Level 1 Skydancer
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Skydancer
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


White Aviator Scarf
Silver Filigree Banner
Ferocious Banner
Silver Filigree Boots
Silver Filigree Gauntlets
Silver Filigree Breastplate
Mage's Thicket Tunic




4.17 m
5.93 m
520.39 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Aug 07, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none



As you enter the Disillusionists' main edifice, a Skydancer flutters down next to you. He bows and greets you effusively, and he offers you a seat. "Are you looking for somebody? If you're here to visit someone, I can direct you to them."

You decline and explain that you were looking for him personally. You have some questions you wish to ask the clan. The Skydancer smiles and straightens up. "Certainly I can help you. And for that, I'd be pleased to show you a magic trick few dragons have mastered! It's called breaking the fourth wall."

{ PAL - muhr }
Nickname: Myrrh
Clan Greeter
♥ a gift from Nowai

Half-Moon Spectacles Used Cartography Ink
= F.A.Q. =
updated 2/23/24
Clan FAQ. If you have a question about something that's not written here, please send me a PM or comment. Thank you!
Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I've been here long enough to notice or receive some fairly common questions from other players. Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and I hope you find the info you need. (Lore thread has its own FAQ here.)
{ You ask Disillusionist... }

{ ...“Who are you?” }
Just a Southeast Asian lady who never outgrew dragons! When I’m not at work or busy with RL stuff, FR’s my go-to site for de-stressing and killing time.

{ ...about preferred pronouns. }
She/her/hers for me, please. They/them/their is also OK!
My dragons will typically have the same pronouns as their pose, such as a male-pose dragon using he/him/his. In the event that a dragon has pronouns different from their pose (e.g. a male-pose dragon using she/her/hers), these will be included in the broadcast or the bio. They/them is also OK, if you're not sure which ones to use.

{ ...about FR interests. }
On FR, I can often be found working on lore commissions or writing lore for my own dragons. I also like collecting badges and grinding for fun and profit, plus I'm drowning in several breeding and gene projects. send help aaaaiiiiee

{ ..."Where is your broadcast message from?" }
My broadcast messages, from newest to oldest:
Dormammu, I've come to speak to your manager -- I found this on 9Gag some time ago.
Don't be afraid to lose your way... -- This is a lyric from the song "Yes I Know" by KOKIA.

{ ...if you can leave likes on the dragons' pages. }
Certainly, and thank you! I enjoy seeing my dragons get likes.

{ ...if you can send a friend request or PM, or leave a comment. }
Sure, no problem! Random friend requests, comments, and PMs are perfectly fine, as long as they’re polite and don’t break any site rules.
If you send me a friend request and I don't know you, I will most likely comment on your page asking where you saw me. Nothing serious; I'm just curious about how people find and decide to befriend me, that's all. ^_^
From time to time, I may go through my friends list and remove people who are already inactive. If ever you come back, feel free to send another request if you'd like.

{ ... "I accidentally sent you a random friend request...." }
XD No worries, I know a lot of people click that button by accident! Feel free to ignore and remove me, no explanation required.

{ ...if you can send a random 1-way CR. }
I won't say no to items or currency, but for dragons, please ask before sending. I don't always have the lair space for them, and I might resell them later on.

{ ...“I sent you a PM/ping/comment that needed an answer, but I never heard back from you. Why didn’t you reply?” }
If you pinged me, try checking the spelling of my username first: Disillusionist. If it's misspelled, I won't get your ping.
If you spelled my name correctly when pinging me, then I apologize. Sometimes PMs and notifications get lost in the shuffle. It’s also possible that I did read your message but didn’t think it needed a reply.
Please give me 48 hours to answer PMs. Sometimes I'm very busy and it takes me a while to sit down and compose a reply. If you haven't gotten a response from me after two days, feel free to send your message again. I’m likelier to reply if a) you ask actual questions (e.g. “When will you finish my lore?”) and/or b) state what information you want from me (e.g. “I want to know if you’ll accept this apparel as payment”). Thanks for understanding!

