Vible (#19395049)
Level 7 Wildclaw
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Marbled Jester
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Wildclaw
This dragon cannot breed until Oct 10, 2021 (12 days).
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5.33 m
6.51 m
420.48 kg


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Dec 20, 2015
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 7 Wildclaw
EXP: 751 / 11881


Adventurous | Brave | Caring

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Vible was growing stir crazy as she sat around the cave and listened to all of the clan members. There was much arguing. One of the Elders lurked at the cave's opening near the ledge that dropped off into the valley below. She summoned all of her courage and walked over to him. "Excuse me Elder Gavern, I was wondering if I could leave the cave and go on an adventure," she stated, hoping that her voice wasn't as shaky as she felt.

The Elder looked down at her, his gaze going through her. "If you must go, then do. But heed my warning- If you leave now and walk out on your clan, your family and your responsibilities, then you will not be welcomed back," he breathed, turning back to the valley.

She turned away from him and moved over to where her grandmother sat. "Grammy, I was wondering.... Can I...." she stopped herself. She couldn't bare to look at her grandmother's face, not when it had shed so many tears over the years.

"Yes child?" Marni asked, eyeing her granddaughter. Silence met her before she continued. "You want to leave the cave and adventure the world, is that it?" Marni replied.

"How did you...?" Vible asked.

Marni let out a soft rumble as she laughed, "Child, you are much like your mother. She wanted to get out of the cave and go on some grand adventure, but Fate had a different idea in mind for her," she explained, "If what you really want is to be an explorer, then go. I will understand."
Vible leapt up and threw her arms around her grandma.

Without another word, she raced to the cave's entrance and threw herself from it, unfurling her wings as she fell, before the wind carried her up above and into the clouds.
My Stuff:

It wasn't long before she was brought back home as her first adventure fizzled before it had even begun. It was merely a pit stop as she rested up before hitting the road once more. She couldn't have stayed too long as she had to stay hidden from the Elders, but she did her best to catch up with her grandmother.

Vible made an effort to go farther, after that. Strong winds whisked her to the edge of the Sunbeam Ruins. She landed in the thin shadow of a cracked pillar, squinting into the too-bright light. Chipped tiles clacked under her claws, so very different from the crawling tendrils and noxious fumes that marked the Wyrmwound's edge.

Vible didn't remember dozing off, but she must have, for when she opened her eyes, a small golden fae fluttered above her, frills hanging softly around her head. "You are a traveler." the fae said, eerily monotone.
She nodded, uncertain. "Uh. Yes?"
The fae's neck frills fluttered softly. "My daughter is like you. She could not stand to be tied to one place. For her sake, there is always space in my home for those who need it. My name is Nuwa."
Nuwa was true to her word. The lair was smaller than her own home, bright and slightly crowded, with hatchlings underfoot while adult dragons fought, or scavenged, or philosophized. When Vible was ready to leave, an large imperial pushed a heavy coat around her shoulders. "We've got tons of these. No. don't argue with me. Just take it."
Now entering the fantasyfreak lair, Vible found herself welcomed by the clan leaders haven and hallow. She learned of the strange ways of this new clan among the tangled woods. She made great friends with another female wildclaw by the name of baby. It wasnt long though before she knew she had to leave. She didnt want to part with her dear new friend, but she had no choice. This was baby's place but not vibles. She took her coat and took flight once more.
Vible flew until she saw the most beautiful view she had ever seen. As she flew over the lovely land, she saw a clan of dragons swooping free. She flew over and joined in on their play. A young Imperial named Crespuculo came over and said, "Who are you? Where did you come from?" Vible introduced herself and was welcomed to play with the clan. She stayed with the clan, making friends, for many days. She missed her Grammy and decided to travel again, maybe this time closer to her home.
Vible set off to west, but didn't make it very far before literally bumping into a spiral, who was too immersed in an odd-looking dance to notice the wildclaw. The golden dragon took Vible to her lair and introduced her to her clan. The three wildclaws were too restless and snappy for Vible's liking, but she found a friend in a quiet yet assertive skydancer. The skydancer taught her some meditation techniques and they shared stories of their travels. Vible was also taken to hunting trips and training sessions in the coliseum. The dragons insisted that melee skills were essential should she wind up somewhere dangerous. Maybe it was the clan's small size, or the unbearable obnoxiousness of the wildclaw band, or the sunlight beginning to burn her white skin, but one day Vible had to say her goodbyes and fly on to yet another adventure. She was drawn towards her home now that she felt more at peace.
Vible managed to stop at home for a beat and check in on her grandmother. She was skitterish around her as she could tell that Marni was growing weaker. "Please be okay until I come back," she whispered.

