Level 25 Wildclaw
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Sparkling Stinger
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Wildclaw
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Personal Style


Starseer's Emblem
Silver Filigree Helmet
Silver Filigree Wing Guard
Silver Filigree Banner
Silver Filigree Gauntlets
Silver Filigree Breastplate
Silver Filigree Boots
Leather Neck Wrap
Leather Arm Wraps
Leather Leg Wraps
Silver Filigree Tail Guard


Accent: Nature's Breeze



5.47 m
7.98 m
650.12 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 13, 2016
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Wildclaw
Max Level




  • none





*Stares Quietly*

Origins - Glade's parents were very lively and courageous individuals. They believed in their sun and put the utmost faith in him and that he'd grow up to be a strong and kind dragon. They weren't wrong, however, Glades former clan mates didn't think the same. Especially the head dragon of his former lair. Glade was born such as such a tiny little hatchling, at first no one thought he'd make it. His mother spent every waking minute with her tiny sun, trying to nurse him and after a week or two, Glade acted like any other rambunctious hatchling.

Many of the other dragons frowned at this turn in fate and some were jealous that such an event hadn't happened for them. In turn both other hatchling and dragons would treat the tiny wildclaw negatively, has if he didn't belong. Whenever he tried to play with other young dragons, they'd fake play to gain his trust. Then actually hurt him and try to get Glade to fight back, but his size always worked against him and he ended up staying close to his mother. His parents were the only source of protection he had, besides his siblings who couldn't always save him.

Glade's parents looked after him closely, but even they could stop the overwhelming sadness and fear of others the grew in the tiny wildclaw's heart. Glade would often sit alone and began to hand his head whenever anyone addressed him as to submit to their belief that he was inferior and a mistake.

Then the day came when he stood up to one of the leader's daughters. She had remarked about how his mother was a week roaming wh0re that met on of their clan dragons and that glade's siblings along with themselves were accidents. And just like that, Glade snapped. He didn't care how much he was bad mouthed, but no one insults his family.

The young wildclaw whipped his clawed hand across the female coatl's face and left a deep scar that's still there to this day. He watch as the little brat ran back to her parents as he himself began to walk back to his nest only to her a furiously enraged roar. Glade barely looks behind him and saw the massive imperial that was the clan leader and the tiny wildclaw ripped off, running as fast and as hard as he could to his parents.

Bug, his mother, was quick to defend her son. Despite the size of the imperial Glade's mother wasn't about to stand down and this truly amazed Glade. Her mate Skyla was being held down by others, prevented from aiding his family and it killed him inside. Bug snarled at her leader, the only thing keeping him away was the fact that she'd rip his throat out without hesitation.

Glade watched as his mother kept the clan leader away long enough for their eyes to meet.

"Run my son, run far away from here. Find somewhere that makes you happy and accepts you." Glade's mother uttered softly with tears brimming in her eyes as she pushed him further behind her with her snout. Glade looked at his mother only for a second before she yelled for him to go and that's exactly what the baby wildclaw did. Glade didn't look back afterward, he didn't need to hear the fighting break loose.

Glade only started crying once he could no longer hear or see anything familiar and he continued running for days. He ran until he collapsed in the long grass near a river, he couldn't make himself get up. He was far too tired. Even though he heard movement in some tall grass near him, Glade blacked out.

When Glade awoke strange, unfamiliar scents filled his nose. He peeled his eyes open to seen an unfamiliar pearlcatcher curled with him. He was in an unfamiliar nest and almost immediately began to cry out, rousing the sleeping pearlcatcher beside him. The dragoness reacted as his mother would and licked the hatching, calming him slightly. I was only then did the tiny wildclaw realize he had been bandaged and he was being taken care of.

It took quite a while before glade opened up to anyone, but he never left because he knew that this is were he belonged.

Personality - Glade is very flighty and is much more likely to run from a fight than participate in one. He is smart and can have a smart mouth at times though it's rare, very rare. He prefers to not speak at all and will do so until otherwise. On outing Glade sticks close to whoever he's venturing with and preferring to hide behind them most of the time. It is not known what made the young wildclaw so skittish, but signs most like point to some sort of abuse or bullying.

Glade, despite being very fearful of others is also very kind and willing to trust another. All he needs is to be given time to open up, this shows that his scars are only skin deep. And even though other beings have done nasty things to him, he's heart hasn't been blackened because of it.

In terms of hobbies, Glade collects simple things that no one else would want to steal. Such as leaves and plants that he presses in books, interesting stones he keeps in a class jar and other odd things. He keeps his collections hidden, even though he doesn't have much. He knows at least one dragon that would try to throw out such items, mistaking it for clutter.

Mate - Let’s hear about your dragons mate! Or maybe their mates? If they have no mate(s) then feel free to brag about their friends! Or perhaps complain about their enemies?

Clan Role - What does your dragon do for a living? Are they a hoarder? A merchant? A magician maybe!

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - Complication


Ned is basically Glade's backbone and protector. Since he knows glade would cower down in a fight Ned sees it as his job to fight for the young wildclaw, or at least give him time to flee. The Sparkling Stinger himself, isn't aggressive and it actually very calm and patient and loves to read. A bit odd for one of his species, but not unheard of. Ned met his companion when the dragons were on a foraging trip and upon seeing Glade's skittish behavior, the emerald wasp knew that someone had to help him or he wouldn't make it very far.

Use this as you see fit - Inventory/Art/Etc.
light.png Lightweaver Marble Bust




- Mire Flier
- Needs Tincture 2/25/18
- Needs Eliminate
- Needs Rally



Best of Each Species Above You 11/13/17

"I trust this good knight with my life. Pistachio hex is so lovely! Thistle may be hidden, but the little bits that do show work really well too. "- Cronch
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Exalting Glade to the service of the Plaguebringer will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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