Melqart (#28592608)
Level 1 Guardian
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Guardian
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17.21 m
17.33 m
8314.9 kg


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Nov 17, 2016
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none



Located outside the Disillusionists' main lair, the Crispy Phoenix is a low, wide building crafted from dark timber and pale, gold-colored stone. Colorful plants have been trained to grow over the outer beams. There are sprawling patios for outdoor dining and a stage for live performances at the center. The stage is currently empty, but you can hear cheerful music being generated from somewhere inside.
You enter the establishment. All around are several leather cusions of different sizes, arranged in sets around tables for large dragons. Platforms are suspended from the ceiling and attached to the walls for smaller dragons to perch on. Some of these booths are occupied, and after a moment, the maitre d' approaches you.
"Welcome to the Crispy Phoenix! We're glad to have you with us. Seating for...? Certainly, right this way, please."
Once seated, you are handed a menu and then left to study it at your leisure. You also look around the restaurant, noting the plaque detailing the restaurant's history, plus advertisements about live entertainment. At the back of the restaurant, you can make out some pictures of the restaurant staff. There's also a painting of the owner, with a framed parchment next to it, probably detailing his own qualifications and history.

  • Jungle Log Jam . . . . . . . . . . 100,000t
    A panoply of jungle insects ready for you to dig into! Choose a log to crack open: crispy spinach and scrub, pressed squid and shrimp, dried antelope jerky, or beetle carapaces.
  • Centipede Churn . . . . . . . . . 40,000t
    A bowl full of stringy, zesty centipedes, sprinkled with crunchy beetle carapaces and soft, fluffy moth wings.
  • Spider's Web Soup . . . . . . . 40,000t
    Spiders and spider silk all strung together in a savory insect-based broth, complete with captured-insect surprises!
  • Sweet Hopper Surprise . . . . 70,000t
    Locusts, grasshoppers, and leaf hoppers cavort in a sweet sauce. Available in spicy and non-spicy varieties.
  • Hardshell Poppers . . . . . . . 35,000t
    Filled with sauce of your choice and then toasted to perfection. Popping with flavor in every bite!
  • Fresh Garden Salad . . . . . . . . . 30,000t
    Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers, harvested right here in the Sunbeam Ruins and delivered fresh to your plate!
  • Rainbow Platter . . . . . . . . . 70,000t
    Taste the rainbow! Apples, orange tomatoes, mangoes, cucumbers, stellaria media, blueberries, and umbra parthenium come together in a colorful, leafy entree.
  • Scorched Forest Salad . . . . 90,000t
    Peppers and wild mustard and catsup add spice to an already-intense dish of fireflowers and greenpod blooms. Served over a pot of smoldering coals.
  • Autumn Apple Crunch . . . . . 20,000t
    Not just for autumn! Crispy-cold apple slices dusted with cinnamon and finely-chopped sugary prickleaf, served with a side of honey.
  • Mashed Potatoes . . . . . . . . 15,000t
    A versatile treat, served cold or hot, with sauce and garnish of your choice.
  • Plumette's Raisin Bread . . . . 60,000t
    A house favorite, made by Plumette the baker. Raisin bread with cinnamon, bananas, and chewy walnuts and cashews.
  • Roasted Antelope . . . . . . . . . . 180,000t
    Marinated in special sauces, rubbed with delicious herbs, and then roasted over aromatic wood chips. All parts available.
    NOTE: Some magic-users may have adverse reactions to our herbs, which include parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Please inform our on-duty manager if you believe you may have witch-deterrent allergies.
  • Birdception . . . . . . . . . . . . 250,000t
    Roasted birds inside other roasted birds! A sparrow inside a quail inside a chicken inside a turkey. Served with side dishes of mashed potatoes and cranberries.
    NOTE: Please order two days before to allow prep time. On-site orders will not be accepted.
  • Duck in Sunbeam Sauce . . 60,000t
    A tender duck, cooked in black bean sauce, with hints of sunshine from light's breath pollen and honey.
  • Rollcats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80,000t
    A serving of 8 weasels, ferrets, and polecats, each rolled in batter and deep-fried. Served with sauce and garnish of your choice.
  • Potamus Pot . . . . . . . . . . 100,000t
    A steaming cauldron of frogs, toads, hippopotami, and newts, swimming freely in broth. Available in beef- or vegetable-based soup.
  • Devil's Food Traps . . . . . . . . . . 60,000t
    Oysters served steamed or raw, according to your choice.
    NOTE: When ordering raw, please be aware that some devilsnap oysters may snap back. Testing tongs will be provided.
  • Kelp Forest Cauldron . . . . . 70,000t
    A steaming cauldron of strands of kelp, served with little fish, snails, octopi, crabs, and shrimp.
  • Sizzling Marlin Steak . . . . . 60,000t
    An all-time favorite: swordfish steak served on a hot plate with chopped garlic and lemon sauce.
  • Crustacean Casserole. . . . . 50,000t
    Enjoy this tactile and tasty delight! Fluffy crab and shrimp meat served together with crunchy shellfish bits.
  • Abyssal Delight . . . . . . . . . 95,000t
    Bottom-dwelling fish and sea cucumbers, pressed paper-thin and then fried for a delicately crispy texture and flavor. Enjoy it with sauce of your choice.
  • Wavecrest Platter . . . . . . . . 120,000t
    A party-sized platter of fresh sushi and sashimi, with a variety of dips to match.
  • Full Charge . . . . . . 40,000t
    A house blend, enchanted by our very own coffee brewers. Guaranteed to pump you full of energy and get you through the toughest work shifts!
    NOTE: One cup per dragon only. Not available for takeout or in decaf. You need to sign a waiver when ordering one of these.
  • Tropical Blast . . . . . 35,000t
    Fruit punch with bits of cucumbers, mangoes, pineapples, lemons, and passion fruits. Served chilled, and perfect for sweltering summer days.
  • Cloud Shake . . . . . . 35,000t
    A creamy milkshake with flavoring of your choice: hazelnut, orange, kiwi, or blueberry. Great for kids -- and for adults, too!
  • Sunbeer . . . . . . . . . 50,000t
    Brewed from golden wheat grown and harvested in the Sunbeam Ruins, plus other secret ingredients. A house blend developed by Melqart the restaurateur.
  • Hesperi Teas . . . . . . 95,000t
    House blends developed by Hesperides the brewer. Available in the following: Calm-omile, PassionFruit, Lemon Zest, Gin-ger, and Classic Matcha.
    NOTE: All blends available in decaf on request. Gin-ger blend contains alcohol; a non-alcoholic version is available on request.
  • Hot Chocoatl . . . . . . . . . 30,000t
    A classic chocolatey drink that's great with pastries or as a standalone. Choose from three intensities: dark (best for adults), semisweet, or extra-milky.
  • Service water is available for free.
Made and served
fresh on the same day!

