as if the system was byzantine or cruel - more that it barely existed. The clan's nominal leader, Eztli, was absent half the time due to his role as an envoy, and no one seemed willing to step up when he was away to make decisions, leading to delays and squabbles over what should be done. To one who was raised as a prince and who had shed blood and dignity to regain a good government, the situation on Prufrock was an abomination, and he finally found that he could no longer remain silent about it, especially after Vespers was unearthed and began to relate tales of the time when Prufrock was under his rule.

He began slowly, entering into negotiations with Eztli, Vespers, and some of the clan's cornerstones - the dragons whose skills kept the clan running. Though the clan was mostly filled with apologetic appeasers and disinterested scholars rather than true powermongers, there were a few inflated egos who needed to be strategically rerouted; those who were basically useless but wanted to feel important were given minor roles, while those with actual power had to be cajoled into taking positions of prominence.

It took quite a lot of time and the skillful tongues of all three coatl, but finally a new government was created on Prufrock. It wasn't a monarchy as he was used to, for though the clan had a couple of prominent family lines, there were none save dragons such as he who were born to a title who could claim to be royalty, and at any rate the territory they governed was much smaller than the kingdom of his birth. Instead, he, Eztli, and Vespers formed a triumvirate at the head of the new system. Each had equal say, and the majority would hold sway in the case of a dispute or disagreement. Shadowstar hoped that having three rulers would help prevent dictatorships and other abuses of power.

In addition to the triumvirate, a governing council was formed, the Council of Eleven, consisting of representatives from Prufrock's most prominent areas:
  1. An elected representative from the Department of Library and Scholarship
  2. An elected representative from the Department of the Arcane
  3. An elected representative from the Department of Arts, Crafts, and Resources
  4. An elected representative from the Department of Defense
  5. An elected representative from the Department of Communications, Outreach, and Miscellany
  6. An elected representative of the island's residents
  7. An elected representative of the businesses of Lantern Port
  8. The chosen ambassador of the peach tree spirits
  9. The chosen ambassador of the sea spirits
  10. The queen of the moon spirits
  11. A lord of the underworld spirits

The Council of Eleven advises the triumvirate and votes on issues affecting the entire clan, but the triumvirate still has final say on policy.

Shadowstar is quite pleased with the government he has created, despite the fact that it has yet to face any true tests. He is outwardly confident that it will work, though he still has nightmares about the bloody coup that destroyed his family and has to fight his own personal demons, issues concerning insecurity and abandonment. Ez has been teaching him how to speak coatl, as there were few coatl at the court where he was raised and he never learned his breed's native tongue. Though studying languages and the stars and reinventing the government of the clan has taken up most of his time, he enjoys relaxing when he can in the lair in Coatl Cove that he shares with his mate Kouta. He still dances occasionally during festivities, much to the delight of admiring clan members.


Art by Zuron:


Art by DeltaFlare:

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