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The stars can tell your destiny:only you can make it happen.
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Welcome To Stonewood!
The stars can tell you your destiny: only you can make it happen.

A sandstorm is raging.
I've has been traveling through the Shifting Expanse for over two weeks now, and I am still no closer to the Sunbeam Ruins. It all seems just like a dream. An illusion. I think the heat is getting to my head.
The sand whirls around me, and the air crackles with static. No sane dragon would be out in weather like this. No dragon except me.
There is something in the distance. An oasis? No. The structure is more rocklike. But what is that twisting out the top of the formation? Spindly hands, reaching out from the air, the sands, the depths of the earth itself. They come for me, grabbing me, the cold talons of death closing around my neck. It can't end like this. No, no, no. I'm running now, running toward the formation. Maybe I can duck inside the cave and-
It all goes black.
I think i'm going mad.

Hello! I'm Meep, and I LOVE dergs. A while ago I began to get really into lore, so here I am! Settle down, maybe grab a cup of warm hot chocolate (It's a wee bit nippy down in the caverns) and welcome to Stonewood !
Fave dragons- Imperial females, mirrors, veilspuns.
Feel free to chat to me about Warrior Cats, Harry Potter. or WoF!
Recently I found out that you can search up dragons using genes and names and other things and i found out that Skelara is the only dragon is existence on the website with her colors!Probs because shes really weird looking
Wishlist found here!

Themesong- Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran

The Stonewood caverns echo with the sound of dragons going about their daily work; the stomping of the farmers harvesting the seasonal crops; the whispering of magic being cast; the loud clash of dragons swordpracticing; the screeching, mewing, and various other sounds in the bestiary. Strangely, this odd chorus doesn't make you jump or make you clap your hands (or claws) over your ears: it makes you feel warm and happy and content:it makes lightning crackle through your heart and soul and veins. This is Stonewood.
And you've finally come home.


Key for Symbols

= Leader

=Child of Leader

= Grandchild of Leader


= Crew

= Tavern Owner

= Farmer

= Farming Apprentice

= Artist

= Artist Apprentice

= General

= Swordsman

= Potioneer

= Potioneer Apprentice

= Healer

= Spy

= Fortune Teller

or = Cook

= Beastkeeper

= Nursery Carer

= Merchant/Travelling Tradesman

= Mechannic

= Writer

= Poet

= Toyshop Owner

= Jeweler

= Member of Court

= Musically Inclined


The Council

Leader- Darnia

Head Of War- Static

Beastkeeper- Skelara

Head Of Agriculture and Farming= Obsidian

Head of Magic and Potioncraft- Fallen



These are the places these dragons call home. Stonewood is an underground village, with houses carved from the strange brittle wood found in the Shifting Expanse, and the hard sandstone shaken from the cliffs, interspersed with bright , crackling blue stones only found in the caverns around the village. The main way in and out is the canal, a wide stretch of water that framed the base of the large stone mouth. The other entrance is the slightly smaller sandstone arch, which is always bustling with traders and merchants.

The Dusky Rose Tavern and Inn
Near the front entrance is the popular tavern, The Dusky Rose, run by a pair of Veilspun twins, Merro and Crystaldusk. The tavern is always bustling with weary travellers from the surface, or maybe just some Stonewood dragons enjoying a party. Either way, the tavern is always a hive of activity.

Hawksmoss Hall
This famous gold-and-grey hall is carved out of sandstone and is studded with the crackling lightning jewels known as grandidierite (look it up!) , and is where Darnia and her council hold meetings.

The Bestiary
This incredible domed building is one of the only places here in Stonewood that you can see actual sunshine: it pours through the glass roof, providing the resident familiars with one of most important things they need to survive: light. This is where you can see Skelara flitting about, tending to the familiars as they soar or pad or swim about in this beautiful imitation of their natural habitats.

Storm's Eye Ship
The Storm's Eye ship is owned by Frostei, one of Darnia's children and it soars through the air (you read that right) collecting materials to bring back to the clan. The crew is currently taking on new members, so if you think you were born with adventure in your heart, hop on board!

Mythical Mith Toyshop
This toyshop's strange atmosphere doesn't stop the younger dragons visiting every weekend, coming out clutching a purple mith doll or perhaps a string of pretty beads. However, these small purchases don't add up to Halana's odd wealth. Don't risk questioning him though. Some people say enemies of his never come out...

The Law

1. All flights are welcome. Any sign of discrimination against another flight results in a fine depending on the intensity of the discrimination

2. If you want to join the clan, you must swear loyalty to the leader. Breaking this law will result in exile.

3. Violently hurting another member in the clan results in community service for a week.

4. We understand that if you came from another flight and if you want to support your original flight's deity, that is fine. But if you are caught saying offensive and rude language about ANY deity, that results in exile.

Those are the rules. Please obey them, in order to create a happy and healthy community

The Bestiary


Familiars are an important part of any clan, purely because they improve a dragons health, power, and happiness. Most familiars come in the shape of animals native to Sornieth, but some can only be formed through alchemy, grown in the inside of a cauldron, similar to the Bogsneak dragon.

Here is the link to the Stonewood Bestiary- Bestiary!

Current Beastkeepers:

Welp, I think that summs Stonewood up pretty well! Thank you so much for reading, this was my first attempt at lore, and I think i did alright! If you want some amazing tips, check out EldritchCrowe's amazing guide to BBCode, also take a look at some of the best lore clans I was inspired by like wildewinged!

You are now entering: Stonewood!
The stars can tell you your destiny: only you can make it happen.

remider for me : bio resources here and here and here

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December 02, 2022 08:55:15
I use an app icon maker! Just Google it, pick out the one you like best, and boom!
November 30, 2022 11:49:33
Aw, thanks so much for letting me know!
November 28, 2022 20:49:27
It is! I used to be a really big fan of the books, I've not read them in years but they still hold a very special place in my heart! :)
November 25, 2022 16:38:36
Frostei has really neat colors :o
November 18, 2022 11:54:04
November 18, 2022 09:03:10
I got za reference :3
November 14, 2022 18:36:46
OF COURSE I GET THAT REFERRENCE! Hehe I love Warriors (Maybe a bit too much lol)
November 14, 2022 01:06:37
I got that reference! :D
November 11, 2022 23:45:03
I got the reference
November 09, 2022 19:38:28
Warrior cats will forever be in my heart <3
November 05, 2022 09:06:27
Nice forum tag, brings back a lot of memories
November 05, 2022 08:47:42
recognised your forum tag! nice sig :D
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