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(Please bear with me while my injured shoulder slows me down, healing is going to take a while.)


No friend requests please,
I just want to (mostly) quietly do my thing. Thank you. :)


Shop Links
Oldies (4-7 years); Level 25s (Tinctured). Primal eyes, (+other sales on additional tabs)

Main sales tab
Last Chance sales (the Probably Exalting Today-in-FR-Time tab)

(Lost In Brain Fog, Please Stand By....)


Tangleroost - a den of misfit dragons, honorary Windies all, enduring cutely ferocious Nocturne and Mirror* hatchling-glares.
*(And everything else; Lair Creep is real. I have too many Mirrors! I developed a soft spot for Gazers. How are some of these genes and breeds even IN my lair?! Why Veilspun?, drat you Branches!
Oh, and Aberrations and Undertide now, hi. )

sg15.png j2ONg4H.pngsg15.png




My bios and clan profile are often in need of updating I will get around to Someday. (Many bios still exist mostly or wholly in my head, I hope to get to them Someday also.) If I have a link anywhere to something you manage which has since moved, please let me know so I can check in and adjust accordingly!

Note to myself - Coatl, Banescale, Fae and Veilspun are ALL the same word singular and plural. Sorry, Fae & Banescale, I will learn eventually!
It looks as though Undertide might be the same?

~ I have Life Stuff going on that is not going away anytime soon, so I might miss notifications or be a bit forgetful (look, I meant more so than usual, okay? ). If you have been waiting an unexpectedly long time for me on something, sorry about that; feel free to PM me a reminder about it! ~


My wishlist? Is expensive, it starts at birdies and art of my dragons and goes up from there. So unless you are closing out your account or something and happen to be giving these away anyway, skip this part! This bit is self-motivation, not gift-hope.
Gem market familiars I do not have yet <-(as of last edit I have all of those); the most unavailable/costly familiars (I am zen with it being a LONG time, if ever, before I have KS items); a revolving parade of old and/or user-made accents [including my current hopeless wishing for a specific, vanishingly rare UMA for my Paladancer] and old limited apparel; Coatl and Wildclaw (sorted that one for the moment, but a spare would not be a bad idea) breed change scrolls; and of course gem gene scrolls - at the moment this mostly means Soap (any breed. all breeds. MORE SOAP.), Bee for anything except Gaoler, and now Undertide tertiaries, TBD as I work out designs.

Related - Must craft more
Fine Alchemical Reduction and Imbued Sulfur. I always get caught out without this stuff. Stop That, me, and try to keep at least 1 of each on hand.

Annnnd...... Darkened [arm/leg/eye] Scar items. In particular, Darkened Eye Scar, as it is the only one of the set I have none of - yet.

One day, I will not cower from spending 4-digit gems on a single item.... One day..... But today is not that day.

PS - stop hoarding those scrolls, me. I know which ones. Just because they are my favorite does not mean there is no such thing as 'too many'. Quitit.

Mmhmm, good luck with that - also me

Get more art made of my dragons! (Goal met for 2022!)

And finally, There is no such thing as having too many Friend Budgies.
I will slowly festoon my lair with you, small friends.

Nocturne Facepalm Emoji, made for me by the lovely Argante! I SO need it.






Status forever - Pondering dragon names and stories. Pondering grammar and spelling in dragon names is on permanent vacation. Sometimes it sends me postcards. (And sometimes it is wrong on purpose, since Sornieth has its own languages.)
Dragons I keep or exalt will be named, barring misclicks of course. Naming permas sometimes takes me a long time!

Depending on a bio note to ensure a dragon is not exalted is unreliable at best. I will try to return lost dragons if I notice, or if I see your message before it is too late; but once they are exalted you are out of luck. Please note that bio notes can easily be missed, and custom shouts will not come with the dragon when it leaves your lair. The safest place for a dragon you do not wish to see exalted is in your own lair, or at least priced well above the fodder threshold.

Status currently - Ongoing health issues are being a Thing again. Sorry about any late responses, please remind me if necessary.



I like rolling the breeding dice and seeing what I get, so there will be a lot of oddballs here!

