ShadowBleak (#24515823)
Level 1 Coatl
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Shining Goblin
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Coatl
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6.92 m
8.72 m
1107.41 kg


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Jun 13, 2016
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245


Unnamed was once a very brightly colored Coatl who was very respected and loved by his clan mates. He was a natural born leader from the day of his birth, proving time and again that he could handle any situation thrown at him. Unnamed had a mate named Gloria, a beautiful brightly-colored Snapper whose mothering tendencies made her the perfect Matriarch of the clan. With Gloria ruling beside him, Unnamed brought about a golden age of prosperity. However, not everyone was happy about his reign in his clan. A jealous Dragon attacked Unnamed and Gloria in the night, using a surprise attack to murder the both of them. While Gloria passed peacefully, Unnamed clung to his body for unknown reasons. He was forced to roam the haunts of his old clan, not able to do anything other than watch as the one who had killed him started to drive his former clan into the dirt. He grew angry as he watched his friends and loved one suffer; only strengthening his attachment to the world.
Infuriated, Unnamed started to seek out a medium that could connect him with reality once more. He came upon a darkly colored Coatl named Prysm, who was and still is a very powerful necromancer with powers to connect life and death. Unnamed pleaded and begged Prysm to bring him back to a physical body. Prysm warned Unnamed that bringing him back to life would cost him dearly. Unnamed insisted that Prysm bring him back, claiming that no cost was too great to stop the Dragon who had killed him.
With a heavy sigh, Prysm agreed to help Unnamed, casting a spell which allowed Unnamed's soul to grab onto his previous body. His soul was attached to his very spine, creating an odd Shadowy cast along the edges of his feathers. To further help anchor his soul to his body, Prysm gave him a set of Solar blades and Luminous Leggards which are enchanted to continue to bind his soul to his body.
However, when Unnamed returned to his previous clan to help them, he was seen as a pretender or a fake and outcast from his previous family and friends. His new white feathers did not help as it is a common superstition Coatl feathers turn white if they are sick. Ashamed and banned from his former clan, Unnamed elected to move to a Plague clan far away. For unknown reasons, Prysm decided to follow Unnamed, and they started a new clan together in the Plaguelands. Along the way they gathered a small bunch of followers. The first of which was RoseFire, a healer who Unnamed found wandering the desolation of the Plaguelands. Not long after RoseFire joined the clan, Unnamed located a warrior Coatl named Sunburst. After chatting with the Coatl for some time, Unnamed made him the head of the clan guard, putting him in charge of training new warriors in the clan
As a dragon, Unnamed is rather unique. He is a natural born leader, very decisive, and very clever. However, he can sometimes be as stubborn as a brick wall, and is not the strongest during a physical altercation. He does have the ability to talk himself out of most fights, and he tends to use other dragons to protect himself during Physical fights. Unnamed has managed to create good relationships with many surrounding clans and even is on good terms with several local Beastclans due to his negotiating skills. After living with him for some time, Prysm has become Unnamed’s best friend. There are several rumors that Prysm and Unnamed share more than just friendship.. and neither dragon have confirmed or denied these rumors.
Recently, Unnamed discovered the cost of him being brought back to his body. Though he initially thought the colors were punishment enough he was proved wrong recently. Unnamed was rendered completely unable to conceive children. Unnamed has learned that his white feather curse has rebounded from himself to his parents and the rest of his siblings from now on. Prysm had no choice but to take the colors of Unnamed’s family in order to properly attach his soul to his body.. and will continue to take the colors of his siblings and future hatchlings to ensure Unnamed can remain attached to his body.
As of a recent festival, Unnamed was fortunate enough to come along a wounded Shining Golem. Using his silver tongue, Unnamed convinced the creature he meant no harm, took it home and nursed it back to health. After it recovered, the creature elected to become Unnamed’s familiar and serves him quite faithfully.
Though Unnamed will always miss his initial lover Gloria, he recently decided it was time to take a new mate. He took a female Coatl with feathers as sickly white as his own, because she was the only one who would have him due to superstitions about white-feathered Coatls. While Unnamed’s mate is extremely devoted to him, he actually does not love her at all and merely is with her for appearances and to produce an heir.

Done by the lovely Cutinstincts
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