Vible stumbled upon the Thornhall clan quite by accident as she was trying to find a good path through the Gladeveins and happened on a blue Fae dragon fishing in one of the rivers. Over the next few weeks she stayed with the small, hidden clan and was taken on many trips to sharpen her hunting skills and help to gather food. But as the temperatures grew warm and humid, she decided to take off and seek out a cooler place to spend the summer

The Molten scar was a hot dry heat, here she found a mixed clan of different breeds of dragons. Most of them however we wildclaws. She was excited to see more dragons just like herself,but, the heat here was terrible. The clan members took her to their lair and gave her fresh water to drink as well as provided her with some food. After her meal everyone gathered outside to watch the warriors wrestle one another. It was great fun to watch but, her travels had made her weary. She was provided a quiet place to rest for the night, but because it was so hot here she didn't sleep very well as a result. Everyone here had been so kind friendly and a lot of fun, but she felt she needed to continue on to find somewhere cooler.

She entered a new lair, and found a hoard of smiling faces to greet her. Once telling the story of her travels, she was given a place to stay for a few days, along with some food. After a few days she once again felt the call of adventure and began to say goodbyes as she headed off. Before leaving she was gifted a piece of art, and some snacks for her travels.

Vible arrived to a citadel in the lands of the Arcanist not long after. It was a strange place, mist swirled in strange patterns at dawn and dusk, and sometimes during the day; a few dragons who simply seemed to vanish into thin air and reappear later; strange beings who were not quite dragons, and some who didn't seem like they should have been alive at all. She was escorted by a guard upon arrival to a place called the Leafy Dragon Inn, run by a nocturne who at least seemed fully dragon. There were other Wildclaws there too; one that covered themselves completely and could soundlessly arrive and depart, no one any the wiser, a pair that didn't seem quite... alive, two great warriors, and a beautiful dancer who sparkled like the ocean.

The inn was apparently a frequent stopping place for dragons living in the citadel, and Vible found herself, along with many other travelers, recounting everything she'd seen to wide-eyed hatchlings, curious adolescents, and interested adults. In the middle of one such story, she was surprised by the soundless appearance of a Wildclaw. They waited patiently until Vible finished her tale, and then walked out back, motioning for Vible to follow.
"Where did you come from?" was the first question, as soon as Vible stepped outside. Surprised, Vible answered, and the Wildclaw nodded. The next question came soon after
"How did you find this place?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, did you simply stumble across us here, or not. From the lands of the Shadowbringer to here is quite a long journey, across The Scarred Wasteland, though, that probably wouldn't have bothered you"
Confused, Vible spoke "I don't understand. I guess, I just kinda... chose a direction when I got to the Isles and went. Then I showed up here" she shrugged.
The Wildclaw just stared at here for a bit. Unnerved, Vible shifted a bit, glanced at the door leading back into the inn.
"Very well." They said finally, "Stay as long as you wish. Treat this place as your home for now, but make no wrong moves."
Gratefully, Vible hurried back to the inn door. When she glanced back, the dark Wildclaw was gone, and a crow and a raven were sitting on a building nearby, watching her.


Vible's next stop was in a rather large and dense forest of the Shrieking Wilds, she wondered around aimlessly until she stopped a dragon not far from where she was who was happy enough to invite her into the clan that was surprisingly nearby. The dragon's name, Leafrot, was the guardian of the Lioness clan, which housed many different dragon of all clans.

She was brought in and was well looked after by Leuan and Aislinn, who were the clan leaders, she made many friends and seemed to be interested in helping Dawnwinter with his cooking for some reason. The only problem she had in the clan was Odalis, the extremely judgemental female ridgeback, who has a large dislike with traveling dragons. She was taught some lessons on hunting and fighting with the best in the clan and learnt many other things as well, she even helped with some of the training for others.

She became close with all the Wildclaws and got rather sad when she figured she might never see them again when deciding it was about time to head off and see where the wind takes her next...

What were the odds, the same clan but now in the light region instead of in the Molten scar where She had seen them last. Familiar faces but they had grown in massive numbers since then. Among the new faces she sought out the ones she knew from before. The Warriors of the clan many of them a familiar face. Mime recognized her right way and went to greet her. "We came here to train and expand a bit but my mother plans to move us back to the Ashfall Waste in a few months. It is good to see that you are doing well and you are still traveling". Others recognized her as well and came to greet her as she was speaking with Mime, including Karma the clan leader and Mime's adoptive mother. So for a while Vible stayed, telling of her adventures for the next few days, but as it is, all things must come to and end and it was time for her to move on. she bid everyone farewell before continuing on her way, Behind her they called out goodbye to her as she flew away until she was out of sight

Time seemed to pass slowly as she returned home to visit her grandmother, and she was very much aware that this was probably her last visit. Her heart ached to watch her grandma move, each time coughing up enough blood to fill a chalice. As much as she wished to stay with her, the sight sickened her enough to make her leave....

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