{ ... "I never replied to your last message but would like to talk with you again. Is it OK?" }
It's perfectly fine, please don't be shy! I understand life can get hectic sometimes. Feel free to hit me up again, no explanations required!
If it's been a very long time, I might ask you where we met or what we were last talking about. I talk with plenty of people on FR, so my memory might need to be joggled a bit. Thank you for understanding. <3

{ ... "I said I would write back to you, but I'm having a hard time doing so. Is it OK if I don't send you a message?" }
It's perfectly fine. Please don't feel obliged to write to me if you're tired, stressed, or just don't feel like it.
If you do change your mind and decide to reach out again, don't be shy about doing so either. It's always nice to hear from other players. ^^

{ ...if you can chat together on Discord or Slack. }
I prefer communicating on FR, sorry! PMs are the best way to contact me here on FR. I log in almost every day and always check my notifications and PMs first thing.

{ ...about the codes used in the dragons’ bios. }
I make my own layouts. If you wish to edit them yourself or play with the codes, they’re available for
free. You can modify them as much as you want, so long as you credit me for the original templates.

{ ... "Some of the images in your dragons' bios/threads are broken." }
Feel free to PM me about it! I try to replace images when I can, but given the size of my lair, I'm bound to miss some broken links. Thank you for letting me know!

{ ...for coding advice and tips. }
I learned all my coding right here on FR. I took a look at layouts I liked and tried to think of how I could duplicate them from scratch. I found these guides very helpful, too:
BBCode Guide
1 2
Small Dragon Images
Dragon Portraits/Avatars
Posting Item Images and Skins
Common Fonts
Font and Color Hex Codes

{ ... "When will you update your bio resources thread?" }
*nervous sweating* I'm really pressed for time these days. Can't make any promises for this one, sorry! I can still help out if you have questions about the resources on the thread, though.

{ ...about clan alliances. }
I’m rather lax in my alliance policies. It’s not mandatory that we contact each other all the time or exchange dragons, art, lore, etc. If it’s all right with you, though, your dragons might show up from time to time in my own stories. If we have mutual allies, they might show up or be mentioned as well. You are also free to mention my dragons or our clans’ interactions in your own lore.
If you're curious about how I manage alliances, or if you're looking for one-off or more limited interactions (e.g. customers buying from merchants, passengers on board a ship, etc.), you can view my Alliances and Lore Connections. If you need some alliance ideas, you can check out my Possible Connections post as well.

{ ... "I want to become your ally/enemy/(other lore relation). Can you rewrite your previous lore to accommodate this?" }
The short answer is no. I may do this myself if it's not too difficult and if I think it works well with my stories, but I would prefer that you didn't build your alliance offer entirely on this. Please don't ask me to change any events or characters that I've already written about. I may be able to work around insertions of your ideas or characters, but it's not a guarantee.
If you're unsure about your alliance ideas, you can still send me a PM! I enjoy discussing lore with other players, and if I'm not pushed to change what I've already written down and incorporated into other stories, I'm sure we can reach an agreement.

{ ...about reading lore. }
I’d be happy to show you my lore. ^^ My notes and stories (as well as amazing lore commissioned from other writers!) can all be found in this thread. Thanks for your time and interest!

{ ..."From where do you get your lore ideas?" }
I get my ideas from a wide variety of places, including books I’ve read, video games, or images I see.
For my commissions, I always require lore customers to provide their own headcanon, ideas, and/or any existing lore. This gives me a foundation to build on so I can complete new stories for them rather quickly.
(Have more questions? Feel free to PM me!)

{ ...for ideas/advice about story/character/concept. }
I'm not very good with giving story ideas on the spot. I don't think I'll be able to offer anything if you ask me where your story should go or what should be done with a character. Please remember that I don't know your lore as well as you do. =) I might be able to think of headcanon for a character, but it's never a guarantee.
More often than not, it takes me ages to finish writing lore for my own dragons, so if you’re looking for advice, the best tip I can give is this: Give it time. Take a break if you need one. Stories will develop naturally if you allow them to. You can push them, but I’ve found that if I do so, I usually end up disliking the result, so slow lore it is.

