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oh wow oh golly gee im covered in acrylic paint AAAAAAAAAAAA
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. ✦⋆⁺₊   ˚ . ☁ ˚ .˚  ✩₊˚. ☾ ⋆ ⁺₊✧. ✦⋆⁺₊   ˚ . ☁ ˚ .˚  ✩₊˚. ☾ ⋆ ⁺₊✧
 ˚ ⁺₊ .   ˚ .  ⁺₊✦₊   ☁  ˚   .  ⁺₊✧˚   .   ˚ ⁺₊˚ .
Waves crash against a hollow piece of driftwood, hiding tiny squawks from a tiny Guardian hatchling. The dragons walking to and fro the beach didn't notice the distress calls, only hearing the roaring of the waves.

No one really knows how SeaWings survived those first few days, trapped in the driftwood log as she called out for anyone. But one morning, as she called out weakly, a dragon heard. An Imperial, his claws curled around the odd log, expecting a rat to eat for lunch. Instead, he saw a terrified Guardian, eyes wide and round. He took the little kiddo in, training it and raising it on his ship, the MS Marina. She grew up to be his right-hand dragon, the pride and joy of his crew.

But her life was violently thrown once more as a storm hit the ship, lightning splintering it apart. She was stranded, left in the ocean for days- that was the last time she saw her adoptive father.

Sad and scarred, she returned to Floatsam town, looking for anything that she might find a connection to. By being about the city, she learned that her "father" had been a wanted pirate known as Wavecaller. Inspired, she had worked her way up through working tirelessly day and night (and a bit of stealing) until she could afford her own ship (and somewhat stole it). She hired a crew, and, bam! Her own ship. She sailed away happily into the sunset... until now.


The fog obscuring everything doesn't help SeaWing's nerves. Below, the water is lapping hungrily against the ship. She knew it was a bad move of her to drag her crew into this without asking, but... a cloud of greed had consumed her since her father's death. She needed this treasure- no matter the cost.

"SeaWings!" Firework calls out, his bright orange scales bright in the backsetting of the fog as he walks forth, blue armor a stark contrast. "We need to turn back, NOW. Before we enter High Tide territory."

Her head tilts.
"High Tide?"

Firework snorts a plume of fire due to his nerves. "Savage, savage dragons, warped slightly by the waves. We're approaching Low Tide now."

SeaWings nods. "well, we'll talk to the... Low Tide dragons. Get the scope."

Firework pauses, dips in a bow, and walks away into the fog once more.

  ˚ ⁺₊ .   ˚ .  ⁺₊✦₊   ☁  ˚   .  ⁺₊✧˚   .   ˚ ⁺₊˚ .

The meeting with the Low Tide went... relatively okay. The slightly encrusted dragons were friendly and had restocked SeaWing's food and water supplies, along with some other items. But at the mention of High Tide, they had gone angry and cold, practically kicking them out. But now they were entering the "territory", or whatever. SeaWings still didn't entirely believe Firework's superstition, but a pang of fear seized her heart as she watched the water. It had turned from dark blue to deep red, and something was moving under the waves. Craning her neck, her eyes widened. Bodies, melded together, were in a chain that moved beyond her vision. She opened her maw for them to turn back- but something rocked the boat, sending them all towards star deck.

"WHO DARED ENTER THE TERRITORY OF THE HIGH TIDE, LAIR OF THE HIGH PROPHETS AND HEALERS?" A voice, deep and loud, booms. It shakes the ship, and SeaWings grabs onto the railing.
"SeaWings of Floatsam, Bear of the Ocean, Daughter of Wavecaller the Feared Seabeast!" She calls, hoping her titles spook away whoever that voice belongs to. Nope! A massive head raised from the tides, what seemed to be an Abberation as another dark head rose from the tides. The four eyes peered at her and her crew which had gone silent.
"Wavecaller, you say?" The one closest to her says, scrutinizing her. The two heads glance at each other, before turning back.
"Come with us," The other one says, voice much softer as they gently grab the boat, steering it on.

They arrived some time later at a wide, flat island. SeaWings could make out a series of tunnels underneath it, covered in coral and other things she couldn't make out. Placing most of the boat on the shore, the heads paused before saying in unison, "We are Fishsticks. We will go retrieve the others."

*kickflips at you*
Now a ocean lair from light!!! (6/13/2024)
struggling a bit irl so just give me a sec to respond
you make fun of me i eat your kneecaps
(DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN THAT I BUY FROM YOU!!! I dont exalt at all (unless I seriously need to get rid of something/it doesn't sell within 2 weeks) and most likely will hold onto dragons for literal years even though i don't exactly like them)
  ˚ ⁺₊ .   ˚ .  ⁺₊✦₊   ☁  ˚   .  ⁺₊✧˚   .   ˚ ⁺₊˚ .
``Kid, try to listen carefully, what you seen's scary, but nothing can compare to me. I could show you things to paint all your dreams haunted- I could make you scream if I wanted. Or I can be the bee in your body, your best friend forever! Two peas in a pod, flockin' like birds to a feather. And you never have a need to beg work or steal. If all this sounds worth it then lets make a deal! All you want in life for the price of your soul. All the money you can fold, power that you can hold. I'll put you in control, only if you're down to roll down these train tracks tonight.``

  \\ Λ_Λ This is Memecat. Help
   \( 'ㅅ' ) memecat take over
    > ⌒ヽ the internet by pasting her
   /   へ\ in your profile
   /  / \\ or she will never
   レ ノ   ヽつ be a meme
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 🫵 I'm going to do bad, evil things
  ˚ ⁺₊ .   ˚ .  ⁺₊✦₊   ☁  ˚   .  ⁺₊✧˚   .   ˚ ⁺₊˚ .



adhd, I join like 80 rps and then forget about them if I don't have something going on. SORRY...

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June 28, 2024 01:29:41
Thanks for adopting Okapi !
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June 16, 2024 05:51:14
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April 14, 2024 14:48:14
lmaoo thank you so much 😭 i love those robots dearly !!
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January 30, 2024 11:54:06
I'm selling Fishticks for 6.5kt if you're interested :)
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May 09, 2021 09:20:53
Sure! Sending now! Welcome back! :)
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March 21, 2021 18:43:06
Eeeeyyyy NMR! Love your dergs!
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March 09, 2021 19:14:06
Actually I literally have no idea what happened it was fine before XD
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March 09, 2021 16:45:49
Meme cat hasth been cursed
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March 09, 2021 13:15:03
Oh my gosh! I LOVE what you did with Nyx! She looks amazing!
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March 09, 2021 07:32:47
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March 09, 2021 03:58:18
I'm happy with my small group of friends for the moment
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March 06, 2021 01:42:21
Well hello to you too! :)
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