Level 10 Bogsneak
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Splendiferous Sunshade
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Energy: 24/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Bogsneak
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Personal Style


Gloomwillow Guide
Violet Flowerfall
Ash Lace Headpiece
Violet Flower Crown
Sky Blue Wing Silks
Ash-Edged Claw
Ash Lace Anklet
Ash Lace Ribbons
Calico Cat
Ash Lace Wristlet
Sky Blue Leg Silks
Sky Blue Arm Silks
Sky Blue Silk Veil
Ash Lace Collar
Violet Lei
Glowing Blue Clawtips
Sky Blue Fillet




1.11 m
1.13 m
1.65 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Apr 21, 2016
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Bogsneak
EXP: 1029 / 27676



WIP Lore
(Pretty boy and he loves to be pretty/told he is pretty and dress up. For some reason all the dragons think he is gay? He doesn't really care since his wife loves him though its annoying when the dragons keep making comments about 'being born in the wrong gender'.
Oh well, he doesn't care as long as Gleam is happy and with how he never seen her happier before coming to this clan, he is more then happy to stay the rest of his days here with her. Plus StoneHeart never gives him weird looks or ask... intrusive questions when he wants to dress pretty so thats always a bonus)
(old married type. Insanely in love and devoted to the clan)
Gleam and Glint are considered in this lair one of the 'true' founding members in this lair even though they aren't nearly the first ones here or even the oldest members at the time these whispers started to be mention.
Due to this lair general feel of "Come relax" because to the lenient laws were all dragons are welcomed to come for the protection (after its so called "Dark Time" that DarkSaddness whispers about when asked about how the lair used to be before it became so relaxed) for however long they wish and are free to leave at their leisure and do eventually. Gleam and Glint both were a couple at another lair that needed to expand their supplies and they started asking several of their members if they could move on due to the lair many projects. StoneHeart offered them a home as they were other "parentless" dragons like her and would possible fit into this weird calm lair. After Glint and Gleam have settled, it was around the times that weird mystery were happening with the cauldron (that StoneHeart loved to play with too much while DarkSaddness would gather the supplies for her endless 'toss into the pot and see what happens' methods) and a new breed 'Bogsneaks' started to appear. StoneHeart was memorized by the mystery and went crazy to figure out how this was happening and after figuring it out (with the help of some higher cauldrons scientist mind you since she was still new-ish at the time) she brewed the potion to change you to bog sneaks like mad!
During her process she made as many as possible (and made a fortune in pretty UMA she loves and other gems for the lair to get it more prosperous) and she also offered a potion to both glint and gleam since they too seemed interested in the mystery of this and she wanted to share her love of this mystery with her clan. In exchange for StoneHeart kindness, glint and gleam swore eternal loyalty to the lair and became the first dragons ever to actually plan to live in this silly, loud and crazy lair as their forever home. Not only did they make history in the lair for that, they also swore to help in funding this lair since with bog sneaks being so new, their babies went into selling to help further the bog sneak bread in general and of course to fund all the crazy projects that their crazy leader StoneHeart does even to this day for all she has done for them.

But as Glint and Gleam stay longer into this "crazy lair of theirs" they so fondly think of, StoneHeart tells them that they dont have to re-home every baby of theirs since the mystery of the bog sneaks has calmed down and their hatchery to re-home their babies interest has reasonable dies down (but will never end! Glint and Gleam adore bring more beautiful babies to this world and they need to be rehomed anyway) and they have helped more then plenty already.
So while they still plan to bring more beautiful bog sneaks to this world, they are less in a rush give up their babies and are letting them slowly find homes good for them, and maybe, just maybe will one of their babies decide to possible stay (even if just for a short time) in this crazy lair that brought them to this world and maybe learn its weird ways (as they become active members that plan to make a permeant home or even become a member here before going off into the world and spreading this lairs way of abnormality and silly wonder)

By Drytil

(So I may have made that whole second part partly because I am low key wondering if I should keep this baby XD)

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Exalting Glint to the service of the Shadowbinder will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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