{ ...about RPing. }
Unfortunately, I’m too busy (and lazy) to RP. Sorry! The exceptions to this are CYOA threads, which usually have a set finish date and require me to reply only once a day. They're a lot easier on my schedule.
RP-format messages will still be accepted, but I'll reply to them as myself. You will not receive any RP responses. (I appreciate the effort nonetheless! ^^)

{ ..."You ordered a commission from me, but it's delayed/can't be finished. Can we work something out?" }
If I don't hear from you for some time after I commissioned you, I will request an update, particularly if I have already paid you. I would really appreciate it if you let me know how long the commission might take, if you have to delay it, or if you can't finish it (explaining why isn't necessary).
If a commission is delayed, I don't usually mind waiting longer, but please don't be afraid to let me know if you can't finish it at all. As long as you're up front with me, I'm sure we'll be able to settle things smoothly.
(A list of orders can be found

{ ..."What kinds of commissions do you offer, and how do I hire/pay you?" }
I have a
shop and currently accept commissions for: lore, proofreading (this one is PWYW), coding, breeding cards, and FR graphics. If you’re interested in ordering, please make sure to read the shop rules and post your orders there. Thanks!
(I don't accept orders for RL currency.)

{ ..."You've been running your shop for a long time. How do you do it?" }
The short answer is time management. I try to work within a certain time limit (not more than 20 days for one commission) and do the bulk of my work during days off. To keep from burning out, I close the shop during festivals or real-life holidays.

{ ..."Can I copy your shop rules for my own shop?" }
I'm glad my rules could help you get set up. Crediting, linking back to, or referring other players to my own shop is appreciated, but not required or even remotely expected. I don't mind if your layout or rules are derived or paraphrased from mine.
With regard to copy-pasting rules exactly -- I think it's fine for shops that sell art, adopts, graphics, etc. But if you're opening a writing/lore shop, you may first want to consider how copy-pasting others' writing (even if it's only just rules and guidelines) will reflect upon your own work.

{ ...about gijinkas or art trades. }
The pieces I’ve completed for other players were either given for free or offered as payment for things I wanted. I’m not selling gijinkas right now, but if you would like to do an art trade or sell me something in return (like FR dragons or items) or exchange services, you can PM me, and we might be able to work something out.
(I am considering selling gijinkas and am still preparing examples and price ranges.)

{ ...about haggling or trading. }
I don't haggle for commission prices stated in the shop, but I'm open to negotiating for auctions. You can send me a PM if you'd like.

{ ..."I gave you/paid you with a gene/breed change scroll, but it hasn't been used yet. Is it OK to ask why?" }
When I have a gene project, I prefer to gather all the needed scrolls first and then throw them onto the dragon in one go. It's more satisfying for me, plus it gives me wiggle room to change the plan in case new and more appealing genes are released. (Scrolls are still removed from the wishlists once they're received.)

{ ...about the clan’s exalt policy. }
This is an exalting lair, and I either breed or purchase my own fodder. If I receive a dragon for free, it will be given a permanent home. If I get tired of it, after some time, it will be given away or sold directly to another clan (but never auctioned off or exalted by me personally).
If you think your dragon might be exalted, check their bio. Trainees will usually have completely empty bios and no familiars. I would be glad to reimburse you if you’d like to buy them back. But if your dragon has been leveled up by then, I'll ask you for the amount of treasure I'd normally get from exalting them or selling them to whichever flight is pushing atm.
These prices are negotiable. All trainees will be named before being exalted.
Once I have exalted a dragon, it will not be restored. Sorry!

{ ... "Can you rename the dragon you bought from me?" }
I am not open to renaming permas. Sorry!
For fodder/breeding project dergs, I am open to renaming them if A) you suggest a name that doesn't break FR's rules, B) you provide the renaming scroll, and C) you own one or both of the (unexalted) parents.

{ ...what you can do with dragons received/purchased from the clan. }
You can do anything you want with them, honest! If you get a dragon from me, feel free to give it away, exalt it, resell it for a higher price, etc. Some of my dragons' parents have lore, and you are free to incorporate, edit, or ignore this, too, as long as you don’t claim you were the one who originally wrote it.

