Fiare (#14717515)
Level 25 Pearlcatcher
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Everburn Tangle
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Pearlcatcher
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 30, 2020 (15 days).
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The Merchant-Mage


Fiare has found a way to use her skills as a mage to gain profit, and travels around Sornieth selling Bags of Holding, dimensional pockets and other useful things. She is cunning, skilled at rhetoric, and not too much troubled by what happens to others.

On her travels Fiare is guarded by Mekhar, and the two are frequently away from the lair. Nilena and Dinithe occasionally tag along, and the three can be called friends. Although Fiare has warned that if Dinithe even touches her treasures, the skydancer will end up in a bag herself. In the lair, Fiare is friendly with mages, but doesn’t associate much with warriors or the younger dragons. She is slowly warming towards Eva, even while she keeps bugging her about the dimension-craft.

The merchant-mage spends often time in the Manor Moiety, and has picked up other skills in addition to her craft: she is not above using subtle compulsions to get hesitating customers to buy her wares, and will take any opportunity that she can. In addition to her trade, Fiare also uses time for learning new skills and advancing her old ones. She is also secretive and keeps her tricks and craft to herself, not sharing all even with her friends in the clan.

Most of what she gains is hers: only a small amount goes to the clan and the rest goes to Fiare’s ever-growing pile of gold and gems.





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