Dragon breeding histories - pairings and offspring lists - are only part of my dragon-canons when so noted (in bios or in my head). Related, "Favorite Offspring" are my favorites, not theirs, also unless mentioned otherwise (and I only update them on a 'when I feel like it' basis).
Unless I decide otherwise, a dragon's real-time age has 0 bearing here on its bio, but I do tend to make exceptions of dragons that are more than a few years old when I acquire them.

Dragons open to buy offers will usually be in the following tabs:

Hibernal - "Sleep & Grow", both "Cold Storage" tabs. "Destination Unknown" and "Waiting" also might contain dragons open to offers, check tabs for details. ("Destination Unknown" dragons are least likely to be for sale, as this is where potential project dragons or dragons I am considering keeping tend to hang out, but I will at least consider offers.)

Main lair - "Sales", "Training Hall"; possibly "Launchpad" or "Arrivals" if I left my exalts in the wrong tab again....


I prefer to level & exalt my own hatched, unsold dragons, rather than selling at exalt prices (this includes trading them for exalts).
Most of my sales are in case someone has a use for them or likes them, anyway. :) This is also why I keep my door open to offers** on unleveled dragons acquired for exalting. I am not actively looking to sell them, but I do not mind offers if I have one you like, or need for a project, etc.

Old Dragon Salvage -
I am not officially affiliated with old dragon salvage threads, but I do tend to take pity on old dragons that turn up in exalt lots and such. Oldies for sale, if I have any, will be found in page 1 of "Sales" in the main lair, or in page 2 of "Destination Unknown" in Hibernal.

I exalt. I acquire dragons I will only temporarily need (in breeding for specific colors, for example), who might not be permanent residents of my lair. But I also tend to get attached - as Haviskold, or Madainn, or Doomshine would tell you if they could. So, who knows? )


I am not affiliated with Galopa's Old Oaks, but I am giving their banner a wave here anyway!

J5kLagI.png ZZcyV7d.png riches9.png


sg15.png (They/them.)agender.png


Recent Comments

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February 01, 2023 21:39:51
Thanks! Odile is super cool looking btw
January 19, 2023 22:01:30
Stone (#51695855) was on the front page!
January 16, 2023 09:52:50
December 30, 2022 07:01:40
thanks a lot for the kind remarks on my three dragons, they mean a lot! happy (almost) new years~
December 27, 2022 12:00:23
Tamaivao was on the front page! He looks awesome.
December 21, 2022 13:56:03
Hi! Thanks for your kind words about my dragons!
December 21, 2022 08:29:49
Hehehe thank u!! Xena looks just like my little cat ;w; i will tell her you think she is pretty.
December 18, 2022 09:55:17
I'm not the best at figuring this stuff out, but I think they're also both related to/descendants of Queen's first Consort:


Staccato through Royale (Queen is... great grandparent), and Ekta through Arsthanar (Queen = grandparent).

I imagine it would take a lot of computing power, unfortunately, but it would be so neat if you could just get a little family tree between related animals. Fun to figure out the connections though!
December 18, 2022 09:49:52
Ahhh that's so cool! I love seeing the ancestors/descendants of my dergs It's been like 18 months since I bred them so there must be quite a few generations of descendants of her kids now.
December 17, 2022 23:33:08
Wow! Yes, my Ekta and your Staccato share a paternal grandmother! {SpaceBalls quote to follow} "So what does that make us?" Heh. But srsly, are we second dragon cousins or dragon cousins once removed?? (^_~) Thanks for visiting my lair and discovering our (pixelated) relation!
December 17, 2022 22:59:45
...and wandering further into the Deep Den, which must be very deep indeed to accommodate so many well-dressed (and possibly spoiled) dragons, I was also charmed by Correllia, Sidewinder, Cole, and Hawkmoth! And more with such enjoyable color combinations of genes and accents, like Avaryu!
December 17, 2022 22:35:26
Hello! Your note about Egon's empty bio poked me into gear so thanks for that! I stopped by to browse through your hibden and wow have you got some lovelies! Andreia, Silime, and Pyracanthos have really impressed me so far! Now 400 dragon pages yet to go! Whee!!! (^_^)
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