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Act I

Nightwing looked down from her perch and realized how inane the warring between the Flights was when there was so much to discover in the world. Sornieth is a land bursting with magical energy and an inexplicable, mystical power. How could these dragons, all of them, be so concerned with domination and social clout when a world of discovery awaited them? The Fae dragon looked to her partner and protector, the Guardian dragon named Alabaster. He simply nodded his head when she told him about her thoughts.

“I agree with you,” he said, voice rumbling. Nightwing perched on her partner’s shoulder. “What would you like to do about it?” The Fae paused in thought. Only one conclusion came to her mind.

“We’ll form a clan, a clan of scholars and researchers,” she said. “This fighting between the clans must cease.” Her tail swished from side to side. Alabaster’s head turned toward his mate. Nightwing could swear that her mate was purring in agreement, but it was his next statement that confirmed her guess.

“That would be an excellent idea, my sweetheart,” he said.

The two dragons began their studies in the Starwood Strand, studying the mysterious nature of the magic-imbued forest. There were many dragons in the Starfall Isles that agreed with Nightwing and Alabaster’s philosophy. Midnight and Eclipse had heard about Nightwing and Alabaster’s clan and sought to join. The two dragons allowed them to join, provided they act as sentries to protect their small clearing in the woods.

More dragons wanted to join their clan, but much to Nightwing’s dismay, these dragons were few and far between. So, Nightwing and Alabaster allowed these dragons to join, hoping to bolster the ranks of their clan. Although they were small, they set an important precedence for future scholars and academics due to their meticulous research methods. The dragons of Nightwing’s clan often split into groups to study different aspects of magic, the world of Sornieth or simply anything of interest. Midnight was interested in the effects of the time of day on their magic. Bluemoon was a dedicated astronomer, recording the constellations, studying the night stars and cosmic events. Though they were a small clan, they were all dedicated to their studies.

The next five hundred years were peaceful for Nightwing’s clan. Their studies were published in libraries all around the world, including the prestigious Sunstone Library in the Sunbeam Ruins and the Moonlight Academic Library in the Starfall Isles. The clan adopted hatchlings who were without families and wanderers who were without home or clan. There were many discoveries made during this time of peace and plenty.

During the first century of peace, Bluemoon discovered and named the Azure Tail Comet, a comet with an unusually strong blue tint in the tail, but with a white core. Unfortunately, she could only theorize why the comet had a white core and a blue tail, but her discoveries were published and subsequently became very famous. For the first time in history, the research of their clan became famous and well-known throughout Sornieth. Bluemoon’s research and field notes were extensively studied by scholars and quoted frequently in future studies of the comet. This discovery pioneered the standard of research and observational notes format, quality and methodology.

For five hundred years, the clan enjoyed a long time period of peace and prosperity. The clan took in wanderers and dragons that didn’t quite belong. There were plenty of dragons that strongly disagreed with the dominance battles, so they felt like they fit in with Nightwing’s clan. It was during this time that Nightwing was beginning to enter old age. She was concerned about the legacy of her clan, so she started to seek out dragons within the clan who would definitely carry on the vision she had for the clan. She found King and Queen, but despite their names, they were not interested in power. They simply wanted to continue with Nightwing’s vision and when she was too old to lead the clan, King and Queen took over.

It was during King and Queen’s time of leadership that the Beastclans began to rise and rebel against the order. At first, the clan believed they would be immune from the Beastclans’ attacks. However, in the night, a raiding party of particularly vicious harpies attacked the clan. Sunset and Midnight, who were on patrol that night, rallied the clan with their loud, deafening roars. Nightwing jumped into the fray, but was quickly overwhelmed. The harpies killed her. In his rage, Alabaster retaliated, but was also killed. By the time the rest of the clan had woken up and were prepared to fight, Nightwing and Alabaster were gone and King and Queen were severely injured.

The clan’s healer, Azaelius, treated King, Queen and the other injured dragons who were both able to make full recoveries. The clan went into a period of mourning for their deceased leaders, since they had established the purpose of the clan, made the clan prosperous and led the clan to honor and fame through their highly respected research.

The next two hundred years were a long period of adjustment for the clan, particularly Midnight and Eclipse. Since they were the oldest dragons in the clan, they had expected leadership to pass on to them. Eclipse wouldn’t really admit it out loud, but he was jealous of King and Queen’s inheritance of the clan leadership and wasn’t sure that King and Queen would live up to the reputation of Nightwing and Alabaster’s leadership.

However, King and Queen proved to be excellent leaders. They worked with the clan to ensure that everyone had enough food, water and resources. The clan was prosperous and peaceful under the excellent leadership of King and Queen.

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