{ ... "I bought a dragon, and it has 'Please return to Disillusionist' and nesting info written in its bio. What should I do with it? }
DX First off, I'm sorry -- a lot of times, after a breeding project is finished, I throw the dragons on the AH so I can make space right away. But I forget to check and clear their bios. It's best if you delete the info so people don't get confused. Thanks for buying, and sorry for the inconvenience! (And yes, you can do whatever you want with the dragon.)

{ ..."I bought a dragon from you and am curious about their family/friends in your lair. Can I ask you for more info on these dragons?" }
{ ..."I have lore questions about ______. Do you have any/additional headcanon for them?" }
Yes, feel free to ask! I'm heckin' lazy and a lot of my dragons have headcanon that just hasn't been written down. Actually, feel free to ask for lore info about anyone; it'll be a great way to motivate me to write more lore bits for them. xD
(Please note that this isn't an invitation to RP. I will not do any in-character discussions over PM; it's genuinely tiring for me. RP-format questions will still be accepted, but I will reply to them as myself, not as any of my characters. Thank you!)

{ ... "I bought a dragon from you and gave them art, lore, etc. Can I show it to you?" }
YES!! Please do, I love seeing what other players do with my dragons' kids! Also, feel free to incorporate the parents' lore (if any), ignore it completely, or hit me up if you'd like more details.

{ ... "You purchased a dragon from me. Can you notify me if you give them art, lore, etc.?" }
I'd be glad to. Just let me know!

{ ... "You asked to be pinged...
-- for my dragons' hatchlings
-- for a specific color-gene combo
-- if ever I decided to sell [specific dragon]
...but it was a long time ago. Is it OK if I ping/PM you now and offer to sell them to you?" }

If you're the owner of the pinglist/dragon, yes, go right ahead! There's a good chance I'm still interested.
If you aren't the owner of the pinglist/dragon, but think I might be interested in similar dragons you have, you can contact me through PM (don't use other people's pinglists without permission!).
Either way, don't worry about asking me if I want to buy dragons from you -- the worst I can do is say "no, thanks". =)

{ ... "We agreed to set up a CR/PA for dragons/items, but I've changed my mind about buying from you/selling to you. Can we cancel the transaction?" }
Yes, it's OK! My only request is that you'll tell me you won't be doing business with me -- please don't ignore me or leave me hanging.* You don't even need to explain why; as long as I know not to expect payment or a dragon from you, we're cool.
(This applies only to dragons and items. If you have ordered lore or art from me, I will require at least partial payment for my time and effort even if you cancel. Please see my shop rules for more info.)
* Unless of course you're uncomfortable with me. If I haven't done anything wrong, I'd appreciate your reaching out and properly cancelling the transaction, but if you're just not comfortable talking with me or if I've offended you, you don't need to let me know. I'm deeply sorry if this is the case!

{ ...what you can do with gifts/services received from the clan. }
Same policy as dragons: if you receive items/currency from me, you’re free to do whatever you want with them. Exceptions: art, lore, codes, graphics, and proofreading. Whether you purchased these from me or received them as gifts, please do not claim that you did them.

{ ...if some of the dragons are for sale. }
All dragons have notes in their bios indicating if they're permanent or not:
Main and NPCs Tabs:
  • Not for Sale, Trade, or Lending: This dragon is permanent and I have no plans to get rid of them. Instead, you can:
    • Check their bios. I will always put links to hatcheries and sales threads here. There may also be notes linking to threads with similar dragons or information about this dragon being OK for breeding.
    • Let me know if you're interested in them, or make offers for them. In the event that I decided to give them up, I may contact you about selling them.
      Please understand that even if I take note of your interest, there is still no guarantee that I will sell the dragon later.
  • belongs to (username): This dragon is not mine; I'm only boarding or hosting them. Ask their owner about them instead.
  • reserved for (username): Someone else has already claimed this dragon, and I'm not going to offer it to anyone else. Please contact the new owner instead.
  • (nothing written in bio): Will most likely be exalted. Feel free to make offers for these.
Dragons in the Projects and Misc. (HD) tabs are being used for breeding projects. Not permanent, but I am not yet ready to sell them. You can let me know if you're interested, and I'll contact you if I no longer need them.
Dragons in Sales and Fodder are always available! Feel free to haggle or shoot me an offer if the dragon isn't on the AH yet. I accept all FR currencies and most items.

