Sauhuta (#273179)
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Fire Sprite
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Guardian
This dragon cannot breed until Sep 28, 2021 (7 days).
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Sauhuta of the Forge

"As a blacksmith uses heat to temper steel, so should a trial by fire strengthen one’s mettle."

True familiar


Class: Cleric
Weapon: Hammer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Position: Blacksmith
Ability: Bend metal


Friends: Tulip, Samekh

Personality traits: Friendly, Loud, Talkative, Brave, Loyal

Sauhuta is one of the oldest members of the Guild, she has been here from almost the very beginning. She has seen it grow, she has seen new members join and old leave. And without her blacksmithing abilities, the guild wouldn't be what it is now. She can bend any metal to her will to create amazing weapons and armour.

Sauhuta is very protective of her friends and her forge, and she refuses to let just everyone get in. Absolutely no lollygagging in her forge, under any circumstances. If someone acts like an idiot, she is ready to throw them out until they learn how to respect her forge.

She is very confident about her skills as a blacksmith, but she doesn't go out to prove it. Sauhuta doesn't have to specify prove her talent, as her works speak for themselves. She knows her forge better than pearlcatchers know their own pearl. She knows her materials and tools well too and only uses the best of the best. As in her mind, you can't create a good armour without flawless material.

Sauhuta is specialized in different metal armours, but she knows how to make armour and weapons from other materials too, like bones.

- Theme music.
- Sauhuta has a big forge in the northern part of the Merchants Square.

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Exalting Sauhuta to the service of the Plaguebringer will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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