Dulindara (#27760230)
Level 1 Guardian
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Silver Springbok
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Guardian
This dragon cannot breed until Oct 01, 2021 (5 days).
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Draconiform Unit: Long-term Information Navigation, Display, Access and Retrieval Archivist

{ DU - lin - DA - ra }
Nicknames: Linda, Dara
Lore Curator / Archivist
♦ clan purchase

= Lair Directory =
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"A visitor has been detected." The voice crackles out of the dimness. Strips of light, molded around the perimeter of the ceiling and floor, start to glow blue. They are outshone, however, by the twin pinpricks of light that gleam from the glittering Guardian's eyes. Lightning eyes. The air begins to hum as it grows heavy with electricity.

"I greet you," the construct drones. "I am Dulindara: Once tasked with housing and displaying documents about the clan's history, I now merely store copies of them. I have instead been upgraded with teleportation technology and can transport you, our guest, to places or dragons you might wish to visit. Now -- how may I assist you?"

The nearer wall is made of polished steel, and light suddenly plays across it, coalescing into a projected image. A list of dragons and places within the lair, along with brief descriptions of them.


Clan Directory
"Our clan is home to dragons whose role is to assist visitors such as yourself. These dragons are currently available to visit."

26004477p.png Palmyrrh is always on hand to greet visitors and answer their Frequently Asked Questions. Visit him for answers to questions you may have, including but not limited to:
• how to retrieve a dragon you don't want exalted
• recruiting a dragon from our clan
• doing business with us

28626040p.png In Harfang's den, you will find an abridged version of the Clan History. She is also the custodian of the Clan Archives, which stores in-depth records of our members' histories and musings.

24999387p.png Adrastos is one of the clan's Wishmasters. His Wishlist is organized by dragon. It contains a list of items individual dragons would like, such as gene scrolls or apparel for their outfits.

25197371p.png Hemera, the clan's Wishmistress, has a different Wishlist. Hers contains items intended for general use by the whole clan, such as things to help expand the den or that might be useful in trading with other lairs.

25050569p.png Rhian manages the Clan Statistics, which include tallies of breeds, elements, and genes. This list is updated irregularly but frequently.

20376046p.png The clan's Art Gallery is curated by Starblaze the Wildclaw. In his den, you'll find art we've received from other lairs, as well as art that was created by our own clan members.

25629155p.png Neira is in charge of our Badge Collection, a showcase of the clan's achievements over the years.
Lair Tabs


This is where the clan's active dragons stay. These are dragons who raise families, engage in combat, or perform other functions necessary to the clan's continued survival.

These dragons are staying temporarily. Many of them raise families for exaltation, and are likely to leave behind children who will become permanent members of the clan.

Dragons in this section will not be staying in the lair. They will join other clans for the right price, or may instead decide to serve the deities.

The dragons whom you meet here perform various crucial duties, and they are not able to engage in combat or raise families at the moment.

Here you will find likenesses of dragons -- or creatures -- who are not a part of the clan, but who have storied lives and legends of their own.

These dragons plan to raise families within the clan, and are simply waiting for the right time to do so. Eventually, they may also move on to other lairs.

The exalts' training camp. These dragons are awaiting their turn in combat, after which they will be sent to serve the gods. A rare few may instead join other clans.

Dividers by PoisonedPaper.

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Exalting Dulindara to the service of the Lightweaver will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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