Sample exotic treats from the mysterious city of Byzmara, created by
Nonpareil the confectioner.
(Menu varies. Please see the board behind the counter for current selections.)


  • Shrimp Paste . . . . . . 800t
    A strong-smelling condiment sure to tickle your nose and fancy!
  • Pesto . . . . . 500t
    A simple basil-based sauce that's a favorite in clans the world over.
  • Melted Butter . . . . . . 100t
    A quick and simple favorite. Tastes great with plenty of dishes!
  • Sweet-Sour Sauce . . . 500t
    Sweet or sour, but never bitter, this sauce goes well with different fried foods.
  • Seaside Sauce . . . . . . 200t
    Soy sauce, with flavor boosts from garlic, red onions, vinegar, and bird's-eye chili. Order our house's default blend or request the ingredients separately to mix your own.
  • Scuttles . . . . . . . . . . . 600t
    These crispy, crunchy insect legs are ready to scuttle onto your food.
  • Dried Fish Flakes . . . . 1,000t
    Made from deep-dwelling flounders and high-flying fish.
  • Garden-fresh Herbs . . . . 700t
    A quick and simple favorite. Tastes great with plenty of dishes!
  • Chicken Skin . . . . . . . . 1,000t
    Strips of chicken skin, deep fried until crispy.
  • Pickled Papayas . . . . . . 800t
    Golden papaya strings, pickled together with carrots and onions for sweet-sour flavoring.
Marvel at performers from clans from all over Sornieth! Calming music, feats of sorcery and prestidigitation, miniature plays, and more!
(Sound-dampening spells are available for customers who wish to dine quietly. Ask our on-duty manager for details.)

Enjoy music from distant lands and vibrant, mystical imaginations!
Runa is always taking requests for the latest hits, while the 57th Division's music troupe will wow you with original compositions from their fiery homeland. Ambient songs for night dining are graciously provided by a generous songcrafter who wishes to remain anonymous.

* The management would like to let it be known that Dandelion the bard is no longer performing at this establishment.
Illusions, magic acts, and sorcerous tricks on display!
Carinus, stage actor and magician, is here to enthrall you with tales and deeds of sorcery! Visit us again at night as the Disillusionists' own Flaumello puts on his own light show -- a hit with younger audience members.

Other exciting events!
We occasionally schedule events diners can spectate or participate in, such as rhyming contests with Calliope, symphonic concerts with Laurant, dance shows by the 57th Division, stage readings by Carinus, and more. Schedules will be posted throughout the restaurant. Interested in booking a specific performer, participating in an event, or reserving space for your own functions? Just let us know!

