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Ps I ramble a lot and I’m super duper sorry about that <3 I’lol try to fix this up later! ALSO my bday is on June 14th!!! I’ll prrroooobably do something? Not sure!

For People whom have nesting for me either currently or previously, Thank you for supporting the 50 lineages challenge!

Currently right now Denasa + Victorious are nesting the 30th lineage nest! Once they’re done, their kid will m8 w/Naive and Karma’s kid! That should be 34, and then that kid of N/K/D/V will mate with the kid of Unnamed and Marine (which is +6!) & DarkCasted and Unnamed (which is +3!) to a total of 43! I’ll figure out a combo of 7 but likely to be these next lineages ;
Shooting stars, Out of this Galaxy, Project Stowen, Dark Stalkers

Breed SilveryGold (who has 3 Lineages, Pantheon, Gold Rush, and Soultaken), w/a Project Stowen baby which will be 4 lineages and then breed that kiddo w/Darkstalkers, then breed OoTG w/SS which will be 2 and then breed change OoTG/SS kid into maybe a spiral? And gene b4 breeding P/GR/ST/PS/DS with N/K/D/V/UN/M/DC/UN’s kid then breed OoTG/SS kiddo with P/GR/ST/PS/DS/N/K/D/V/UN/M/DC/UN’s kiddo to get 50 lineages!!!

Please look at Victorious + compare w/the list for lineages I need! I realized that a lot of the lineages he has aren’t on my list!

Agape + Essential regularly breed up until the 10th of any order has been reached to ensure that there’s enough Truth/False/Despair babies to be distributed around!

God I have an addiction with permababys…please ignore my 21 permas…<3

-WIP Wishlist dragon is Amaya!

Oh for people who are curious about the perma-coatlM skin, feel free to dm me! Idm msgs typically ^^ I don’t have access to discord as of now! Though due to me being out of country, the release date is either June 14th or June 21st!

….June 21st, I’ll rise once more. Until then, I rest dormant and in peace. (Cough aka I’m pretty much out of country rn! I can’t send imgs nor do much but I’m here!)

Fodder are usually named smithing after traveling or exalting, default name for fodder are either ; Star/Universe/Aria/Safi/Ash.

Oh btw, I am currently on for Sundays at prob 12FR time! As of 2-25-24, I’m not online unless it’s for small things! Though if I have won a raffle or forgotten ANYTHING, let me know! I tend to be forgetful between all the moving. I’m back @ May 24th!!

RN, me and Ashez are sharing PCS + devices! I do not have his password! This is just for now till he goes back to Canada!

Oh ps, if you’re waiting on Floral Fae art or any art in general, you’ll see it around June 26th!

In desperate need of Health potions constantly-

I also do art commissions for various ‘special’ (such as ID special, lvl 25s, or likewise,) dragons and/or apparel/familiars/holiday items w/an LAH of 50g :)

Current Goal(s) ;

-Gain a G1/G2 Imperial!
*working on trying to get 1m g ;<; for a scroll, I alr got a G2!*
-Gene all Progen dragons (Icebreaker & Oceanskipper]
-Working towards getting a CATARACT SUN skin made by @/888!

-Coliseum team starting from scratch meaning no help from other lvl 25s! Currently finished! Feel free to peak at Regard for results <3
-Bubble Bash’s Geneing + Lore project!
*fiery feathers flutter around as a hissing sound can be heard..*

PS ; I'm really interested in starting or intertwining lore with others! Just LMK if you're interested and I'll try to work with you! I may take long to reply back though ;3; My lair is currently surrounding the lineages of :

[This isn’t up to date! At June 30th I’ll update it to have all the current Lineages!]

Vitali’s Warriors [100H]

Bash's Bubble [100H]



Shadow Mermaid [100H]



Fire starter

Printer Gremlin

Sunset's Legacy

Eclipse Lineage [100H?]

Everlight’s Legacy [100H]

Donnecha's Flood [100H]

Hoen's Hatches [100H]

The Witch of The Bog [100H] (I do need a non-vitali lineage hatchling from this lineage!)

Nago [A very cool Breed Change HC!]

Kitsune [Specifically by ZeroAerie, a Sub Species!]

Odea [100H by FeralJester!]

Wisteria Groves [100H]

Sutekh’s Legacy [100H iirc?]

Fallen Prince [100H]

Psy's 100 Dreams [100H]

Sedona's Mission [100H]

The Helian

Stellar Wishes Lineage

Eternal lineage

The Starwoods Seers

Abby Alley Lineage

The Seasonal Court [Winter]

Gold Rush

Loading Wheel

A Demon's Curse [1000HC]

The Re-emergence Lineage

The Herd Arcane Lineage

Razanei Lineage


A Glimmer of Hope

Crafty Occultists

Ajax and Lynx

Aster [100HC]


Lyle lineage

raptorix lineages

Falcon Lineage


Nova [100HC]

As if by Fate [pretty cool lineage line <3]

Out of this Galaxy (lineage/100HC from me!)

