Zerrul (#30030)
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Shattered Serpent
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Spiral
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3.22 m
2.1 m
66.91 kg


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Jun 13, 2013
(7 years)



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Special Eye Type
Level 25 Spiral
Max Level



  • none



zM7Tf50.png HMb5tTF.png

“T H E ⬺K I N G ⥈O F ⤕B O N E S”

ENF4NJH.pngT H E ➸ M E S S E N G E RHcLmuty.png
A large pile of snow sat precariously balanced on the branch of a fir tree. Frostwing ran ahead, yanking the end of the branch before darting away. The flat of snow tumbled onto Sleetpelt, covering him in a white flurry.
“Frostwing! Cut it out!” Sleetpelt shook off the fluffy snow. “Remember, we’re on an important mission! As representatives of our flight and this mission, we need to make a good first impression to Stormfeather! We must deliver these blueprints to Stormfeather so she can hand them to the Stormcatcher himself!”
Frostwing chuckled. “There’s no harm in a little fun!” Frostwing dashed to a nearby snowpile and dived in. Sleetpelt groaned. “For an exalted dragon serving directly under the orders of the Icewarden, you sure are childish.” Sleetpelt remarked. Frostwing lifted her snow-covered head from the mound. “I was exalted as a hatchling. I’ve never had much time for fun,” Frostwing replied with saddened eyes. Sleetpelt looked away. “But now,” Frostwing’s expression lifted. “I get to go on fun adventures with you!” A compact snowball came flying Sleetpelt’s way. He blocked it with a shielded wing. Sleetpelt shot Frostwing a stern glare. Frostwing’s excitement faded, and the pair trudged on in silence amidst the peaceful blankets of snowfall. Sleetpelt glanced over to see Frostwing looking down with a disheartened appearance. Sleetpelt twined his tail between Frostwing’s forelegs. She tripped, landing face-first into the snow. He kept walking. “Hey!” She piped up angrily. Sleetpelt smiled before facing front. Frostwing giggled, licking the snow from her snout. She jumped up, creeping forward until she was within striking distance from Sleetpelt. “Gotcha!” She pounced, only to land awkwardly as Sleetpelt moved shrewdly out of the way. “In order to move silently in this type of terrain, you need to step lightly on the tips of your pads. I can hear your clumsy paws stomping around like a Greattusk.” Sleetpelt muttered. Frostwing looked up with confusion. He kept walking. Frostwing picked herself up and shuffled up to Sleetpelt. “Sleetpelt?” He paused. “Yeah? What is it--”
Frostwing lunged at him, toppling him over and playfully swiping at him with flat blows. “Frostwing!” Sleetpelt hissed. His anger soon succumbed to good-natured laughs. They exchanged light blows and tussled in the snow before lying in the cool fluff, giggling.
“Sleetpelt!” a voice called out. “You’re going to get those blueprints wet!”
A pale, sleek Skydancer made her way from the treeline. Sleetpelt immediately stood up, shaking the snow from his fur, cursing under his breath. He dipped his head. “Stormfeather! It’s a pleasure to see you! Though, I didn’t notice you there - your fur blends in with the white of the snow!” Frostwing waved her tail. “Hiya there! My name’s Frostwing!” Sleetpelt bumped his tail into her rump to silence her.
“Well now, who do we have here?” The Skydancer chuckled, analyzing her disheveled fur and joyful eyes.
“She is the newest esteemed messenger under the service of the Icewarden.” Sleetpelt replied.
“Pardon our unkempt state,” he gave several licks to the fur on his chest, smoothing his coat. “But I assure you the blueprints are in an exceptional state.”
He removed the sandy satchel from his waist and carefully handed it to the Skydancer. Stormfeather wrapped the handle around her neck. “I must thank you, Sleetpelt and Frostwing; the Stormcatcher greatly needs these blueprints. He, too, thanks you for your services.” Sleetpelt bowed; Frostwing followed suit. “Stormfeather - will you be alright traveling the Ashfall Waste? We know of the savage dragon clans that live there. We are more than happy to accompany you through--”
“No, it’s alright. I’ve wandered those wastelands many a time before. There are barely any dragons and it’s far too dry even for beastclans. I will be fine.” Stormfeather rested her tail reassuringly on Sleetpelt’s shoulder. “Then I wish you good luck.” Sleetpelt responded. There was a pause as they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Frostwing wondered if something had developed as they shared duties as messengers. But they were from different flights, Frostwing reasoned, and love between flights was strictly forbidden. “Sleetpelt - it was very nice to see you once more. Frostwing,” Stormfeather scanned her with an approving smile. “You will be a wonderful messenger.” Frostwing squealed, fluttering her wings. They bowed in sync before Stormfeather spun around and, with one great stroke of her wings, took to the air.

“You hear that, kid? She says you’ll make for a good messenger!” He scoffed, wagging his tail, flicking snow onto her pelt. She smiled at him, sharing a moment as the sun fell.

As Stormfeather flew across the icefields towards the Ashfall Waste, her heart sank. It’s true that the hot desert was unpopulated and unorganized, so much so that there weren’t even messengers available to deliver information. She wasn’t even sure if the Flamecaller wanted to interact with the other flights; the hostile, unkind lands seemed apparent enough that she had little interest in communication. Despite the statistically low levels of a threat, she couldn’t help shake off the feeling that trekking the unfriendly territory was dangerous. She just hoped to make her cross quick and arrive at The Shifting Expanse in a timely manner.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
ENF4NJH.pngB I O G R A P H YHcLmuty.png
Zerrul lunged, inflicting critical bites into his neck. Again and again he bit down, leaving puncture marks seeping blood.
“Get it off of me!” X’s cry quickly melted into a gurgle as blood filled his lungs. [W.I.P]

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LxAGjbp.png ZtQWExj.png
Bio template by @Mibella, find it here.



Because it amused me too much NOT to save and show it off. For their real art expertise, check out their userpage or Rakk's page. ;)

By dogekind (ID #16216) - Gift art
(I would just link to their lair, but ampersands are STILL broken.)

Possible Scries:


Future Plans:

Should I scatter?

Will be a fire rep! >:D

-Lv: 25 w/ eliminate; stoned, statted
-More art :o
-Scatter eyes(?)
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