Regularly occurring:
  • Legato's Karaoke Challenge Last 3 days of each month. Legato showcases songs from myriad realms and times! Do you remember the right lyrics? Now's your chance to find out!
  • Takara's Tsukumogami Troupe Once every 2 months. Hailing from fabled Byzmara, Takara and his tricky tsukumogami are here to delight the crowd!
  • Paulie Wants a Cracker! Every 1st of each month. Paulie, the Crispy Phoenix's mascot, is looking for treats and snacks!
    * Paulie's food will be provided by the establishment staff. Please do not feed Paulie your own food. This event is from 5:00-5:45 PM and is FREE to participate in.

Interested in performing for us?
Visit the Disillusionists' lair to arrange an appointment with our impresarios,
Nicauliah and Dante, or answer our advertisement

__28592608.png M E L Q A R T
{ MEL - kart }
Nicknames: Cart, Quart
m. Phoenician: lord of the city

Motes of Light Hatchery

» FEATURED IN: (none currently)
» APPEARANCES: Legato, Remnants and Roots
» CAMEOS: Abode of Love


Born to Clan Elysia's leaders, Melqart came to the Disillusionists to cement an alliance between the two clans. He grew to adulthood in his new lair, forming a firm friendship with the progenitors' then-youngest daughter, Neira. During this time, Melqart tried his hand at a wide variety of jobs, including lair guard, inventorist, gatherer, and cook. He eventually discovered a new interest: the culinary world.

Like others among the Disillusionists, Melqart was fond of making money and decided to channel his passions in profits. The idea for this restaurant was born when he happened to pass by a gathering of dragons discussing business strategies. He became interested in their proposition that Sornieth's restaurateurs and tavernkeepers become affiliated with each other, both to expand their business opportunities and to help their customers enjoy Sornieth's various gastronomic delights. He originally considered calling the restaurant "The Gilded Song" and hiring various musicians to entertain the customers. The clan was eager to assist Melqart, and several members contributed to the would-be restaurateur's growing cache of funds. The restaurant's opening was originally scheduled for Winter 2017, but several financial problems plus other setbacks, such as the departure of some lairmates, caused the date to be pushed back.

Still, interest in the restaurant remained steady. Melqart's own parents, in Clan Elysia, supported the idea, and he met various dragons around Sornieth who expressed wishes to sample more of the Sunbeam Ruins' cuisine. When the Bounty of the Elements swept through Sornieth, the Disillusionists were quick to capitalize on the sudden influx of new dragons and resources, and restaurant development plans surged anew. In addition to the usual wait staff, cooks and brewers were hired. The Disillusionists reached out to various clans, inquiring about performers who would be willing to entertain the guests.

Melqart proudly opened his restaurant to Sornieth shortly before Brightshine Jubilee 2018. Like all businesses, the Crispy Phoenix has had its share of struggles, but also plenty of good and profitable days. Its proprietor usually stays in the back, where he brews established and experimental blends of beer, but he can occasionally be seen manning the counters, waiting on tables, and even cooking in the kitchens. He also enjoys chatting with his guests and hearing what they have to say about the dishes from their homelands.

Warm, genial, and often humorous, Melqart is one of the most approachable of the Disillusionists. He is rarely seen without a smile and is always open to learning new things; his cheerfulness is matched only by his energy. This dragon is rarely totally still, and is at his happiest bustling around the lair or his beloved restaurant. But he is by no means a workaholic, and when he feels things are beginning to get too much for him, he usually retires to a quiet room with a tankard of cold beer.

Speaking of which: Among the Disillusionists, it is he who is most inclined to drink and get drunk. The "happy drunk" type -- often leans companionably against his friends or wraps his wings around them. He also sings sometimes and is especially fond of grandiose epics with fancy words. He has a rich, beautiful voice, but the drunker he gets, the more out of tune he becomes, until he's just happily bellowing the lyrics. When he reaches his saturation point, he will just lie down and start snoring. Various clanmates have teamed up to create magical hangover cures for him so that he can get up and go to work the next day, but he prefers the traditional remedy of dunking his head in ice-cold water.

He will chat with just about anyone who's up for a conversation, but he particularly likes talking with those who are knowledgeable about food: cooks, gourmets, critics, and the like. He likes to collect recipes, but doesn't try all of them himself. He will usually just farm the interesting ones out to lairmates or employees, asking them if they can try getting the dish "just right". His specialty and delight is brewing beer, and during holidays he will send barrels of the stuff to his parents' and friends' clans.