Shooting Stars (Aether based subspecies lineage!)

Ancient Aliens (subspecies for ^)

Corale’s 100 HC (BunnyBriana)

Angel’s 100 HC (BunnyBriana)

Project Stowgen ( a project all about interbreeding!…wait what?!)

Dark Oaks (?)

Strange Sisters (?)

Twin Meteors (?)

Carnation’s 100 HC

Dark Stalkers (?)

Cosmic Guardian

Pantheon Lineage (?)

Polovoron’s Lineage (Friendship!! <3)

Cedric’s lineage(linked this one bc it’s hard to find!)

Some I've missed on these guys ;




& Essential

Has 27 lineages ^

For Admins/Moderators, my IP might show up somewhere else multiple times since I’m in the process of moving and using a VPN! I’ll edit this out when I’ve settled down :) It may show up as Ashez's IP as I'm currently going to be rooming with them for a bit before my treatment!


I'm on for fairgrounds and to check in on certain things, do let me know if I've forgotten a deal/trade or if you want me for anything!

A large being engulfed in the deep depths of the cave gestured _ over with a flick of it's talon. It's bright pink emotionless eyes glimmered in the dark as _ stepped forward..

The shadow snatched _ swiftly as it's rough scaly talons held onto _ tight, but not too tight. They took flight, with a gust of wind flying into _'s face. Quickly twisting and turning through the dark tunnels, the agile dragon-like creature had stopped abruptly.

Looking ahead was a beam of light shining over a boulder, and on top was a shimmering silver and dark navy guardian.

The guardian hid it's face with a Black bird-skull headdress as the bone cage around it's chest rattled. They stood up, looking towards _ with piercing eyes before their gaze softened.

" Welcome child, to your new home "

Hi! This is still a w.i.p but a quick summary for those who don't know me ;

You can call me my user, Daki, or my more well known name- Aria!

If you're wondering, I do buy a bunch of lvl 25s because I use them for lore! I don't really buy them for anything else other wise :) I also ADORE collecting gen 1 legacy/hatchling challenge dragons! Lmk if you have one esp from vitali or naomi! *gen 3 for naomi-*

This is a semi-exalting lair! I only exalt the dragons found for fodder price + have no obvious lineage going on! Otherwise I do not exalt, this is my main way to make treasure after all- The ones in Fodder page are always available for offers.

Am doing art for lvl 25 dragons!!! :> PM me if interested!

I do art with almost all my adopts! So if I have adopted any dragons/dragonets from you expect art of them very soon! I might even write the occasional lore piece of them~

[ To clarify any confusion for my art, Mishi is a signature I use on most of my pieces! This is simply just an art alias. ]

If you're curious about your dragons/dragonets lmk! I probably have already finished their art piece and if not I can whip one up quickly!
I primarily post these art pieces in my TH/MysticalKoi since I still am not sure how to post images outside of Flight rising yet. They're primarily under the World -> Flight Rising tab!
Currently working on ; ???

If I have sent you a friend request I most likely did it on accident! I have slippery fingers since I’m playing on mobile.

If you are curious, no ariasunset is not an alt. She's an online friend who thought it'd be funny to use a former username as her's and I allowed it.










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June 05, 2024 20:47:25
Hi there! I totally forgot I still had that wishlist on Zadrelle lol. Feel free to delete it if you want to!
June 02, 2024 20:10:49
Im glad I could get him, hes now the eldest member of my clan :)
May 13, 2024 07:11:41
Yes! go ahead to draw wave! Have fun with it! Also Wave has been a great dragon for me! She will stay with me for a while! Thank you!
May 10, 2024 12:22:03
Go ahead! Thank you for the positive feedback! I can't wait to see what you draw! :)
May 10, 2024 12:03:06
That is such a gigantic lair! :D I got lost at least 15 times LOL! Amazing work!
May 10, 2024 09:21:32
yw! And thank you for your comment! Your permababies are very cute
May 10, 2024 08:08:49
Many thanks! I want to glam up as many of my dragons as I can similar to Axies, but finding (and acquiring) the skins/accents/apparel to do so is gonna take quite some time lol.
May 09, 2024 11:52:32
Trigger was on the front page! She's so deadly gorgeous!
May 09, 2024 11:50:40
Trigger was on the front page!
April 29, 2024 04:29:34
Thanks for telling me about Catriona!:)
April 02, 2024 23:15:26
Ah, that's a lot of lineages. I want to be involved, as well as maybe the art for level 25 dragons thing.
March 31, 2024 01:09:16
thanks for letting me know! :)
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