Darkshine (#1441159)
Level 25 Imperial
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Imperial
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22.08 m
22.57 m
6078.68 kg


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Nov 26, 2013
(9 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
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Full name: Darkshine
Goes by: Darkshine
Role: Traveling Librarian, Exorcist
Friend(s): Emrys, Echo
Romantic interest(s): Deepsea
Relative(s) in the clan: N/A
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"And I have known the eyes already, known them all—
The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase,
And when I am formulated, sprawling on a pin,
When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall,
Then how should I begin..."

Darkshine was born in the Shifting Expanse, in the middle of the desert where the sun was hot and the moon was regarded with suspicion. Though his clan didn't realize it thanks to extensive mind magic and illusions, they were ruled by spirits who had slipped through a weak spot in the veil between the realms and had taken the guise of dragons and brainwashed the clan's members. Under the tutelage of the spirits, the dragons came to believe that the stories of the deities were mere myths - the only real power lay in the claws the clan's leaders, whose orders they followed on pain of death, even when those commands contradicted themselves or were entirely lacking in logic. The clan thought that all the world was desert; mountains and oceans were hatchling tales and didn't really exist.

Following the commands of their leaders, the lightning dragons built bizarre buildings entirely unsuited for their climate that weren't the most accessible for the majority of dragon breeds - not that that mattered, given that all of the clan's dragons were expressly forbidden to enter them. The clan's dragons were also not permitted to be outside once the moon appeared in the sky - the leaders encouraged them to shun the moon and hide from it, for these spirits had an outstanding enmity with the moon spirits and feared them.

Darkshine exhibited considerable skill as he grew, so he was trained and employed by the leaders to conduct and execute the odd customs and rituals that they used to ward off or placate the stranger things of the world, namely enemy spirits. Being a ritualist was an exalted position in the clan, and he was deeply proud both of his work and his home. An exacting perfectionist, he never made a mistake during the rituals - which was good, as otherwise he wouldn't have survived the wrath of the leaders.

Though few outsiders came to the clan thanks to the extensive wards and illusions the spirits had placed around it, occasionally a traveler came through, and Darkshine was usually the one ordered to host the guest. He played guide and host to the coatl Deepsea when the "traveling librarian" (aka exorcist) came to the clan to "lend books" (aka oust the spirit leaders). The imperial found the coatl oddly enticing - perhaps it was the slightly accented way he spoke, or the way his crest feathers moved when he was excited - but he was also a terribly strange stranger, and he kept insisting that the way the clan was run wasn't normal, that it was wrong. This deeply offended Darkshine, as he was quite patriotic and loyal to the leaders and his home, yet he couldn't bring himself to entirely distance himself from the attractive Deepsea, nor could he deny that even he occasionally felt that something was...off, though he was always quick to dismiss his doubts in case the leaders might catch wind of them and punish him.

Exasperated, the coatl finally concocted an enchantment of smoke and runes, which he breathed on Darkshine. The spell encircled his hide, winding its way around him, sinking into his mind and breaking the hold the spirits had on it. For the first time, Darkshine could clearly see his leaders and his home for what they were, and he was horrified. He turned the runed smoke on his hide into his own personal spell, using it to free his clanmates from the spirits' influence before aiding Deepsea in eradicating the spirits, banishing them from his clan and finally freeing their patch of desert.

His job completed, the coatl prepared to depart, but Darkshine wasn't about to let Deepsea leave him behind. He claimed that he owed the coatl a debt and vowed to travel with him as a bodyguard and protect him, and while this was part of the reason, his true feelings ran deeper - feelings he finally confessed to Deepsea, who thankfully returned them.

The duo journeyed together for decades, posing as traveling librarians and working covertly to deal with threats spawned by the Shade or malevolent spirits. They had originally hired the nocturne Echo as a mercenary to assist them with a job, and while his mimicking behavior was a tad annoying, it was also rather amusing, and his skills were certainly useful - there were times when having a third dragon on hand to complete a formation around a foe was extremely advantageous, so they didn't mind much when he decided to continue traveling with them, even after the initial contract had expired.

Their latest mission revolves around a clan in the Starfall Isles which resides mostly on the island of Prufrock, a clan founded by a childhood friend of Echo's. Like Darkshine's clan, it was situated along a weak spot in the veil, and the clan was inundated with spirits manifesting as dragons - a situation which initially horrified the imperial, though he was placated (slightly) when he learned that the spirits were there with the full knowledge and blessing of the clan's dragons. They had adopted draconic forms to better communicate with their hosts and were residing on the island to serve as ambassadors or to negotiate with rival spirits on neutral territory. Darkshine does his best not to act too suspicious of the spirits as they furtively investigate the island's situation, but he can't help but compare the island with his own former clan: his instinct is to eradicate the spirits, even if they are friendly.

The imperial is especially sensitive about the way his mind had been manipulated by his homeland's spirit leaders - had the events in his past really even happened? Did some of the dragons in his memories actually exist, or were they mere fabrications created and inserted by the spirits? Due to this, he is triggered by any hint of mind control or memory erasure and tends to be quite unforgiving toward any dragons or spirits who practice such magic. He is also, much to his regret, weak against this sort of magic, since the paths to controlling his thoughts are well worn, and more than once on their travels, Deepsea has had to activate the old spell that remains coiled about his mate to once again free his wits from possession. Darkshine's porous mind has also made him more receptive to prophetic dreams and visions, though they are usually cryptic and hard to interpret.

Due to growing up in a very strange home clan with peculiar customs and queer rituals, he tends to find "weird" things entirely commonplace and unremarkable, though occasionally he encounters circumstances entirely normal to most dragons which he considers odd. Deepsea often has to work as a translator, telling Darkshine that no, a pulsating glowing growth on a cave is definitely not okay or reassuring him that scarves aren't actually horrible psychotic entities that strangle dragons in their sleep.

Thanks to an old injury (though his memory is fuzzy as to how he acquired it due to the manipulation of the spirits), he can't fly for very long periods of time - his wings are strong and their beats are sure and swift, but after a couple of hours, spasms in his muscles and twinges in his tendons make it difficult for him to remain aloft.

Darkshine has a deep, sonorous voice - one that many dragons quite enjoy listening to as it is usually soothing, though his tone turns authoritative when he recites spells of binding and banishment. Like his mate, Deepsea, he is nearsighted and has trouble seeing without his glasses.

Art by Skylark:


Art by Alaia:

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