{ ...if a dragon's skin/apparel/familiar is for sale. }
I'm sorry, but if it's attached to a dragon, it isn't for sale. You can let me know if you're interested, though, and I might sell it later on. As mentioned above, please understand that if I take note of your interest, it doesn't guarantee that the item will be sold in the future.

{ ...if some dragons can be bred on request. }
{ ...about being pinged for hatchlings with specific colors, genes, breeds, or genders. }

I'm not open to breeding any dragons under these tabs: NPCs (Lair), Main (HD), NPCs (HD).
For the others, it's a case-by-case basis. Some dragons belong to established pairs and breed only with their chosen mates. Others are open to breeding with different dragons, or else they may not be open to breeding at all. Feel free to ask.
If you're looking for a specific hatchling from an established breeding pair, you can also let me know, and I'll contact you when they produce the right dragon. Please note that prices will vary based on similar dragons on the AH, plus special ID numbers and eye types (if any).

{ ...about hosting dragons for breeding. }
I don't host other players' pairs -- if you're only looking for a Light nest, I recommend the Big Nest Rental Topic.
If you would like to send one dragon over to breed with any of my other dragons, please ask me first. Not all of my dragons will be open to breeding with others. I may prefer to keep some of them unbred, or else they breed only with their mates.
If I agree to let your dragon breed with mine, please take note of these guidelines:
  1. Send food for your dragon, please! 20 points of each of their preferred foods is OK.
  2. Let me know if you want me to send back: A) the parent and all the kids, B) the parent and just one or a few specific kids, C) only one or some specific kids.
  3. If you leave any dragons with me, please note that I may resell or exalt them.
  4. I'll send a CR for your preferred dragons once the nest hatches. I'm willing to hold your dragons until the kids are grown. My lair space is very limited, so if, by this time, you have not taken them back, I'll consider them mine and will sell or exalt them.

{ ...about borrowing dragons. }
At the moment, I don't lend my dragons to anyone. My project pairs are lent only to people listed as hosts on nest rental threads. Please do not offer collateral: I will neither accept it nor offer anything in return.
I recommend checking the bio of the dragon you're interested in. I always put links back to their hatcheries, sales threads, or subspecies threads -- you might find other players willing to lend/sell similar dragons or host your nest. You can also check if the dragons' parents are still in an active lair and if the owner is willing to sell any future babies. I may also be able to breed you one (though this isn't a guarantee as I'm picky about pairing off my dragons).

{ ...where (dragon name) was purchased from. }
{ ...what the symbols on dragons’ bios mean. }
If you’re interested in a dragon I’m not selling, check their bio. Some dragons have a line (under their names) that shows how I got them. The line will be marked by any of these symbols:
Used for progens and dragons I bred or hatched myself.
This dragon was hatched in a rented OOF nest.
This shows that the dragon was purchased, either from the Auction House or another clan. Dragons purchased from hatcheries will always have a link back to their shop.
This shows that the dragon or item was received for free from another player. There will be a link if the dragon was received from an adoption thread.
All these symbols are also used for services (like art or lore). They will link back to the shop, or to the creator’s lair if they don’t have a shop thread yet.

{ ... "is ______ a fandragon of _______?" }

Some dragons share names with fictional characters, but they are not fandragons.
My (attempts at actual) fandragons will never share names with the characters who inspired them. This is because they always run away from me, grow personalities of their own, and end up being unrecognizable as those characters, anyway. ~__~'' So if you see a dragon with a name you recognize from fiction, it's not going to be a fandragon. (You can ask anyway, if you're curious.)

{ ... "Why so many emojis?" }
I don't want people to feel intimidated.

{ ...a question that isn’t listed here. }
If you have any further questions or concerns, you can send me a PM or comment, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for reading!
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