Scrupulous, honest, and always keen to help other beings. His employees have learned to watch out for shady customers who might try to inveigle free stuff or discounts from him, because he has a tendency to get suckered in by sob stories and performances. (Though to his credit, once he recognizes a scam, he can deal with it with cool professionalism. He learns fast -- once bitten, twice shy.) Well-loved by his employees because of how generous and considerate he is. This actually sometimes causes problems for the restaurant: some employees will take too much time off, ask for too many cash advances, and so on. Probably needs more managers with sterner backbones, but is still very much in the honeymoon phase with his restaurant and refuses to let anyone else run it (for now).


» among the Disillusionists
25629155p.png Neira | Best Friend
Melqart came to the lair when Neira was still the clan leaders' youngest daughter, and she quickly took him under her wing. They developed a friendship that endures to this day. Other dragons think that there might be more between them than just friendship, but it's difficult to say for certain, and further developments may yet be in store. For now, they remain close, and Neira frequently stops by the Crispy Phoenix to check on how things are going.
41353811p.png Thomas | Friend, Drinking Buddy
The only other Disillusionist who drinks harder and more often than Melqart does. When Thomas is ashore, he and the restaurateur often go out drinking together. He is a regular and welcome patron of the Crispy Phoenix, known for buying food and drinks for the performers, staff, and other customers.
Paulie | Familiar
Hatched from a magical Marva egg, Paulie is the restaurant's mascot, and their ever-changing forms delight guests almost as much as the live performances do. Melqart sometimes holds special "Paulie Wants a Cracker" days, when guests (under careful supervision) can feed Paulie.
35952195p.png Celandine | Full-time Employee
The maitre d' of the Crispy Phoenix. Polished and serene, Celandine is a lot more difficult to con than Melqart is, and he relies on her to deflect the most troublesome customers. Celandine, for her part, respects Melqart a great deal as a boss, but is often exasperated by his softheartedness.
36470630p.png Plumette | Part-time Employee
A baker of the Crispy Phoenix. She appreciates Melqart for putting her (in)famous raisin bread in the spotlight and giving her a chance to showcase her baking skills. Usually bakes at home and has the bread delivered to the restaurant, but will sometimes pop in to help cook if they're short on staff.
35793310p.png Hesperides | Part-time Employee
The coffee and tea brewer of the Crispy Phoenix. Regarded by Melqart as his superior in the world of brewing, as she can handle more beverages and knows more spells than he does. She is oblivious to this, however, and simply treats him cordially.

» from other clans
Melqart also outsources wait staff, kitchen staff, cleaners, and performers from other clans in Sornieth. They're hired on a contractual basis. Good employees can expect a bonus and a contract renewal at the end of their term; bad employees get a handshake and a firm goodbye. Melqart doesn't like gossiping about bad workers, but will quietly inform business associates about them if he sees a need to do so.

He makes it a point to remember regular customers' faces and find out more about them. In addition to learning more about their food and dining preferences, he sees it as a way to get more info about culinary techniques and recipes around the world.

Like all Guardians, Melqart is blessed with great physical strength. But he knows only basic combat techniques. He's not at all interested in fighting and his usual method of defusing conflicts is to invite his opponents to drink with him.
While not completely immune to sickness, Melqart is healthier than most. He has a tough consitution and can eat and drink just about anything. Taking sick days off is almost unheard-of for him and tends to throw his employees into confusion when it does happen.
Most of Melqart's spells are small enchantments for everyday use. He does not actually use them on his brews, but instead uses them for his work: heating liquids quickly, instantly processing ingredients, and so on. Even so, he is not a particularly skillful mage, which is why he tends to leave magical dishes up to his employees.
Not at all scholarly, but he is well-read and studied business and brewing techniques intensively before he opened his restaurant. He can grasp basic theories, though putting them into practice sometimes escapes him. Talking about other subjects is possible for him, but he would really rather not.
Easy and fun to talk to, well-liked by many dragons, though some might be put off by his tendency to imbibe alcohol. He forms friendships easily and can be a very persuasive salesman. It works both ways, however -- his better nature is easy to appeal to, and some dragons take advantage of this. He cannot always recognize (or believe) it when it's happening.
About average. He has occasional windfalls, just like all dragons do. He would probably be more fortunate if he were more careful about being conned, but this doesn't always happen, not that it particularly worries him. He relies on knowledge and hard work rather than auspicious circumstances.



» art by DragonEve

"Fugo" wrote on "2018-07-23:
"Is there anything I can do to improve my business?"


"Keep a level head. You may be going through a period of stagnation and uncertainty now, but the cards spell great energy in the future as long as you persist in your efforts. Don't get caught up in the details — find the inspiration and drive you need to bring new ideas (and recipes) to the table!"

» moodboard by Petall

» adopt by Renepolumorfous

» adopts from Plague's Confectionery

» art by Malreau

» adopt from Soupdoptables

» adopt by MoonChyld & cordifolium

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"Theme" music graphics made by Diamondsuits. • Dessert items made by krastei, grabbed from this post last year.
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