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The Weathering clan began as a home for those shunned for their powers; a place for refugees and witches alike to hide. As the clan grew, things quickly began to change. They moved from a glade in the Viridian Labyrinth to a long abandoned water palace along the northern border of the Sunbeam Ruins. Although the clans original members and matriarch haven't gone anywhere, the clan has split into incredibly distinct factions with leaders of their own. They all live relatively peacefully within the boundaries of the Weathering, and the leaders hold council together regularly. Although they are all very different, they all share one fear; that the Shade will take over. It is this that draws them together, and together they are building a fearsome force to drive the Shade back to the world they came from.

Even with the impending war to come, the clan goes on about it's daily routines; mead is made, the teahouse entertains it's guests, the unicorns are groomed, the factions hold court and share gossip, and the hatchlings frolic through the water gardens in and around the palace. They entertain ambassadors from other clans, always willing to arrange alliances, and travellers are welcome, as long as they can make it through the gate.



the knights of the round table

It started when a large, dark imperial, covered and scars, showed up at the clans boundaries with a stunned looking guardian in full battle armour. He demanded audience with the clan's leader, and after much deliberation were granted permission to join. The rumours were quick to start, especially amongst those with magic, about how powerful Emrys, the imperial, was. They got used to the two of them though, and didn't mind when the rest of their knights and sorcerors slowly came to join them.


the spirit court

The spirit court started as a refuge for those with powerful elemental magic, but over time grew into the kingdom that it is now. It has had many rulers, but the most recent is Ilona, considered by most to be more of a God than a Queen, gifted with extraordinary powers the likes of which the court has never seen. She is a ruthless leader, but is considered to be just by her subjects. Because of her, the Weathering has become one of the strongest forces against the fight against the Shade.


the host

The angels that have taken up residence in the clan are not the harp strumming sort. These are seraphim; the angelic warriors. They are aggressive, highly territorial, and immensely arrogant. No one is quite sure why they've taken up residence here, but the only ones who would be able to forcibly kick them out are not the ones interested in having them leave. Ilona is happy to have them, as they are powerful allies in defeating the Shade.


the assassins guild

Run by Lucrezia, the assassins guild has gone through a few variations until it reached it's current form. It is still growing, but as of now it is small and it's only members are three female imperials, and they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The guild prides itself on its subtlety and its success rate, and that even with it's low numbers, that they will have an assassin appropriate for any job. The only way to gain membership is if Lucrezia herself approaches you, and she's been incredibly picky as of late.
the teahouse

Located in a narrow, wooded valley to the east of the Water Palace, the Teahouse is famous for its hospitality and entertainment. They only keep the best performers around, and the lady of the Teahouse makes sure everyone feels welcome. The more observant members of the clan know that it is the best place to go for information, and those in higher positions know that while Quara may be the lady of the Teahouse that she still reports to Lucrezia. It is as much the place to go if you're seeking an assassin as it is if you're an assassin seeking information. The Teahouse does sometimes attract some more unsavoury characters, but if they manage to get past the formidable guard, the performers are more than capable of taking care of themselves.


the warriors of the light

They are the Lightweavers warriors, and here to fight the every growing shade. The prophet that led them to the Weathering is Freya, who has become one of the chief advisers not only to Acci, but to all of the clans factions. The warriors are the only faction that can travel freely throughout the other factions in the clan, for they will only fight those plagued by shade and rarely hold other alliances.



banners; sleepersharks

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